Walkthrough Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun – game guide

How to complete all levels of the game, where to find each secret in all missions, how to defeat bosses and get new weapons

At the start of Boltgun, you can choose from the difficulty levels you want:

  • Low. Initiate training.
  • Medium. A challenge worthy of the finest warriors of the Imperium.
  • High. Veterans will triumph.
  • Exterminatus. Not even a primarch can survive!

Regardless of this, you will have at your disposal dash (throw at the enemy, knocking him back and dealing damage), Reject Fear (reflects enemy shots and prevents incoming damage) and grenades. Also in the game settings there is an option “Accessibility”, where you can activate the invulnerability mode.


There are several secrets hidden in each level of the game. At the same time, in the game itself, during its passage, it is not explained which item and what it gives. Here is a brief summary of each secret and gadget:

  • Vision of the Emperor(wreath) – gives a huge supply of Contempt, which is used in the game as a shield (armor).
  • Aura of Doom(fist with brass knuckles) – significantly increases outgoing damage and reduces incoming damage.
  • Assault Doctrine(winged chainsword) – Enhances the chainsword, increasing its damage and attack speed.
  • Ammo Reserve(Ammo Box) – Increases the maximum amount of ammo.
  • Spirit of the machine(token with a skull) – enhances the weapon, while the effect will be different for each individual type of weapon.
  • Infinite ammo(the “infinity” sign from ammo) – everything is clear here, but it is given for a limited time.
  • Whirlwind grenadesare the third type of thrown weapon. Pulls all enemies in a large area, dealing damage over time, and then explodes along with them.
  • Dragonfire Roundsare explosive ammo for the bolter. Clip only (spend it, revert to using standard bolter ammo).
  • Kraken ammois faster-firing.
  • Retaliation ammo– can shoot through targets and walls.

Missing the target

The landing on Graia did not go according to plan. Doesn’t matter. Stock up on weapons, strengthen your faith and continue your work. Heretics do not know what awaits them.

  • Secrets: 1 /1.

After the introductory video, move the only route, pick up first-aid kits and medical kits. Soon you will face the first enemies. Management is simple:

  • WASD – movement
  • RMB – chainsword attack (or V key)
  • Spacebar – jump
  • Shift — acceleration
  • F key – dash (with damage and knockback of the enemy)
  • Q key – throw a grenade (if any)
  • G key – switch between types of grenades. At first, only fragmentation is available to you, exploding after a while. Then you will find krak grenades (explode immediately).

Soon you will meet the first cultists. Run up and kill everyone using the chainsword. When you’re ready, jump over the fence, find a first-aid kit on the right, and then climb up the only building. Move higher, take a running jump over the cliff and open the large gate of the bunker by interacting with the green panel. Keep in mind that new enemies will immediately attack you.

Ahead is a door with a symbol resembling the letter E. The panel glows red. This means that in order to unlock such a terminal, you first need to find a key card. Go left along the corridor, press the green terminal button and hold Shift to run through the corridor before the door closes. Take the red key, open the door with another terminal from the inside, go back and activate the terminal at the passage with the letter E.

Press the button to take the elevator up and find the Sacred Bolter .

Pick up a new weapon (essentially a submachine gun). Go around the wall, jump down to finish off the enemy with a blow from above (nothing extra to press). Kill another enemy. Shotgun ammo will start dropping even though you don’t have it. Go through the adjacent room with two enemies and exit into the hall.

Look to the right, where there are windows. To the right of the windows, in the corner, there is a special door. Approach and interact with her. When you open the door, you will find the “Assault Doctrine” (secret 1/1) :

Kill enemies. In the room on the left side, similar to the throne room, there is “Contempt” at the very end. It’s kind of like armor. When you kill everyone, find the only corridor, go to the end and interact with the door. These doors allow you to complete the level.

Chapter 2-2. Mountain Batteries

The mountain path leads into the residential area, but the route is protected by planetary gun batteries and infested with heretics. Make your way and destroy anyone who resists.

  • Secrets: 6/6.

Go past the cave entrance and kill the enemy. Go back and turn left. Go through the cave, kill the enemy and jump onto the ledges to get deeper into the complex. Clear the top and bottom floors. The next building has two grenades at once, so you can not save them. And try to aim at the barrels – they all explode and deal damage to nearby enemies.

Go further along the mountains to a large complex, near which there will be new objectives. Clear the area and enter the building on the left. Climb up and take the key. Exit the building and open the door to the complex ahead. Be aware that a Chaos Space Marine is waiting for you outside the door. And if you play on high difficulties, it can cause problems. It is better to retreat and fight him in a more open area. And you can throw two grenades into the room in advance (you will find two more below).

Climb up and kill the second such enemy. Jump out through any window and clear the nearby area. On the right there will be a door with a green terminal (not sure if you need to look for a key for it). Open it, clear the area of ​​many targets and find, among other things, the “Emperor’s Vision” (secret 1/6) . Keep moving and get onto a large platform with several buildings. Move in a circle and in the far building you will find “Aura of Rock” (secret 2/6) . Looks like a fist with brass knuckles.

