What are PC Peripherals and what are they for?

If you know each of the components of a computer in depth, you will be able to understand how it works, which is of great help in detecting and correcting future errors. For this reason it is important to know what PC peripherals are for and what they are for .

Below, we explain all the details about PC peripherals .


  1. What are PC peripherals?
  2. What are PC input peripherals for?
  3. Types of PC peripherals
    1. The most common
    2. add-on devices
    3. Other types of input peripherals

What are PC peripherals?

One of the elements or components of a computer that is rarely talked about has to do with input peripherals. These are nothing more than the bridge that connects the computer with the external media.

In other words, entering commands, getting data, entering instructions into the computer, any type of action involves a constant exchange of information between what you are doing and what the computer is processing.

What are PC input peripherals for?

Input devices are used to facilitate communication with the computer when you are performing a certain action .

The manipulation of components or external elements to order the computer to perform an action sends a set of information to the computer so that it can be represented by other devices, usually output.

Types of PC peripherals

To clarify what an input device can be, the most commonly used devices in a computer are explained below .

The most common

There is a category of these devices that are simply essential in any computer, and that also exist in various presentations.

  • Keyboard: Each of the keys that make up this device can represent an action, especially if the keys from F1 to F12 are considered . These keys can be used to play media files and control the volume, among other things. Logitech offers a variety of keyboards that are among the best on the market, such as the .
  • Mouse: Another perfect example of input peripherals . Regardless of the type of mouse (wired, wireless, with a wheel or with sensors, traditional or for gamers), the very act of moving the cursor sends information to the computer so that it can graphically display the movement that you have ordered.

add-on devices

Some have been implemented over the years to make computers more versatile and interesting functions .

  • Gamepads– Also known as joysticks , they are very popular on gaming computers. They are another device that falls into the category of input peripherals, since they are used to give instructions through a series of buttons in the development of games .
  • Voice recognition: Many computers already incorporate this system and it is expected that it will be perfected to the point that the keyboard is no longer an essential element. With this tool you can order the execution of various actions : Open applications, folders, perform a search, restart or turn off the computer.
  • Multifunction printer: With these devices you can order the digitization of external documents to store them on your computer, whether they are texts or images.
  • Stylus: A rather unique tool in the category of such devices. Its use on touch screens makes it easier to perform actions that could be done with keyboards or a mouse.
  • Audio devices: The connection of microphones to the computer also falls into this category to be able to record external sounds and store them on the computer.

Other types of input peripherals

Some input devices that may not be as common, at least not on a computer you might have at home, are

  • Code readingdevices .
  • Medical devices such as ultrasound machines, mammographs, MRI and CT scanners.
  • Fingerprintsensors .
  • Any other type of device whose purpose is to capture external informationor whose manipulation allows the execution of a command could fall into this category.

As you can see,  PC peripherals are very useful for your computer . Thanks to this tutorial you already know what and what peripherals are for.


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