Walkthrough Grim Soul:Guide And Tips

GRIM SOUL: DARK FANTASY SURVIVAL is an Android game with a release date of 02.16.2018 from Kefir! Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ‘answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, check the Wise Geek website more often.

The content of the article

  1. Abilities and their pumping
  2. Crafting recipes
  3. How do I get materials?
  4. Useful items
  5. Weapons and armor
  6. Creature Guide
  7. Boss battles
  8. Guide for beginners
  9. Passage of the Forsaken dungeon
  10. The Crimson Hunt
  11. Home location
  12. Events and locations
  13. All about Orders
  14. Horses and pets
  15. Account, payments, VIP

Grim Soul: Abilities and their pumping

What is a “passive ability”? A passive ability is a buff or a permanent bonus. For the passive ability bonus to work, you just need to select the desired ability on the abilities tab and click on the “Add” button. The icon will be displayed in a free slot of used passive abilities. At first, the player has 3 slots for the passive abilities used, but the player can increase their number using the “Altar” building.

What is “active ability”? An active ability is a positive effect or bonus that a player can use when fully charged. To use an active ability, you need to select the desired ability on the abilities tab and click on the “Add” button.

The icon will be displayed in a free slot of the active ability being used. It will also appear in the active ability slot in battle and can be used after charging. The ability in the slot of the active ability being used is charged when enemies damage you. The charge level is displayed around the ability icon at the location. The ability can also be directly charged using the altar.

How can I get or improve an existing ability? You can get or improve an existing ability by reading the ability book. Search for ability books around the world of Grim Soul.

How does the active skill Petrify work? Applying the Petrification skill, the player temporarily turns into stone. In this state, the player is invulnerable and heals for 5 health units every second, but cannot move, attack or use objects. Many opponents lose interest in the exile in petrify mode and leave.

What is stun and how does it work? Stun is an effect that makes it impossible to move, attack, use items and abilities. Both your game character (using an active ability or using a weapon with this effect) and some opponents that you will meet in the northern lands or in the Forsaken dungeon can stun your target.

How does St. Peter’s tincture work? Tincture of St. Peter will restore your health to maximum at the moment when the character takes fatal damage. This tincture lasts 4 hours and restores health only once. After the potion has worked, its effect disappears.

How does the Edict of Exile work? The edict of exile drives one nearest enemy out of the location, forcing them to go into the fog or the door of the dungeon and never return. However, if an exiled enemy is attacked, the edict will be canceled. The scroll does not work on some opponents.

How does a rain scroll work? The game has different weather conditions, one of them is rain. Using the rain scroll, you can not only call rain on the location to gain increased experience and resources, but also cancel the rain already falling if you need to quickly escape from the battlefield.

How does the Shield of Daze work? This is a unique shield that contains a distinctive feature that can save your life. By blocking the blow, your character will reflect the blow and at the same time stun the enemy. At this point, you will have an advantage over the enemy.

Grim Soul: Crafting Recipes

The game has many weapons for different purposes: from maces and lances to crossbows. Most weapons can be obtained by going to a raid on regular locations or created on their own, but there are also such units that are obtained only in dungeons, as well as components for them.

Ranged weapon

To create you need:

  • Simple bow:1 pine plank, 1 bowstring and 3 straps.
  • Simple Crossbow:2 Bronze Ingots, 2 Belts, 2 Bowstrings, and 4 Pine Planks.
  • Light Crossbow:5 iron ingots, 4 belts, 4 bowstrings, 7 birch planks and 1 mechanism.
  • Compound Bow:5 bowstrings, 5 meteor ingots, 5 oak planks and 10 belts.
  • Heavy Crossbow: youneed to find its recipe in the Tormentor Dungeon.


Tier 1. Cloth Armor:

  • Cal:2 flax fibers and 2 fabrics.
  • Shirt:3 linen fibers, 3 fabrics and 2 ropes.
  • Rag mittens:1 linen fiber, 1 cloth and 2 ropes.
  • Rag pants:3 linen fibers, 3 fabrics and 2 ropes.
  • Rag boots:2 linen fibers, 1 cloth and 2 ropes.

Tier 2. Leather Armor:

  • Hood:2 thick fabrics, 4 ropes and 7 fabrics.
  • Gambeson:4 thick cloth, 6 ropes and 8 leather.
  • Leather gloves:2 thick cloth, 2 ropes and 4 leather.
  • Quilted pants:4 thick fabric, 6 ropes and 8 leather.
  • Leather boots:1 thick cloth, 4 ropes and 4 leather.

