What are Alons?

Alons comes from French, Allonger which means “to get out” is a piece of paper attached to a negotiable instrument, as a memorandum of exchange, and aims to receive additional support that may not have enough space on the memorandum itself. Alons is often found in countries that use the Napoleon Act, because it requires each note to state its consideration. In addition, Alons is also usually used in civil law countries, but is now a financial instrument that is rarely given because notes of exchange are no longer common.

Function of Alons in Wesel

A money order is a binding agreement between two parties whereby one party agrees to pay an amount of money to the other party, either immediately or according to a specified date. Money orders generally do not pay interest , and are usually used in international trade. 

Because bills can be transferred through the transfer of rights (endorsement), they can be exchanged between many parties, so that many parties that do not fit are included in the bills. In this case, a separate piece of paper called alons is attached to the draft, which acts as a legally additional document. 

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