Go to the far left corner from the entrance. There is a ladder leading a little higher to the supply crates. Jump on these containers up to the opponents. Look to the right and you will see a hill with yellow paint. There will be an “Ammunition Reserve” (secret 3/6) .

Return to the platforms and find the only locked building on the left. Open it by clicking on the green bar.

In addition to a large first aid kit and a shield on the second floor, there is a “Machine Spirit” (secret 4/6) . Also, pay attention to the wall that stands out from the rest (darker). Approach and interact with her to get a whirlwind grenade (secret 5/6) .

In any case, you will have to go to the far left corner, to the stairs leading up, and climb with the containers (as for the penultimate secret) in order to go further through the cave. And one more thing: I’m not sure if this is necessary or not, but on the platforms, two huge guns have two panels with toggle switches. Flip down the toggle switch to fire two guns at a time. Perhaps this is important. Clear the area and jump on platforms with yellow paint and medical kits.

You will be taken to other platforms with many enemies. Turn left and find a panel with a toggle switch to fire another huge weapon. There are also three opponents on the tower to the left. If you’re aiming for 100% kills, you’ll have to jump up there using the bolter ammo platform.

Soon you will find new enemies – small plague toads. Destroy them and go around this canyon. There is a high mountain in the center. A lone machine gunner was supposed to stand on it. Jump on it with a run, moving to the other side from the entry point to the location, and take the Kraken ammo (secrets 6/6) .

Get to the next complex, go inside and clear the corridor from the Space Marines. Take the elevator up (there will be another enemy at the top). You will enter a region with an increased density of enemies. Clear this location from opponents and find the blocked entrance. Jump onto the platform on the right with the yellow paint, go to the end and look down. Jump across the other supply platforms to the door with the green button. Behind it will be the exit from the location.

Chapter 1-3. Sector Imperialis

The streets are too quiet. So it carries heresy. Looks like the defense of the local militarium didn’t work too well. Clear out the living area.

  • Secrets: 7/7.

Move through residential areas. Don’t worry, all roads lead to the same place. Kill the normal enemies and pay attention to the door that requires a red key. Go a little further, to the right of the door, and finish off the blue and pink nightmares. The main difference is that blue nightmares fight in close combat, pink ones shoot from a distance, and upon death they split into two blue ones.

In the place where the first nightmares appeared, there are purple spots on the ground. Pay attention to the tall statue standing here. A secret rises above her. We’ll pick it up later. Keep moving and soon find the entrance to the building with stairs. But don’t rush. Go to the right of the entrance, past this building, and keep killing enemies until you finish off two pink nightmares. At the dead end lies the “Reserve of ammunition” (secret 1/7) .

Return to the building, climb the stairs inside and clear several rooms connected by bridges.

In the far you will find a new weapon – a shotgun. In addition, there is a balcony with a red key. Run jump over the statue to pick up the Emperor’s Vision (Secret 2/7) .

Go and open the door you passed by earlier. Run along the long corridor with medical kits. Once outside, go around the wall ahead to see two enemies near the purple door, which requires a key with the “F” symbol.

You can go right and left. First, run to the right side. In the nearest corner there is a building with two windows, from which opponents shoot (about 6-7 mobs). Jump up to them, kill them and go through the circular corridor to find the “Machine Spirit” (secret 3/7) .

Continue left on the broken bridge. Jump over pits, kill enemies. Finish off the Space Marine and jump over the yellow-painted obstacle. Clear the building, and behind it you will meet a new type of enemy – Fireman. It shoots fiery exploding projectiles. In the end, after clearing the far building, you will find a purple key. Continue on the new route. In fact, both paths (to the left and right of the purple door) lead to the same place, to this key.

That is, the roads are ringed. Thus, if you go immediately to the left of the purple door, you will run into a similar building with enemies in the windows. Kill them, jump in there, go down the circular corridor and pick up Kraken ammo (secrets 4/7) .

When there is a key, go back and open the door. Defeat a new enemy using a machine gun. In the same room there is an ammo box with all types of ammo (now you have access to a bolter and a shotgun). But it’s not a secret. Keep moving, fight your way through a large area with familiar enemies, and soon you will be able to use the elevator to go down. Having done this, jump even lower.

Don’t rush to get down! Below you will find a very difficult battle. But instead, I recommend climbing up the stairs. After doing this, interact with the wall on the right to reveal a whirlwind grenade (secret 5/7) . Then look down along the right wall and see a platform with Aura of Doom (secrets 6/7) .

You don’t have to jump on it right away. Instead, fly to the next building, and then – there. You will deal increased damage for 30 seconds and this will make the fight much easier. There are many enemies, there are two Chaos Terminators and several Space Marines at once. In addition, in the center there is a hill with a new weapon – a plasma gun. Your best bet is to climb back up the stairs, across the bridge, jump over to the supply building, and from there onto the weapon platform.

There is another secret. Go to the far right corner and start climbing. You need to climb here after defeating a large enemy group. When you get up, turn around. There is another tower with an open passage near the left wall. Hidden inside it are Dragonfire ammo (secrets 7/7) . Jump there with a running start, from above. As for the climb, it leads to the completion of the level.