Tier 3. Copper Armor:

  • Chapelle:5 Heavy Cloth, 5 Leather, and 3 Copper Ingots.
  • Copper Mail:10 Heavy Cloth, 8 Leather, and 5 Copper Ingots.
  • Chain Gauntlets:4 Heavy Cloth, 3 Leather, and 1 Copper Ingot.
  • Copper Hoses:10 Thick Cloth, 7 Leather, and 4 Copper Ingots.
  • High boots:5 thick cloth, 5 leather and 6 ropes.

Tier 4. Bronze Armor:

  • Pothelm:10 Heavy Cloth, 12 Cloth, and 3 Bronze Ingots.
  • Bekhtertz Gloves:Heavy Cloth, 6 Leather, 2 Bronze Ingots, and 4 Copper Ingots.
  • Bronze Mail:14 Heavy Cloth, 16 Cloth, 4 Bronze Ingots, and 7 Copper Ingots.
  • Bronze Hoses:14 Thick Cloth, 16 Cloth, 3 Bronze Ingots, and 7 Copper Ingots.
  • Studded Boots:6 Heavy Cloth, 5 Leather, 2 Bronze Ingots, and 5 Copper Ingots.

Tier 5. Iron Armor:

  • Topfhelm:14 iron ingots, 3 wires, 10 leather and 16 thick cloth.
  • Scale Armor:8 iron ingots, 14 iron plates, 6 wires, 18 leather, and 26 thick cloth.
  • Scale Gauntlets:4 iron ingots, 3 iron plates, 2 wires, 8 leather, and 13 thick cloth.
  • Scaled Chaussures:6 iron ingots, 13 iron plates, 6 wires, 17 leather, and 24 thick cloth.
  • Soldier’s boots:8 iron ingots, 3 wires, 15 leather and 16 thick cloth.

Tier 6. Steel Armor:

  • Tournament Helmet:10 Heavy Cloth, 10 Leather, and 15 Steel Ingots.
  • Chestplate:15 Heavy Cloth, 15 Leather, and 18 Steel Ingots.
  • Brigant Gloves:12 Heavy Cloth, 12 Leather, and 10 Steel Ingots.
  • Brigant Chasses:15 Thick Cloth, 15 Leather, and 15 Steel Ingots.
  • Chain Sabatons:12 Heavy Cloth, 12 Leather, and 10 Steel Ingots.


  • Rag bag:2 ropes and 4 linen fibers.
  • Bandage:3 linen fibers and 5 cloth.
  • Stakes:8 pine logs, 8 ropes and 4 copper fragments.
  • Bitters:1 alcohol, 1 cloth, and 5 holly berries.
  • Black Powder:6 Nitrate, 2 Sulfur, and 2 Coal.
  • Trap:1 Bronze Ingot, 1 Mechanism, and 3 Copper Scraps.
  • Powder Charge:5 Black Powder, 1 Empty Flask and 1 Rope.
  • Gunpowder Keg:10 Black Powder, 1 Empty Keg, 1 Rope and 2 Wires.
  • Mandrake Tincture:1 alcohol, 1 cloth, and 1 mandrake root.
  • Leather bag:14 thick cloth, 10 leather, 2 bronze ingots and 4 belts.
  • Leather Box: youneed to find its recipe in the Torturers’ Dungeon.
  • Powder Bomb: youneed to find its recipe in the Forsaken Dungeon.
  • Light Shield:6 Leather, 7 Pine Planks, 2 Bronze Ingots, 4 Bronze Nails, and 5 Belts.
  • Bound Shield: Youneed to find its recipe in the Forsaken Dungeon.
  • Buckler: youneed to find his recipe in the Torturers’ Dungeon.

