Walkthrough Grime

Detailed walkthrough of all levels of Grime, search for weapons, items, improvements, tactics and strategy of battles with bosses

After the introductory video, move to the right using the D key. Jump onto SPACE, climb walls, and so on. Eventually, new enemies will appear – frail hands. Hold the Q key while hitting your hand to absorb damage and perform a counterattack. The circular orange scale gradually fills in. Press E to convert it to health points.

Weeping Cavity, Depths

Arriving at a new location, go up and take the item (key F). This is levolam dust. When you activate this item, you instantly return to the last activated surrogate. Interact with a large stone. It is used as a save point and a place to upgrade the hero. However, so far there is nothing to improve. In addition, you will respawn at the last activated Surrogate.

Climb up and destroy the crawler by pressing Q at the moment of impact. Pick up your nails. They can be thrown like daggers at opponents. Walk a little further and jump down from the thin platform to a hidden room with Levolam Dust. Climb higher and to the right. At the cul-de-sac with the pitcher, jump upward to find another hidden passage with lurking sands (when used, the next drain grants 100% more breath) and an ancient limb. Follow up and listen to Jon. He promises to bring some kind of gift.

Kill the enemy on the left, climb up the walls and jump to the ledge on the right to pick up a tiny shapeless mass. When activated, it gives 100 shards. Jump to the left, kill the crawler and pick up another shapeless mass in the cache on the right. When you destroy 4 puny hands, you get a bonus – stamina regeneration when absorbed. Keep killing enemies and you will receive other bonuses for them. More details on the second tab in the pause menu. Destroy two arms to create a shortcut to the surrogate. Climb higher and kill the boulderhead. Reflecting the attack of the devil’s hand will subsequently damage the attacker. Climb higher and follow to the right to find yourself on a long ledge with Yon. Use Shift to go through the corridor with rocks on top. Talk to him and he will give the first weapon – a shock ax.

Remember the shortcut to the surrogate you created by shattering two arms? So to the left of one of the aisles there is a niche covered with stones. Break these stones with the impact hammer (LMB or RMB), kill the enemies inside and get to the boulderhead that is standing on the edge. You should have seen it earlier when you were prompted to look up and down with the W and S. Kill him (he will not attack) to get a new weapon – the fingerblade.

Go to where Yon passed the Impact Hammer. Break the wall on the right and climb up, where the purple lights are flying. You can also go back to a surrogate. By killing enemies and breaking pitchers, you collect shards. This is the main currency in the game. For shards, you can improve 5 main attributes:

  • Health
  • Endurance (strikes)
  • Strength – increases damage from weapons that need strength
  • Agility – Increases weapon damage that requires agility
  • Resonance – increases the damage of skills and weapons that depend on resonance

You can upgrade your desired skills. Here you will find the first beacon that reveals the location map. Climb up and fight the Madcap. Use Shift to dash through the enemy when he decides to launch a red attack. Walk right and climb up to smash the wall and pick up the mourner’s spiked torso. Equip an item in your inventory. You will soon be able to find a field of debris. When activated, temporarily increases defense by 15%. Continue right and jump down. Move to the right and at the fork follow the bottom, breaking rocks. Climb up to the ledge with the enemy who throws spikes. Kill him and pick up Unstable Eyes. This is an explosive projectile. Slightly above this enemy are paired blades – another weapon.

Follow the left into a hidden passage to find a small shapeless mass (+250) and three enemies guarding the mourner’s spiked arms. Be sure to equip them. Climb up the wall and head right through the cave, killing spiked enemies. Follow above, smash the jugs and discover the mourner’s spiked legs. Continue to the left, break the wall and find a blood metal shard (red). In the future, you can install it in the weapon. On the way, Thornhead can be found in a niche on the left. For destroying it, you will receive one more hunting point. They are used to activate and improve skills unlocked by killing enemies. Climb down and break the wall to create a shortcut to the lighthouse. Chat with the Deformed here. Twice so that she attacks you.

Weeping Cavity, Tearfalls

Climb up and talk to Yon through the wall. Activate another surrogate. Move up and to the right, past the spike traps. At the end of the path there will be three devilish hands and an object. This roaring wand is a new weapon. Go down the wall to find a spiked passage with a long arm. Get to the hand, destroy it and take away the object – an omnipresent pearl. Allows to extract spent hunting points from skills. And if you go even lower, you can find the second shard of blood metal and break the wall, creating a shortcut to the surrogate.

Very soon you will reach the first boss – Amalgam. First, attack the huge stone head. When the arms appear, use the absorption at the moment of impact to destroy the arms on the left and right. You can get to the hands on the right with the Shift key. Then Amalgam will show its true form. She will have many hands. Use Absorb when Amalgam hits with a hand, clenching it into a fist. You need to dodge red attacks with the Shift key. In rare cases, you can jump over. The arms will grow back all the time, but don’t pay attention to it. The main thing for you is to inflict damage on the enemy. You can also attack Amalgam not only with absorption, but also with your weapon. Remember that absorption is important for healing. Once you win, you will unlock Ardor. Successful absorption increases the Glow level. The higher the ardor, the more breath you get for killing enemies.