Chapter 1-4. Silent martyrs

The only way is through the Mausoleum. Walk carefully on the sacred bones, who knows what spirits you can awaken.

  • Secrets: 6/6.

Open the door and kill the first Nurglings. Go to the very end, collecting supplies. Do not worry, the absence of a shotgun and a plasma gun is planned. At the very end, on the left, there is a door that requires a red key, and on the right, a purple one. There is a container on the left side of the purple door. Go around it to find an open passage and take the “Ammo Reserve” (secret 1/6) .

Go to the middle of the location and turn left or right through any door to go up to the bridge that connects both sides. In its middle there is a branch to the upper building. It will open as you approach. Kill all Nurglings and take the red key. Take your time, because the enemies will appear including from behind. Go back down and find the red door (on the far left from the original entry point at the beginning of the chapter).

Go through the door and find the shotgun around the second turn on the right. Go in the opposite direction from him. Clear the corridors from enemies. You need to get to the far corner and find another passage leading to the steps, to the left of the two stone statues.

Continue clearing numerous corridors. It’s hard to get lost here. In the large hall, where small plague toads will also appear, there is a cage with a purple key at the top. Take this key and go through the opening with the purple lamp next to the four statues. Use the console to open the purple door “F” to return to the starting area.

So, this console opened a few more doors in the location. First, go to the opposite wall and go down the same ladder, which is about a hundred purple doors that have just opened. if you explored the location, you previously saw another locked door here (though not purple). It is now open and behind it you will find supplies along with a whirlwind grenade (secrets 2/6) .

Now go to the end of this area where there are red and purple doors on the left and right sides. You have already opened the red one, you can open the purple one right now, because you have found the key. But instead, pay attention to the building between them. It was locked, and three doors led inside. Now all three doors are open, and inside you can find the “Spirit of the Machine” (secret 3/6) .

Go through the large purple door with the “F” symbol. Go through the corridors, kill the enemies and clear another location. In the far left corner there is a similar corridor, where you need to go. And along the way, search different containers with first-aid kits. In one of them there will be a plasma gun, it is difficult to pass by.

You will find yourself in a closed courtyard, where another long battle with a large enemy group will begin. If there were two Chaos Terminators in the last such battle from the previous mission, then two large Plague Toads will appear here. Once you’ve defeated all the enemies, note that there are steps at the far end of the courtyard leading to an upper balcony (outdoor). Climb up, go around the container on the left side and pick up Dragonfire Ammo (Secret 4/6) . Below this place, if you go down and down the stairs again, there is a door that requires a yellow key.

Go in the opposite direction from the door, downstairs, and find an opening with the right key (for some reason it is green). Open this door, go through the corridors and kill the enemies. Once in another spacious location, as soon as you move deeper, cause another massive battle. Upstairs in the center of the location there is an “Aura of Doom” (secret 5/6) . In the far part, a passage will open with a door that allows you to complete the mission. This will only happen after you kill a few Plague Toads and a Terminator. But take your time. In one of the corners, at the bottom you can find Kraken ammo (secrets 6/6) .

Chapter 1-5. Crossroads of the Martyrs

This bridge connects the residential area with the magistrate’s bastion. It has been fortified in anticipation of a demonic invasion, but the Empire no longer controls it. Go ahead and clear it.

  • Secrets: 7/7.

Move through the canyon, do not turn anywhere. Go forward to the abyss, look to the left and look into the container to get the “Machine Spirit” (secret 1/7) . Clear the nearby location of enemies, including one Fireman, and go through the containers with purple lighting. Cross the long bridge while killing enemies and gathering supplies. At the very beginning, do not forget to pick up a shotgun lying in the middle of the road. At the end of the bridge, in the far left corner, activate the green terminal.

Take the elevator up and clear the top floor. Ride the other elevator up and kill a few more enemy groups. Go down the far elevator, pick up the plasma gun and open the nearest door. You will come to the second bridge. At the very beginning, look for an open container with “Assault Doctrine” (secret 2/7) . Clear it and look for two doors at the very end. The right door requires a red key, so go through the door with the green terminal on the left. Pick up the key, go back and open the door. Opposite it are the cartridges “Retribution” (secrets 3/7) .

Use the three elevators to go up three times, clear the areas and open the door at the end. When you take the second elevator, go forward along the corridor and interact with the empty wall on the right. Behind it will be a niche with a whirlwind grenade (secrets 4/7). On this part of the bridge, a sweep awaits you. Kill a huge number of enemies. Under the bridge, if anything, there is a container with Contempt and two first-aid kits. Climb up the bridge itself. On the left there will be ammo for a heavy bolter, in the room on the right there will be infinite ammo (secret 5/7). This is also where you should get the Heavy Bolter itself. Keep moving and don’t stand still. Terminators will spawn on the bridge!

Go to the room at the very end (there will be supplies on the right), on the left side, and use the elevator to go down. Do the same with two more elevators. After the third elevator to the row that will take you down, do not leave the area near the elevator. Kill all enemies and find a container (lonely) in the corner, in which you can enter from the left side. You will find “Ammo Reserve” (secret 6/7) .