Crafting machines and furniture with storage

  • Peasant Chest:4 pine logs and 4 linen fibers.
  • Bonfire:3 pine logs, 3 limestone and 1 flax fiber.
  • Bed:4 pine logs and 2 flax fibers.
  • Smelter:11 limestone and 6 copper ore.
  • Carpenter’s table:14 pine logs and 6 copper ore.
  • Masonry table:22 pine planks, 8 copper ingots and 10 copper fragments.
  • Campfire:5 pine logs, 5 limestone, 1 copper ingot and 1 rope.
  • Well:3 pine logs, 10 limestone, 2 ropes, 1 shovel and 1 empty barrel.
  • Soldier’s Chest:8 pine planks and 5 ropes.
  • Meat dryer:10 pine planks, 8 ropes, 8 limestone and 8 copper debris.
  • Leather dryer:14 pine planks, 10 ropes and 10 copper pieces.
  • Mat:14 flax, 7 animal skins and 8 ropes.
  • Sewing table:25 pine planks, 10 copper ingots, 10 belts and 10 copper debris.
  • Workbench:20 pine planks, 12 copper ingots, 10 stone blocks.
  • Banner of the Order: youneed to find its recipe in the Dungeon of the Tormentors.
  • Candlestick:10 copper bars, 7 wires and 4 candles.
  • Herbalist’s Table:18 pine planks, 12 copper ingots, 8 bronze nails, 8 wires, 4 empty jars, and 8 candles.
  • Merchant chest:16 birch planks, 9 iron ingots and 12 bronze nails.
  • Trophy lance:10 birch planks, 4 iron ingots, 5 thick cloth, and 8 stone blocks.
  • Weapon Rack: you need to find its recipe in the Forsaken Dungeon.
  • Cache: 25 meteorite ingots, 18 oak planks, 10 mechanisms, 22 chains and 20 stone blocks.

Unique (quest) buildings

  • Raven Cage: 6 pine logs, 5 copper ore and 1 candle.
  • Stall: 12 planks, 6 copper ingots and 10 belts.
  • Altar: 10 bronze ingots, 60 stone blocks and 20 pine planks.
  • Cart: 20 copper bars, 30 pine planks, 30 wires and 25 belts.
  • Sanctuary: you need to find its recipe in the Torturers’ Dungeon.
  • Grinder: you need to find its recipe in the Forsaken Dungeon.
  • Torture Chair: you need to find its recipe in the Forsaken Dungeon.
  • Alchemist’s Table: you need to find its recipe in the Forsaken Dungeon.
  • Boat: you need to find its recipe in the Dungeon of the Tormentors.
  • Carriage: you need to find its recipe in the Torturers’ Dungeon.

Grim Soul: How to get materials?

You can get materials in different ways. The most basic – felling trees, crushing boulders, limestone or metal deposits. Some materials can be crafted from others, and some can be obtained by clearing locations. When clearing Dungeons, you can get blueprints for some extremely rare things. Below is a list of simple materials and how to get them:

  1. Pine Log: One of the first materials that can be obtained by collecting pine branches on the ground or by chopping pine trees. From each pine you can get 3 logs. Mined with any ax;
  2. Birch Log: Material obtained by cutting birch trees growing in locations with 4-5 skulls. Mined with a bronze ax;
  3. Pine Plank: Material that can be crafted on the carpentry table or found in chests in heavy locations;
  4. Birch Plank: A material that can be crafted on a carpenter’s table;
  5. Limestone: A stone that can be mined by collecting pebbles from the ground, as well as breaking limestone tombstones and boulders. Can be obtained with any pickaxe;
  6. Copper Ore: Ore that can be mined by breaking copper ore deposits. Can be obtained with any pickaxe;
  7. Tin: ore that can be mined by searching chests in locations;
  8. Iron Ore: Ore that can be mined by developing iron ore deposits. Mined with a bronze pickaxe at locations with 4-5 skulls;
  9. Thick Cloth: A material that can be looted from creatures in the Forsaken Dungeon or crafted on the sewing table;
  10. Bronze Nail: Material that can be knocked out of Cursed Knights (Forsaken) and Cursed Templars (Defilers) is crafted at the workbench;
  11. Mandrake Root: Just like its seeds, you can find it in stashes and dungeons.

1 pine log burns for 2 minutes and 1 pine board for 3 minutes.

Grim Soul: Useful Items

The game has a huge variety of items and enemies. Potions, skill books, weapons and armor, various vegetation and, of course, hordes of enemies that you have to skillfully defeat, having received a worthy reward.

Potions and Potion Making. The game has a good alchemical assortment:

  • Bitters;
  • Mushroom tincture;
  • Mandrake tincture;
  • Stealth Potion;
  • Throwing potion (available with the effect of poisoning, freezing) (range: 4);
  • Tincture of St. Peter.

