Weird West Impressions

Weird West has become one of the most anticipated and promising indies of the year, something that is easily understood when you consider that it is the new game from Raphael Colantonio , one of the founders of Arkane Studio and the creator of highly acclaimed works. like Dishonored , who has now formed WolfEye Studios , a small team of just over 20 people. Since it was announced at the end of 2019, the information that has been offered about this new adventure has been very scarce, but at Vandal we have recently been able to attend an online presentation that has allowed us to clear up many of the doubts we had about him and increase more still the desire that we have to take the glove.

A twisted version of the Wild West

As its name suggests, we are facing a real-time action role-playing adventure set in a strange version of the Wild West full of supernatural elements , something that is very evident, for example, in the presence of monsters inspired by certain myths and legends. Although they have not wanted to tell us too much about its script, we do know that it is divided into five different stories, each one starring a different character, and that the narrative will not seek to bore us with extensive and constant dialogues.

The conversations promise to be very agile and not be too present.

The latter is something that has caught our attention, since Colantonio wants us to be the ones who write our own history through our actions and our own gameplay . Not in vain, when talking we will not choose a verbal response, but the type of action we want our character to do. In this way, the way in which we solve a mission, the characters we kill and the things we do or not do will shape the world and the development of our story.

Freedom at the service of the player

As you can guess from everything we have just told you, the title seeks to offer us enormous freedom when it comes to playing , something that has surprised us quite a bit, since there is practically nothing with which we cannot interact or use creatively. If you see a building, assume that, one way or another, you will be able to enter it and explore it in its entirety and that the larger it is, the more possible entry points it will have. Of course, the doors can be knocked down if we have the necessary tools to do so, any object can be caught and thrown if we have the necessary strength, there will be no one we cannot kill (including those who give us missions), and so on.

Exploring is very important, since we can find relics that will reward us with skill points with which we can improve our characters.

One of the most illustrative examples of all this we have in the fact that ammunition packs can be used as death traps, since if we heat them enough in some way (with fire, shooting them …) they will end up firing. your bullets in all directions without any control. The best thing is that it is not a simple isolated case, as there are many very creative ways to take advantage of the scenario and the items in our inventory both when exploring and when sneaking in or fighting.

The map through which we will travel from one place to another in the world looks like this, although at first everything will be hidden by a mist and we will have to explore to dispel it.

Speaking of fighting, its mechanics have reminded us of those of a twin stick shooter , although with the addition of having to use our environment to gain an advantage and eliminate our enemies without exposing ourselves too much. Sadly, we weren’t able to test it for ourselves, although the matchups seem fun and the fact that they have a more tactical approach than usual has been very interesting to us.

We can face each situation using stealth, brute force or a combination of both.

Another detail that we liked a lot is the way in which the exploration is planned, because it is a game that runs away from the typical mission markers so that we have to really work hard looking for clues and thoroughly investigating each location , something that promises to enhance the feeling of living a great adventure in which we and our actions are the absolute protagonists. Here it is also worth noting that, although the scenarios and almost everything that we will play is carefully designed by hand, there are some elements of a procedural nature that will seek to make each game different, such as certain random events that can occur when we travel through the general map.

What if we kill someone important?

The game is designed in such a way that no blockades of any kind can occur even if we go to a town and kill all its inhabitants or someone who gives us a mission, so it is possible to fulfill the objectives of that task and get its rewards if we end up finding its location and the way to access it. Obviously, we will lose some clues and it will be more difficult for us, but the title will never penalize you for playing the way you want, no matter how violent and bloody it may be.

Perhaps the weakest part of everything we have seen so far is its graphics. The art direction is very good and has personalityThanks to the comic touch that has been given to this dark universe, but do not expect great modeling, too complex effects, next-generation textures or animations that surprise the least. You can tell that it is a humble project, although this, in turn, has allowed the team to experiment more and be much more creative with the mechanics, something that Colantonio himself has recognized. After all, setting a bird on fire and turning it into a roast chicken is something very cheap and quick to do with this graphic style, while in a higher budget and more graphically complex game the idea could have been ruled out because of the amount of work it might have required of the artists.

A very interesting detail is that the state in which we have left the world when it is our turn to change characters will remain from one story to another.

A very promising adventure full of possibilities

As you can see, Weird West looks great . The enormous amount of possibilities that it offers us when playing and solving the same situation, its attractive setting, the interesting design of its world and the fact that all our actions have consequences in it are just some of the aspects that most They have caught our attention of what promises to be an adventure with a lot of potential. Obviously, we still have to play it ourselves to be able to assess it properly, but if everything they have shown us is representative of what awaits us in the rest of the game and at the controls results in a satisfactory experience, it may end up becoming one. of the most prominent indies of recent years.

We have made these impressions after having attended an online event to which we were invited by Cosmocover.

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