Once on the narrow bridges, climb to the central upper platform. At this point, the purge will begin. There will be mostly normal enemies and one terminator. In addition, there are Kraken ammo (secret 7/7) on the central upper platform . After winning the battle, you can leave the level through the door at the very end of the location.

Chapter 1-6. sacred bulwark

Bastion of the Magistrate. The information we need is in here somewhere, so we just need to get inside. It is hardly difficult, because the heretics succeeded.

  • Secrets: 7/7.

Clear the location in front of the entrance to the Holy Bastion. A shotgun will drop from the Pink Nightmare. The entrance is closed, so move to the right side. There is a lone container here (open, before going down). Approach it and look to the left to see an open container with Aura of Doom (secret 1/7) on a hill near the fortress . Get to the sewer entrance. Along the way, you’ll encounter a new type of enemy, the Rising Champion. Such opponents fight in melee and ranged combat, have a slightly better defense compared to ordinary Space Marines. Open the door by clicking on the green panel and enter the bastion.

Climb up, clear the corridor and pick up a heavy bolter. Before jumping down, be sure to take a run and jump onto the ledge with the yellow paint in front. There will be an “Ammo Reserve” (secret 2/7) .

Climb down and clear out. In addition to the Exalted champions, there will be the Chosen Champion (a much more powerful opponent) and Exalted Flamemen (more health, higher damage, and so on). When you defeat everyone, be sure to climb into the building on the side and find the plasma gun.

Soon you will run into a huge locked gate. Go back a little and go up the stairs to the right. Kill the enemies, go past the control panel and go to the far end after killing the Exalted Firebringer. On the left there will be a niche with a red key. When you go back (or even to the red key), pay attention to the container near the niche with the key. From this container, you can jump onto the ledge of the adjacent wall. There are cartridges “Retribution” (secret 3/7) . Go back and open the huge gate with the panel on top. Go through them.

Go ahead and clear the area. At the very end, a purple key is hidden in one of the containers. The door itself, which this key opens, is located on the right hand, if you move from the gate that you recently opened. Don’t forget to stock up on ammo, especially for the heavy bolter. When you exit the building, there will be a container and a ledge with yellow paint on the left. Ordinary grenades are hidden there.

Go past the yellow door. There are many niches at the top, but I did not find secrets in any of them. Use the elevator to go up. Take your time. Look immediately over the railing to the right and back a little. To the right of the building there is a ledge with snow. Jump there and find a room with a whirlwind grenade (secret 4/7) . Clear the roof and take the yellow key near the purple flag. On the right there are sloping roofs. Jump from one roof to another, go down on the other side and see a bridge with a wreath. Jump over to him to get the Emperor’s Vision (secret 5/7) .

Go through the yellow door, turn left once and literally at the beginning of the corridor interact with the empty wall on the left hand. Hidden in a niche are Kraken ammo (secret 6/7). You will soon reach a multi-story area (after taking the elevator) and when you are on top, the clearing will begin. Immediately go to the left, jump onto the ledge with yellow paint. You will see another ledge, this is the upper tier. To climb it, you need to jump from an open container. Look to the left on the top tier. There is a container at the dead end. Go inside to get Aura of Doom (secret 7/7) .

Chapter 1-7. Forbidden Knowledge

You are inside the bastion. Its owner, who succumbed to corruption, has collected a whole archive. Search the deepest recesses of this nefarious place and find out where the shard is.

  • Secrets: 6/6.

The first thing to do is to walk around the spacious hall and clear it of all enemies. At what both from below, and from above. Please note that there is a red door in the far right corner on the lower floor. An appropriate key is required. A little higher, you can find a tall purple door (along the right wall if you walk from the spawn point), but there is no control panel nearby. Even higher, at the very end of the hall, there is a second purple door, and there will be a control panel near it.

Go downstairs and on the first floor find a container through which you can leave the room (under the purple door with a control panel). There will be stairs behind it. Go down the stairs and kill the enemies. One of them will drop a shotgun. Also opposite the stairs you came down here, there is another set of steps leading to a dead end. Go down and find a container with cartridges “Kraken” (secret 1/6) .

Open the next door and you will enter a dark room. Going down is optional. Apart from supplies, there is nothing there. Just move around the upper floor, along the perimeter of the room, counterclockwise, and soon you will find a single door, near which there is a green terminal. After opening it, go forward a little without turning, and look into the container on the left hand to find the “Machine Spirit” (secret 2/6) . Go around the device in the center of the hall and find the red key.

When you go back, the alarm will go off and the sweep will begin. Start killing enemies, among which there will be two Terminators. When you’re done, stand with your back to the device that had the red key in the center and go through the door on the right. Move on top until you find an exit with a large elevator. Use this elevator to get into a corridor you haven’t been in yet. At the very beginning of the corridor, turn into the container on the right. Behind him will be another container with a whirlwind grenade (secret 3/6) . This way you can return back to the main hall. Move along it, at the end there will be a door with a green terminal. But don’t rush. Opposite it are two containers, and there are barrels. From the barrels, jump into the top open container to find the Emperor’s Vision (secret 4/6) .