Magic scrolls and abilities. Magic in the game is presented in the form of special abilities of the character and magic scrolls. In the game world, you may come across the following scrolls:

  • Scroll of Horror (1-2 levels);
  • Scroll of control (1-3 levels);
  • Scroll of Rain;
  • Freeze Scroll (freezes multiple targets);
  • Exile Edict;
  • Edict on the creation of the Order.

Ores. Views:

  1. Copper Ore- well suited for smelting copper ingots;
  2. Tin – used as an additive in bronze smelting;
  3. Iron Ore- Good for smelting iron ingots.

Ingots. Views:

  • Copper ingot – although the metal is quite soft, it is not difficult to work with it;
  • Bronze ingot – an alloy of copper and tin, very useful in the economy;
  • Iron ingot – good armor or a helmet can be made from iron;
  • Steel ingot – good steel is appreciated in any business;
  • Meteorite Ingot – an ingot of rare and valuable metal;
  • Alchemical gold is a weighty gold-colored bar that is highly prized by merchants.

Explosive materials:

  1. Saltpeter – used to create black powder, best kept away from fire;
  2. Sulfur – used to create black powder, better not to smell;
  3. Black powder is an explosive mixture that emits a lot of smoke when burned;
  4. Coal – Required for making gunpowder and smelting steel.

Spare parts:

  1. Copper debris – suitable for melting, and for various devices;
  2. The wire is much stronger than it might seem;
  3. Bronze nails are a valuable resource when there is no blacksmith in your castle;
  4. Chain – useful both for mechanisms and for torture cellars;
  5. Lattice – required for cell assembly;
  6. Belts – you can make a harness or immobilize a pagan;
  7. Rope – flimsy rope – grief for the gallows;
  8. Mechanism – Used in complex devices and traps.

Fabric and its derivatives / constituents:

  1. Linen fiber – can be dried and rolled into ropes or made into fabric;
  2. Fabric – you can sew stronger fabric from such patches;
  3. Thick fabric – sturdy fabric sewn from many rags.

Leather and its derivatives / constituents:

  • Animal skin – smells like an animal and is ready for processing;
  • Leather – Crafted leather is great for making clothing.

Wood (logs):

  • A pine log is a weighty piece of wood. Suitable for boards or kindling;
  • A birch log is a durable wood. It burns well, but does not break well.


  • Pine board – suitable for both home and coffin;
  • Birch board – useful for making many useful items;
  • Oak Plank – useful for making many useful items.

Stones, minerals and crystals:

  • Limestone – Simple cobblestone and hard work will create a stone block;
  • Stone block – a block of limestone, an irreplaceable thing for construction;
  • Soul shards – used to change abilities, as well as an offering to the gods on the altar.


  1. Alcohol – cleaned badly and smells like booze, but the degree is high;
  2. Weapon Oil – Helps to sharpen weapons properly.

Special materials:

  • A bowstring is an important part of any bow and crossbow;
  • Strong bowstring – a bowstring made of strong sinews, suitable for equipping the most powerful bows and crossbows;
  • Incense – necessary for performing rituals on the altar;
  • Candle – helps to light up the table if mice don’t eat it earlier;
  • Thalers are silver coins with the Emperor’s profile. 30 is given at the beginning of the game, and another 30 can be obtained for linking to Facebook – in total, you can have 60 coins with you for free, which is enough to create an order – otherwise you need to look for an Edict on the creation of the Order.

Materials for creating machines:

  1. Clamp – allows you to firmly fix the item or the victim’s fingers on the torture chair;
  2. Spiked bracelet – securely immobilizes your guest on the torture chair;
  3. Pliers – useful both in the carpentry workshop and for heart-to-heart conversations;
  4. Handle – a comfortable handle for a grinding machine;
  5. Grinding wheel – can be used in a grinder or hang around your neck and jump into the river;
  6. The left slab of the altar is an irreplaceable part of the altar;
  7. The right slab of the altar is an irreplaceable part of the altar;
  8. The core of the altar is an irreplaceable part of the altar;
  9. A retort is a vessel of an unusual shape for carrying out alchemical experiments;
  10. Scales – a device for accurate weighing of ingredients;
  11. Stupa with a pestle – will help crush the bones of killed enemies into dust;
  12. The Philosopher’s Stone is the rarest stone that turns a mad alchemist into a scientist-genius;
  13. The Book of Fates – they say that it contains all the wisdom of Harat;
  14. Wheel – the wheel will come in handy when building a cart;
  15. A saddle for a horse is a necessary part of the harness;
  16. Horse feeder – if you want to keep a horse, you can’t do without a feeder;
  17. The bridle is the bridle for your horse.