Shapeless Desert, Ridge Slope

After the victory, talk to Yon and go outside. Activate the surrogate on the left. Use the dash to fly over the wall on the left. Climb down on a thin platform (S + SPACE) to find a blood metal shard. Go down below and defeat the young Ira. Walk right and defeat the Irah Warrior with a spear to get a hunting point. Also on the side is a new weapon – the glaive of the ilv. Go back to the surrogate and go right. Go down to the niche below to find a new weapon – a petrified fist.

Go down to the next pit. New enemies will appear here. When approaching, they will explode. It is best to kill them with your nails – throw them from a distance. On the right, there will be new armor – legs made of cobblestone armor. Climb to the surface and kill the first claw. It will be pretty easy to pick up a Blood Metal Shard in a cave with spikes on the floor and ceiling. Climb down and follow the left to find a cobblestone torso. Directly above it, slightly to the right, there is a thin flight on the ceiling. Jump up there and pick up the cobblestone arms.

Walk back and right. Go down on a thin platform and find a lighthouse on the right. Configure it to open a map of the region. Move to the left and kill the eye morph, which it throws with two eyes. For it, you will receive a hunting point. Continue right, go up and left, towards the surrogate.

Shapeless Desert, Head Shell

On the left is the merchant Geod. For breathing, you can buy two weapons from him – a claw and a shock sword. Walk right. Do not jump up to the spear-throwing statue, but enter the secret compartment on the right to find a blood metal shard. Walk down and left to the area with giant arms. Kill the Eye Morph to get a Hunt Point. Go right, kill the stonehead. Continue driving and soon you will see a stonehead who will run away to complain to “moms”.

Litith, top

Activate the “Litit, Top” surrogate. I recommend investing your hunting points in the miserable skill, which increases damage depending on your level of ardor. Gathering up the maximum fervor is pretty easy. Move on, defeat the enemy and listen to Jon. Pick up a live cobblestone. Go downstairs and pick up the portrait from Litith. Walk left and down to the pit. Follow left, passing under a lot of falling blocks. Don’t forget about the Shift dash. You can climb higher on one of the blocks. This path will eventually lead you to a crumbling bridge. Jump down, kill two regular enemies and one Ravenous. For the latter, you will be given a hunting point. The Ravenous skill will allow you to gain more ardor. As you continue down the retractable blocks, you will find your way to a new weapon – the obelisk fist. Slightly to the right there are petal stone legs.

Return to the very beginning of Litita and go right. Go through the falling bridges. If you climb to the very top of the stairs and falling platforms, you can find a new weapon – a pillar plate. Go to the right and pick up a shard of bloodmetal. get down below and below. Keep left and you will find a lighthouse. Activate to see the entire map of the location. Follow the left and get to the surrogate.

Litit, bottom

Go left, a little lower and you will find an art dealer (in a dead end room where stoneheads work). You can buy hyaline legs, arms and torso from him. You will have to pay for everything with special items. So, the torso can be exchanged for a portrait from Litith, found earlier. keep going down and you will soon reach the bosses, the Whispering Mothers. But first, be sure to head up the stairs and break the wall on the left to create a shortcut to this area.

So, first you have to fight against two Whispering Mothers. Do not stand under the stones rising into the air, run when a luminous sphere appears that will chase you. You can dash. Also keep an eye on the floor. If an orange floor appears under one of the mothers, run away from it. As soon as you deplete the entire health scale, one of the mothers will die, and the other will get angry. We’ll have to deplete the full health bar again. This time, the mother will use two non-parry attacks. When it glows red, be prepared to dodge twice. Then, after such a dodge, run closer to your mother, wait for her to swing, and hold down Q. Such counterattacks will do much more damage! Step back afterward, as the mother may scream violently.

After defeating the Whispering Mothers, you can use a special vine to attract objects. Click on the mouse wheel to aim.

Head back upstairs and head to the right of the lighthouse to find a mini-boss. Defeat the Harmless Stone Giant. The first half of the health is not protected, so you can use parry on Q. But the second half of the health will have to be dealt with with the help of melee weapons. For winning, you will receive an increase in your maximum breathing reserve.

Litith, elevator hewn

Head to the right of the battle with the Whispering Mothers, pull platforms with vegetation and get to a new surrogate. Take the elevator up and activate the surrogate at the Pillar of Peace location.

Pillar of Peace, Shidra

Go right past the merchant Geoda and talk to Shidra. He will ask you to get the essence of the beast lurking in the Feeder’s Lair. You can also improve weapons from Shidra, for fragments of blood-metal, which you should have collected by that moment 10 pieces. Now you can buy consumables from Geod. An assistant has appeared a little higher, you can buy several types of weapons and fragments of blood metal from him.

Nerve root

Follow the right of Shidra and go down, where the glowing sparks indicate. Activate the beacon, go down even lower. The path to the right leads to the Nervolaz, but you cannot open it yet. Walk left as this path leads to the Feeder’s lair. Continue left, pulling platforms and avoiding the electricity. When you have killed the first enemies (the skeletons of the stealers), go to the right to get to the Roothod. It is he who lets out his long tentacles, which creep out from under the ground. For killing him, you will receive a hunting point.

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