Now open the red door in the far right corner relative to the entry point. Kill the enemies that appear, go up and in the far right corner find the door with the green remote control. After opening it, carry out another sweep (the Exalted Fireman will appear below after a while) and use the elevator at the very end. Once in the library, carry out another sweep, then go around in a circle. There will be aisles on the side. One of them leads to a niche with a purple key.

After picking it up, move past the niche further, kill the enemies, clear the corridor from dozens of nightmares (you can throw grenades) and open the high purple door. Take your time. Return from this door back, along the corridor, where there were many nightmares. Turn left and go forward. Climb up the ramp to the empty wall, interact with it and pick up the “Ammo Reserve” (secret 5/6) . Go right, go upstairs and open another purple door in the main hall where you started the level.

Go through another door and you will enter a large hall where you have to fight the Time Lord. It won’t show up right away. As soon as you enter the hall, jump down the hole on the right. Look to the left and interact with the protruding bookshelf. After moving the rack, you will find the “Assault Doctrine” (secret 6/6) . Clear out the standard mobs, then find the Overlord and shoot him from cover. At the end of the hall, on the main floor, be sure to pick up a heavy bolter that deals high damage. It is more difficult to destroy the Overlord with other weapons. Do not forget to use grenades, which are many in the location. After winning in the center of the location, a hidden entrance will open on a raised platform. Climb down and leave the level.

Chapter 1-8. Sanctum Magistratum

Are there any limits to the heresy that pervades this place? The information we’re looking for is clearly here, even though the walls themselves seem to be against us. Find what we need before it takes Chaos.

  • Secrets: 6/6.

Walk forward, to the right and use the first portal (purple). First kill all screamers. Move along the bridge and enter the courtyard, where you will be attacked by enemies. Defeat everyone. Go right, but don’t rush up the slope. Walk around it, moving counterclockwise along the perimeter of the courtyard, and at the dead end you will find the “Ammo Reserve” (secret 1/6) .

Start climbing the tower, inside of which there is a spiral path. Literally after one flight on the left there will be an exit from the tower. Turn there and pick up a heavy bolter. There are three passes. There will be additional enemies on two balconies, another passage leads to a long bridge, at the end of which lies a whirlwind grenade (secret 2/6) .

Return to the tower and keep going up. You are interested in the next exit, almost under the very top. It leads to the bridge, at the end of which there is another purple portal. But take your time. Rise even higher. At the very top there will be an additional exit to the balcony. Look to the right and jump down a little lower, to the path that leads to the building with the “Spirit of the Machine” (secret 3/6) . To get out of here, find a place on the side where you can go down to the balcony below, you have already been there. Go back upstairs and exit the tower. Use the portal. After moving, immediately interact with the empty wall on the right to get Dragonfire ammo (secret 4/6) .

Find a plasma gun nearby, replenish your supplies and go outside. Move all the way to the left, killing enemies until you find a third portal at the end. Enter it. You will find yourself in a huge place with many portals. You need to choose those portals above which there is a large symbol in the form of a “red sun”. In the end, after the next portal, you will fall down. Maneuver to land on the nearest wall with a red sun (not a symbol, but an image of blood). Having done this, go to the right and take a running jump onto a flat platform with the same bloody sun. Go forward to another bloody sun. There will be a hole in the wall to the right. But you will jump over the wall with the bloody sun and find the ammo “Kraken” (secret 5/6) .

Look over there and you will see a portal tilted to the left. Jump over to the ledge near it and climb into the portal itself.

You will be in the location from the screenshot below:

Go forward and return to a familiar place where you moved in a circle. A door will open ahead. Enter the archive and fight the Sorcerer. First, jump to the right and drop down to the crypt with the portal. Enter the portal, go forward and to the left along the path to another portal. But do not enter it, but look to the left. You will see a platform with Aura of Doom (Secret 6/6) . Don’t forget to use cover. It will be great if you find and do not use up a whirlwind grenade. Once the sorcerer is dead, the first chapter will end!

Chapter 2-1. Defiled Canyon

A shard inside some vault in these canyons. Look for any signs of Imperial activity and try to get inside. Caution: heretics are on the heels.

  • Secrets: 6/6.

Walk forward and enter the canyon on the right side. Turn right and look for stone steps (natural) on the right hand. Jump on them up to the shelter with the flag, where there will be an entrance to a small adit with Dragonfire ammo (secret 1/6) . In the end, you will have to jump down where the skull points (there is a dead end with supplies). Be aware that there will be an ambush with a Large Plague Toad below.

Outside the cave, you will find a Bloated Drone.

He shoots in increasing order: first near him, then further and further. Walk to the right and enter another cave. Climb up, go outside and jump over to the central platform. Kill the Plague Toad a little lower and look to the left for a small adit with the “Spirit of War” (secret 2/6) . If you go along the right wall (jump over where you came from), you will find a door that requires a red key. The same door is to the left of it, on the other side. Go there and climb up from the door. Kill a few Champions, Space Marines, and a Terminator. Along the way, you will also take a shotgun. Pick up the red key, but do not rush to go back. Jump to the ledge at the opposite mountain, go inside and find the cartridges “Kraken” (secret 3/6) .