Rare, unique and legendary items. To highlight the most valuable rewards, some items are assigned a rarity level. Rare items are framed in blue, Unique items in orange, and Legendary items in purple. As a rule, such items have special effects and are quite rare.

What is the effect of the Potion of Stealth? When using the Potion of Stealth, enemies completely cease to notice the character if he is behind them. This is a good way to get around a strong enemy or quickly critically hit them.

How does the Scroll of Dread work? When using the Scroll of Terror, 10 nearby enemies will scatter from you for 10 seconds. Use the scroll to save yourself in a dangerous battle, or to quickly loot the chest and escape.

How to use a crossbow? To make a shot from a crossbow, you need to charge it. To do this, click on the icon of the equipped crossbow with the image of a quiver with arrows. After the quiver with arrows disappears from the icon, the crossbow is loaded and ready to fire. Clicking on the icon of a loaded crossbow instantly fires an arrow at the enemy.

Where can I find the bowstring? The bowstring can be found in difficult locations, events and, of course, in the dungeon.

How to use throwing potion? Put the potion in the quick access slot and click on it when you are in any location. Your character throws the potion forward, in the direction you are looking. If the potion hits the enemy, it will deal damage. If there is no opponent on the line of throwing the potion, or if it hits an obstacle, the potion breaks without causing damage.

How to use a buckler? Unlike other shields, the buckler does not block a certain number of hits, but any damage during the activation time, which makes it especially effective in battles with a large number of opponents.

Why do I need items that I cannot use? Most items can be used in one way or another, for example, to exchange with a merchant. Others can be used later.

How do I open the second fast slot? To open the second quick access slot, the player needs to wear Bronze Mail or Scale Armor. If the armor breaks, the fast slot will be blocked. However, you will be able to transfer an item from a locked slot to your inventory.

For a long time I can’t find a certain item. Items are randomly generated. That is why you should visit the required location more often in order to get the desired item much faster. It should also be remembered that the higher the rarity of the item, the more difficult it is to find it. Before you rush to find these items, you need to make sure that you have developed enough and stocked up on armor, weapons and healing. This will help you avoid losses among your finds.

Grim Soul: Arms & Armor

The game has a huge variety in the choice of weapons. From pole and melee to long-range, from one-handed to two-handed. Weapons can be small and light, as well as large and bulky, and all this is determined by the “Attack speed” parameter. Weapons are divided into grades of quality depending on their power and overall effectiveness – a common item, a rare item, a unique item, and a legendary item. Weapons:

  • Conventional Weapons: Cudgel (one-handed), Hoe (one-handed), Forge hammer (one-handed), Torch (one-handed), Oar (two-handed), Carriage shaft (two-handed), Shovel (two-handed), Pitchfork (two-handed), Sickle (one-handed), Dagger (one-handed), One-handed sword (one-handed), Spiked Mace (one-handed), Morgenstern (one-handed), Pernach (one-handed), Falchion (one-handed), Bastard (one-handed), Scimitar (one-handed), Craig Messer (one-handed), Claymore (one handed), Halberd (two handed), Simple bow (two handed), Simple crossbow (two handed), Light crossbow (two handed), Compound bow (two handed), Heavy crossbow (two handed);
  • Rare weapons: Bone Mace (one-handed), Bone Bow (two-handed), Black Halberd (two-handed), Black Scimitar;
  • Unique Weapons: Ice Sword (one-handed), Poisoned Dagger (one-handed), Chris (one-handed), Executioner’s Ax (one-handed), Thug Ax (one-handed), Fire Sword (one-handed), Cleaver (two-handed), Ghost Sword (one-handed), Cursed Mace (two-handed), Ice Ax (one-handed);
  • Legendary Weapons: Scythe of Dread (two-handed), Crusher (one-handed), Sickle of the Night Guest (one-handed), Soul Eater (one-handed), Assassin’s Stiletto (one-handed), Fire Halberd (two-handed).

There is a pattern in the game that if a weapon is two-handed, it means that it is pole-arm or long-range, except for Klevets weapons. Also, when sharpening a weapon, a weapon changes its degree of quality to a higher one (for example, from 0-2 sharpening levels, a weapon is a common item, from 3-4 sharpening levels, a weapon is a rare item, and from 5 sharpening levels, a weapon is a unique item ).

