What Does The Andrologist do?

Andrology is, literally, the field of medicine that studies of the reproductive dysfunction and male urogenital and can be considered the equivalent of gynecology.

What does the Andrologist do?

The andrologist is a specialist who diagnoses and treats typically male health problems. Andrology focuses mainly on genital system disorders , from dysfunctions to malformations, passing through infections, tumors and other diseases.

What are the pathologies treated by the andrologist?

Andrology deals with each of the following pathologies:

  • the erectile dysfunction
  • l ‘ premature ejaculation
  • male genital infections
  • male infertility
  • the frenulum short
  • preputial phimosis
  • the small penis
  • the curved penis
  • the induratio penis plastic
  • The testicular cancer
  • prostatic hypertrophy

What are the procedures most used by the andrologist?

Usually the andrologist conducts an anamnesis, i.e. an interview with the patient, followed by a physical examination. The physical exam evaluates the genital organs , and the whole body, including the face and legs. The physical examination however involves palpation of the penis and testicles , the detection of blood flow in the vessels at the base of the penis (penile wrists), the sensitivity and functionality of the genital nerve reflexes. If necessary, an examination of the prostate can also be conducted .

At the end of the visit, the andrologist can prescribe one of the following tests:

  • blood tests with hormonal dosages
  • urinalysis
  • urine culture
  • seminal fluid examination
  • testicular ultrasound Doppler or dynamic penis ultrasound Doppler
  • trans-rectal prostate-vesicular ultrasound
  • drug-induced erection test
  • regiscan or nocturnal penile tumescence test (NPT)

In some cases, at the end of the diagnostic process, the andrologist may prescribe drugs. At other times, however, he may advise to approach the problem with a surgical approach.

When to ask for an appointment with the andrologist?

An andrological examination is recommended when you notice any abnormalities in the genitals , such as redness or blemishes, itching or pain, curving or shortening of the penis, enlarged testicles, enlarged breasts or signs that could indicate the existence of prostate problems . The andrologist can also help in case of trauma to the genitals and when a child cannot be conceived. After passing the fifty-year-old threshold , it is advisable to make an andrological visit at least once a year.

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