Go through either of the two red doors, clear the canyon and go forward. In the end, on the lower level on the left there will be an entrance to the adit. Almost at the very end. Climb up through the cave, cross to the other side and enter the large open doorway. Go through the cave with the toads. As you ride up the elevator, look out for a hidden passage about half way up the elevator shaft. There will be a small adit with “Reserve of ammunition” (secret 4/6) . Climb up and find the plasma gun.

Jump down to find yourself behind a huge locked gate. Do a cleanup. The most dangerous enemy is the Terminators. When the battle is over, the passage ahead will be unlocked. Move into it, through a small cave, and continue through the gorge. Defeat a couple of enemies and the task will end.

Chapter 2-2. Magnetic ways

Imperial tracks in the area connect magnetic rails for freight trains. Try using them to find the entrance to the vault. And hurry – the forces of Chaos do not sleep.

  • Secrets: 7/7.

Move through the desert area with mountains and kill enemies. When you go down the stone steps, look for a red door on the right side. You need a red key. Go in the opposite direction from it, continuing to eliminate enemies. On the left there will be a turn into an adit with purple lighting. At the end of it, in addition to Pink Nightmares, there will be Retribution ammo (secret 1/7) .

Go to the metal platform where the opponents are standing (at the end of the path), kill everyone, take the red key and open the door you saw earlier. After going outside into the canyon, go through it and turn right, where there is a cluster of Space Marines. Climb down the metal platforms until you find a purple key.

Two purple doors lead to the next building. I recommend opening both in turn to finish off the opponents standing on both sides (if you are aiming for 100% kills). Once inside, first go down below and pick up a shotgun. Then move up, defeat all the paratroopers and launch a platform on which you can ride forward along the magnetic rails.

You will probably have to go back and forth several times to kill all the enemies, since some of them settled on the hills and may even hide. When you move to the other side, start going down through the building. At some point, the symmetry of the two corridors will end. Look for a ledge on the right side where you can jump (on the same level) and pick up the Ammo Reserve (secret 2/7) .

Climb down, defeat the enemies and ride forward on the platform. Open the gate, kill the enemies and take the small elevator up. Along the way, jump down to one of the middle platforms to pick up the Kraken ammo (secret 3/7) , which will be very useful in the fight from above (there will be dangerous opponents, including the Terminator). After clearing the upper tier, find a heavy bolter in the container on the left (where the Terminator stood). Move on and use another platform on magnetic rails.

The platform goes far, but you, towards the end of the path, need to look to the right. There will be a large building with an open entrance, in which you can see a green object. Jump and pick up “Machine Spirit” (secret 4/7) .

To continue, exit the building and jump onto the mountains on the right. Enter inside the building to which the magnetic platform has arrived. Walk along the platforms to the right, up. Soon you will jump down to another building and pick up the yellow key. You can jump even further along the cliff where there were or are enemies and pick up Dragonfire ammo (secret 5/7) .

In general, from here you need to go back to where you came on the platform. Either go through the building where you found the key, or jump into the abyss. In any case, you will return back to where you sat on the platform. When the platform takes you back to the right place, exit the building to the right, where enemies will appear. Find a descent down, jump along the ledges deep into the cave until you find yourself in a long corridor. At one end there is an elevator (if you need to go back up), at the other – a green console and a door. Open this door and defeat Ambull.

Move to the side when the monster accelerates to avoid damage. Don’t forget the grenades. After winning, you will be able to open the yellow door (if you followed our guide and already found the key; otherwise, take the elevator back at the other end of the corridor).

In the end, you will get to the final location, where there will be a cleaning mission. Keep killing enemies. At the top left there is a building where you will need to enter after the victory. Climb up to it and from the platform, jump to the nearest cliff, on which the “Aura of Doom” is located (secret 6/7) .

Chapter 2-3. Tunnels below

The vault is somewhere in these caves. Looks like they were dug by some local creatures. Be careful…

  • Secrets: 6/6.

Immediately go to the left side, along the wall. Ahead you will see a round hole in the wall. Of course, you can’t climb into it, but to the right there is a small green niche. Go inside and take the cartridges “Kraken” (secret 1/6) . Go the other way, but keep in mind that a big Ambull will appear. Defeat him and make your way forward, eliminating other enemies to exit the cave. You will see many different ledges below. First jump down and move to the left. On the other side, in the corner, to the side of the statue, there is a hole in the web. Jump closer to her and move along these lower ledges to the right. Here you will find a small niche with enemies and a Machine Spirit (secret 2/6) .

Now get to the far right point relative to the entrance, where there is a path to another cave. This cave will seem to you some kind of big and confusing, but in reality everything is simple. If you move to the left side, you can find a passage leading to the shotgun and the launcher cannon “Retribution” (new weapon). Move further away from the cannon, jump down and the clearing mission will begin. But first, you can go to the far right of the main cave, go down, find and defeat Ambull. He stands near the passage to the adit on the right, and at the end of it there are cartridges “Dragonfire” (secret 3/6) .

So, back to the place of stripping. There will be several Ambulls and large plague toads at once, but the main danger comes from the Ancient Ambull. In addition, if you walk along the perimeter of the location, in any direction, you can find two open containers. One of them will contain “Aura of Doom” (secret 4/6) , and the other one will contain “Ammo Reserve” (secret 5/6). Both items will come in handy for taking out this mini-boss.