Sharpening. Weapon sharpening has only 5 levels and allows the weapon to reach its full potential. For example, a Halberd (without sharpening) with a 0 level of sharpening deals 81 damage, and a Halberd with 1 level of sharpening will already deal 98 damage, a Halberd with a 5th level of sharpening will deal 162 damage, which is the key to victory in almost all battles.

Sharpening does not change the attack speed and attack range, but greatly increases the damage of the weapon, which can turn a copper dagger into a deadly weapon, but it must be borne in mind that when sharpening a weapon, the weapon itself can break, so you need to be careful (especially after the 2nd sharpening ). Also, when sharpening, the resource Oil is required, which rarely drops out of chests in the Forsaken Dungeon.

Armor. There is a wide variety in the game in the choice of armor. The armor is divided into 7 sets. Armor Sets:

  • Tier 1: Cloth Armor (kal, shirt, rag mittens, rag pants, and rag boots)
  • Tier 2: Leather Armor (Hood, Gambeson, Leather Gloves, Quilted Pants, and Leather Boots)
  • Tier 3: Copper Armor (Chapel, Copper Mail, Mail Gauntlets, Copper Hoses, and Tall Boots)
  • Tier 4: Bronze Armor (Pothelm, Bekhtertz Gloves, Bronze Chain Mail, Bronze Chausses, and Studded Boots)
  • Tier 5: Iron Armor (Topfhelm, Scale Armor, Scale Gauntlets, Scale Highways, and Soldier Boots)
  • Tier 6: Steel Armor (tournament helmet, brigantine, brigant gloves, brigant highways and chain mail sabatons);
  • Tier 7: Unique Armor (Plague Doctor Mask (Sinister Citadel), Scout Armor (Dungeon of the Forsaken), Heavy Footwear (Dungeon of the Forsaken).

Shields. Also in the game there are shields that can not only protect you from unwanted damage, but also can extend your life.

  1. Light shield – armor 20. After use, reduces damage from the next attack by 15 units;
  2. Bound Shield – 50 armor. After use, reduces damage from the next 2 attacks by 25 units;
  3. Buckler – 70 armor. After use, reduces damage from all attacks for 1 second by 30 units;
  4. Stagger Shield – Armor 100. After use, reduces damage from all attacks for 2 seconds by 40 units. An activated shield stuns attacking opponents.

Grim Soul: Creature Guide

Views. There are 4 types of creatures in the game – animals, lepers (cursed), bosses and ordinary people. Animals are a vast cohort of fauna that can be found at any game level (with the exception of Dungeons). It is the main source of raw meat and hides. Lepers are hostile humanoids that can be found throughout the game. They usually attack the player as soon as they see him (the Witch is an exception).

Notation. Creatures have their own designations on the minimap. Red arrows indicate hostile creatures, orange – passive, green – creatures controlled with the Scroll of Control. Some creatures have their own designations on the minimap, for example, horses have a schematic representation of a horse’s head, merchants have scales, the Night Guest has a black arrow in the center and red at the edges.

Animals. You can get raw meat and hides from animals. From the direwolf also – the fang of the direwolf, and from the bat – holly berries, leek seeds, incense, and shards of souls. Varieties of animals:

  • Deer;
  • Wolf;
  • Bear;
  • Direwolf;
  • Plague Wolf

The maximum amount of raw meat in a cell is 20. Heals the player by 4 HP. It is a vomiting product in its raw form.

Damned. On the way you may come across:

  1. The leper and the damned. Drop: cloth, rope, leek seeds;
  2. Cursed knight. Drop: saltpeter, nails, skill book, soul shards;
  3. Cursed templar. Drop: saltpeter, nails, skill book;
  4. Drop: incense, soul shards, mirror, fork, spoon;
  5. Plague Spawn. Drop: Poisonous dagger;
  6. Vicious Defiler. Drop: saltpeter, nails, skill book, soul shards.

In addition to the above, the damned include: the leper soldier, the Forsaken, the defiler, the plague robber, the plague barbarian, the dark hunter, the skeleton, the cursed inquisitor, the fanatic, the greedy junk dealer.

