What does the hashtag #ad and #adv mean

Discover here the meaning of #adv, #ad and the hashtags of transparency, aimed at making followers recognize sponsored posts and stories.

In this article we explain the meaning of the hashtag #ad (and similar) present in posts and in Instagram Stories.

The hashtags #ad and #adv are defined as transparency hashtags as they communicate that the content you are viewing is the result of a commercial / advertising agreement between influencer / creator / blogger and a brand.

What #AD stands for and why it is used

The hashtag #ad derives from the English term “advertising” , or “advertising” . If you read it in Stories and / or posts on Instagram, it is because the communication has an advertising purpose.

The so-called transparency hashtags – #ad, #adv, #advertising & Co. – they are therefore able to immediately communicate to followers that the products shown, through videos and / or photos, are linked to a commercial agreement.

The most used transparency hashtags

#ad, #adv, # advertising, # sponsored, #advertising, #inserzionepaagamento, #paid, #partnership and in the case of a product supplied as a gift #prodottofornitoda, #giftedby.

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