When you win and clear the location, collect supplies and find a round tunnel leading out of the cave. It remains to go through a spacious cave along narrow paths, kill all the enemies, climb the hill, finish off the Champions and open the door that completes the chapter.

Chapter 2-4. Sanctum Manufactorum

According to the available data, the entrance to the vault is located here. Looks like a Mechanicus structure. The opening ritual will help you get inside.

  • Secrets: 5/5.

Go immediately to the left and find the Retribution launcher in the corner. Go deep into this mine. Climb up the ledges and find the shotgun in the center. Don’t leave the mine until you find it! Keep moving, kill the Ambulls and go outside. Look left and down to see a cliff with a heavy bolter. With acceleration, jump on it and pick up the weapon. Go down below, clear the location and find the entrance to another mine from below.

Pass through it, go down and kill the enemies. turn right and look for a purple door. You need a key, so move past it. Continue driving, there are two lifts in this area. You need the far one on the left side. After rising, you can go to a new location. Storm the fortress of Chaos. On the right side there is a red door. On the left side, in an open building on the first line, look for the red key itself. In one of the other open buildings of the second line there is a plasma gun. There is another open building in the far left corner. Climb inside along the ramp and take away the “Spirit of the Machine” hidden behind the box (secret 1/5) . Let me remind you that it enhances the weapon that you are holding in your hands at the time of selection.

Return to the red door, open it and go downstairs. There are two ramps on the left and on the right, but in fact the whole area is connected together. Walk around and kill the enemies. on the top floor, in one of the rooms there will be a new melta weapon. Be sure to pick it up. There is also a green door and a terminal with a flashing light. Open the door and go to the new shaft.

There will be many Pink Nightmares here. Search all the corridors, find the purple key and, of course, the cartridges “Kraken” (secret 2/5) . Return with the key to the previous room and open the purple door on the top floor. Go outside, kill the enemies and go down on two platforms. Return to that very purple door, open it and get to the elevator to find yourself in front of a large fortress. Walk forward and the sweep will begin. Eventually, the Time Lord will appear. When this happens, go up the steps to the fortress, turn around and jump onto the left gear. Jump from it to the sparkling device where the “Aura of Rock” is located (secret 3/5) . It will increase the damage, which is what you need!

Chapter 2-5. Hidden sins

Vault! The shard is somewhere inside. You should hurry up. One throne knows what the Mechanicus has been experimenting with here.

  • Secrets: 7/7.

At the fork, go right. On the right at the next fork there will be a red key.

On the left is a niche with a plasma gun. On the right hand (if you go there to the left) – a ledge with the “Spirit of the Machine” (secret 1/7) .

Now go in the opposite direction. Do not rush to open the red door. In the left wing, you can find on another ledge “Aura of Rock” (secret 2/7) , and in the dead end of one of the passages, in a niche on the right – Kraken cartridges (secret 3/7) . In the same direction, look for the Retribution launcher.

When you’re ready, go through the red door and clear the next area. Climb up and go forward to the next room. The path leads directly to a purple door with a console. You need a purple key. The path to the right leads to another purple door, but without a console (it is on the other side). The path to the left leads to a regular door with a green console. Go there, open it and clear the location from the space marines. On the platform in the center you can find a heavy bolter.

Go through the door on the left and enter the portal. At the fork, turn right to find a melta weapon. Ambull will be at a dead end. After killing him, take the purple key. Return and go the other way along the same fork to meet new enemies, find a shotgun and a purple door. After defeating Exalted Firebringer, use the control panel to open the purple door to return to the familiar location.

Please note that there is a downward slope on the left. Move along it and enter the nearest corridor. Go to the end of this corridor and pick up Dragonfire ammo (secret 4/7) . Go along the lower tier to the other side and look in the same parallel corridor for “Ammo Reserve” (secret 5/7) . Climb up and open the last purple door. Pick up the new weapon “Volkite Culverin”.

It is essentially a railgun that fires a continuous beam. On the left side in the niche there is a regular box with all the ammunition. On the right side, look for a hole in the wall leading to a cave. Go through the entire cave, killing enemies. it is difficult to get lost here, because any path leads in the same direction. Before the exit, there will be an Exalted Flamemaker. Soon you will pass into a regular hall with a yellow key in the middle.

First, move along the left side, to the very end, and find a stone cave with Assault Doctrine (secret 6/7) . Once you’ve defeated the Time Lord, you can retrieve the key from the central platform and open the yellow door. Behind it is the exit from the level.

Chapter 2-6. lying flesh

Whatever the Mechanicus did to the power source, it didn’t seem to work. Silence reigns in the halls of the dead, except for the hum of their eternal machines.

  • Secrets: 8/8.

Enter the central hall and pick up the shotgun. First go right to find a purple door. That’s what you need to open. Return to the first hall, look in the central part and see another locked, yellow door. There is only one way left – to the left. First turn left to the second floor. After the corridor, go down the ramp to the left and pick up the Volkite Cooler. Under the very bridge from which you descended, look for the “Ammo Reserve” (secret 1/8) . Return to the bridge and continue to the left. Go down to the enemies and pick up the melta weapon. On the right is the entrance to the cave.