Bosses and their minions. Types and features:

  • Summons Plague Wolves;
  • Master Eisenborg. Abilities: Sweep, AoE Strike, Call to Minions;
  • Ability “Red Radiance”;
  • Ability “Red Radiance”, sometimes blocks damage;
  • Abilities: Red Radiance, Poison,
  • Abilities: Red Radiance, Stun;
  • Great Stepmother Aissa. Ability “Cursed Footprints”. Summons skeletons, and after their death – bats;
  • Shadow of Magister Rogvold. Abilities: Invisibility, Siphon Life;
  • Ghost of the Funeral Reaper. Ability “Invisibility”;
  • Night guest. Has a unique Sickle of the Night Visitor, which, in addition to good characteristics, has a chance to instantly kill the victim (does not work on bosses). The Night Visitor’s Sickle can only be obtained in dungeons. Due to the strong resistance to damage, killing the Night Visitor is an impossible task.

Due to unequal damage resistances, bosses will be dealt different damage. For example, the Gatekeeper and the Defiler have the same HP, but since the Gatekeeper has more protection, the damage will take place differently.

Grim Soul: Boss Battles

How to protect yourself from the Night Guest? The night guest (see screenshot) appears at nightfall. When he appears, he immediately rushes to the player. Protection from the Night Guest are: the player’s house, a torch, a pentagram in the center of each location, and the player’s skill. The fiery sword is also capable of warding off the Night Guest, but obtaining it is not an easy task.

How do I find the Gatekeeper’s Hut Map? The Gatekeeper’s Hut Map can be found in the night stash or at the event location after reaching level 15.


How often is the boss location updated? The Gatekeeper’s hut is updated every day. If at this time you are at this location, then to update it you need to go to another location.

What makes the battle with Gerhard Eisenborg unique? Master Eisenborg has a large arsenal of deadly attacks and is ready to use them. In the battle with him, the exile will be helped by attentiveness and reaction speed in order to run away in time and not receive fatal damage. The boss can also call on his faithful knights with special skills to help him.

Why kill Eisenborg? By fighting and defeating the Master of the Forsaken, you will receive a valuable reward that cannot be found anywhere else. Ice Sword, Buckler, Weapon Rack and Powder Bomb Blueprints, Petrify and Unstoppable Skill Books, and more.

What makes the battle with Stepmother Aissa unique? Great Stepmother Aissa is an unpredictable and dangerous foe. You will have to show all your ingenuity to avoid the fatal blows of her sickles. She can summon her servants and even subjugate an unwary exile to her will. The land itself spews out death as Aissa walks across it.

I fight Aissa hand-to-hand and die, how can I avoid it? In an open battle against Aissa, you cannot withstand, immobilize her with the help of traps and strike while she is free.

Pay attention when Aissa starts casting and attack her to disrupt the casting. It is more convenient to do this with a bow from a distance, so as not to receive a retaliatory attack.

Why kill Stepmother Aissa? By fighting and defeating Stepmother Aissa, you will receive a valuable reward that cannot be found anywhere else. Special Weapons (Soul Eater and Cursed Mace), Armor Stand Blueprint, Buckler Blueprint, Level 4 Corral Blueprint, Special Abilities, and Aissa’s head as a trophy. And that’s not all.


How to get to Aissa’s location? After defeating Eisenborg, you can find a unique item with him – a wooden horse. Throwing this toy into the fire, the location of the Great Stepmother Aissa will appear near your castle. You will have ten hours to defeat her. After that, the location will disappear. Next times, the location of Stepmother Aissa will appear from time to time in the Plaguelands.

What happens to the game world after killing Aissa? After you kill Aissa, the cursed land will appear on the global map, as a sign that the Nameless God has paid attention to your actions. During the game hour, Night Guests will appear more often at locations. But the Night Schron will also appear at locations 3 skulls.

What is the Evil Citadel? This is a legendary place where a whole knightly order was sacrificed. The ruins of the castle are inhabited by ghosts. Also there you can find the terrible boss “Shadow of the Master Rogwold”. In order to get to this location, it is enough to have a hardy horse.

How to get to the Evil Citadel? It is enough to have a hardy horse for this.

What makes the battle with Shadow of Rogvold unique? Rogvold’s Shadow is a unique foe. You will have to stay alert all the time so as not to be killed while control is imposed on you. It must be remembered that the Shadows of Rogvold are helped by ghosts, which can attack while remaining invisible, and who restore their health at the expense of the enemy’s health. And even the storm itself can be dangerous for the exile.