Defeat Ambull in the central adit. You can go left or right through other openings. The path to the right will lead to an adit with another Ambull. But then you will get to the same room as on the left route. Pick up the plasma gun and inspect the terminal, which requires a red key.

You don’t have that key either. Therefore, go back through the tunnels, to the very beginning, to the fork, where you went left to the 2nd floor, but now go down to the 1st floor, choosing the path to the right. Jump forward on the platforms, but pay attention to the buttons. They activate a mechanism that will push you down. So don’t stay too long. Once in the hall with columns, kill the enemies. the path to the left is blocked by huge gears. Find a tower you can enter. Climb up and go along the bridges to go down another tower. You will find a tunnel at the beginning of which there is a red key. Follow through it and jump down. Back at the red door, open it and enter the portal.

Kill the enemies and enter the second portal. Finish off the enemies and enter the third portal. In front of the fourth portal on the right there will be an ammo box. Enter the fourth portal, go forward and pick up the purple key. Get down. There will be a yellow door behind you, and you go to the left, to the purple one in the next room.

Swim on two platforms in a row, jump further and kill enemies. find the yellow key, go back the same way and open the yellow door in the launch hall. Kill the enemies on the bridge opposite, jump over to it and go down the left side. Be sure to turn around and pick up the whirlwind grenade (secret 2/8) . Go to the end of the hall, take away the familiar weapon and activate the panel. The Great Unclean One will appear.

Defeat the boss while staying away from him. If he throws acid bubbles, it’s best to run away. After the victory, two towers will open at the beginning and end of this hall. Enter the far tower, go upstairs and find Dragonfire ammo (secret 3/8) . This is the tower that is opposite the opening through which you came here.

You climb the tower next to the panel that you activated (where the Great Unclean One appeared), and climb over the gears on the upper platforms. Once in a large mine, move along the bridges, get down lower and lower. Where necessary, jump on the platforms. At the very bottom there will be an exit.

Chapter 2-7. deep storage

You’ve discovered xenos vaults. Be careful not to damage the samples. But with heretics, caution is useless.

  • Secrets: 0/6.

In the first hall, jump onto the tower in the center (or enter from below), go upstairs and go into the passage on the left. Jump over and find a shotgun in the niche on the right. Go down and go from the first hall to the second. If you go all the way to the left, below, you can find a red door, but you need a red key. So turn right and go up. There should be numbers II and III on the wall.

Levels II-III are closed by a purple door, so turn to level I, open the door, enter the portal and pick up the red key. Open the red door, clear the area, including the Large Plague Toad. On the right there will be a turn leading to the cartridges “Kraken” (secret 1/6) .

Enter another portal, open the door to its right (stand facing it) and look at the end of the corridor for the Volkite Cooler. Go down the corridor towards I until you find another portal. Enter it by killing the Great Plague Toad and find the purple key. Look around and find a ledge against the wall with dragonfire ammo (secret 2/6) . Climb down and kill all the enemies. There are red and yellow doors.

Open the red door, go back to the beginning of the location, where you saw the path to II-III, and open the purple door. Climb up the tower and follow the bridge to area III. You will enter a round hall with three Ambullas. Go around the perimeter, in a circle, and find a small niche with “Aura of Doom” (secret 3/6) .

After defeating all the enemies, find the lift and go up on it. This path leads to a portal and behind it is a yellow key. Jump down, kill the enemies and find a heavy bolter. Take this route back through the yellow door to the hall where the Ambulls were killed. Defeat Ancient Ambull and open another yellow door. Go on top to the very end, activate the terminal with the yellow key and go through the opened door below.

Chapter 2-8. Secret heresy

A secret archive deep inside the vault. That’s where the shard is. We need to get to him before the heretics and their demon allies, if we’re not too late…

  • Secrets: 6/6.

Turn around and go behind the wall to get a plasma gun. Go to the purple door and take the shotgun. First, go out into the corridor and go left to find the Retribution launcher. Then go to the right, along the green corridors, until you find a room with laser beams. Pass through the hall with rays, but do not go up, but turn into a parallel corridor on the right, where the enemies came from. At the end of this corridor are Retribution ammo (secret 1/6) .

Go further, pick up the “Assault Doctrine” (secret 2/6) from the platform and jump into the poisonous water. After you do this, you will have a few seconds to find your way out. Check all the corridors and find the path to the purple key. There will be a portal next to it. You will return to the beginning of the level and you can open the purple door. Go forward and pick up the Volkite Cooler. Move further along the corridor and pick up the melta weapon.

Jump down to the tower. Go around in a circle, go inside, kill all the enemies and go upstairs. Finish off the terminator and use the purple trampoline to move to the next building. At the fork, when you can choose between two jumps, use the right one. You will reach a building with a whirlwind grenade inside (secret 3/6) . Jump further, in the penultimate building turn to the right of the rise after the stairs to find a heavy bolter. When you get to the end, open the door and go down the long corridor. The battle with the Sorcerer will begin. As always, the enemies will disappear once you defeat the Sorcerer himself. The second chapter will end.


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