How does a thunderstorm affect the game? When there is a thunderstorm, lightning strikes the ground from time to time. Lightning is dangerous to humans and can cause significant damage, but does not harm the plague inhabitants, and even feeds ghosts. A lightning strike can be avoided by running out of the affected area in time.

Why kill Shadow of Rogwold? By fighting and defeating the Shadow of Rogvold, you will receive a valuable reward that cannot be found anywhere else. An item that allows you to create or modify your Order for free, a special food that increases the damage of your pet, a strong bowstring that will allow you to create powerful bows and crossbows, as well as books of special abilities that allow you to quickly restore energy and increase the damage done to enemies in traps.

Grim Soul: A beginner’s guide


World. The dark and gloomy world of the game attracts with its special atmosphere and storyline. The severity of progress lends its charm, and the large and extraordinary world beckons with its mystery, the secrets of which you will have to unravel. The player appears alone, and only a dangerous environment does not let him get bored. The first step is to understand what needs to be done. Around the wasteland, but it is absolutely not calm. Everywhere something is happening, everywhere some monsters are roaming and it is not clear what you are doing here.

There is no time to relax, because time is inexorably passing and before it gets dark you need to equip the area and build your house – your real castle, in which you can not only take a breath, but also keep your opponents from breathing, whose power will only grow as you progress … After arranging your shelter, you can begin to conquer the vastness of the game. The world is completely open, but to access some locations, you will still need keys, maps or vehicles.

What’s the point of the game? Your main goal in Grim Soul is to survive as long as possible. Get resources, craft weapons and armor, build your own castle and defend it at any cost. Find hidden treasures by defeating all the unique bosses on your way.

Where to get food and water? A little food and water can be found every day in your “Storage” (bag icon at the bottom of the screen), in chests in locations, as trophies from defeated enemies. Empty jars can be filled using a well, and leeks can be grown from seeds in the garden. You can also get food in the store (the bag icon at the bottom of the screen).

How to catch a deer? Deer are found in the vastness of Lubenia. They are a great source of meat for your character and your paddock pets. The easiest way is to sneak up on a deer in stealth mode and then attack. Also, do not forget about the bow / crossbow – this is a great way to hit prey at a distance.


Why do you need to complete tasks? For completing tasks, you receive a reward. The reward may include a skill point and / or an inventory item. And of course, with the passage of missions you will learn more about the history of the world of Grim Soul and will be able to participate in epic battles. New tasks may appear when completing previous tasks in this line, erecting special buildings and opening some locations. Keep traveling and equipping your castle and you won’t miss a thing. You can complete the task only at your home location. If an item is issued for completing a task, then check if you have free space in your inventory.

What if I fail the task? If you could not fulfill the conditions of the task, then leave the location of the task, move to any other point on the map, and then return back. The location will be updated, and you can test your strength again.

Lost items at the mission location. What to do? The locations of the storyline are updated when you leave them or when your character dies. Therefore, in the event of the death of your character in such a location, you will not be able to find the corpse of your character and you can lose the things that you had with you.

Be careful and ready to fight. Mission locations can be either hostile or peaceful. That is why it is recommended to be always ready and have a good supply of healing, weapons and armor. This will help you avoid losing valuable rewards and items.

They kill me at the location with the skulls. What to do? Locations are divided by difficulty, marked with shards on the global map. You should not immediately go to locations of high complexity. Passing these locations is not an easy task and requires careful preparation and before visiting them, make sure that you have developed enough and stocked up on armor, weapons and healing. This will help you avoid losses among your finds.

It is recommended to consider the easiest location with one skull and focus on resource extraction, avoiding combat. Having accumulated resources, having made armor and weapons, you can go to a higher level of difficulty.

Act 5 quests do not appear. The first four acts are currently available in the game. With the introduction of new updates, the questline will expand, and you can visit even more unusual locations, meet new characters and fight in the greatest battles.

Why are soul shards needed and where to find them? You will need Soul Shards to free up slots for other passive abilities, as well as to unlock new slots on the Altar. You can find soul shards in different locations in the world of Grim Soul or buy in the in-game store.


How to replenish energy for advertising? When your energy is nearly depleted, you can replenish some of it by watching ads. Click on the location where you would like to get, and the game will offer you to watch the video. Thus, you can travel twice a day without waiting for energy replenishment.

What is evasion and how does it work? As you travel across locations, you can find special ability books that give you the advantage of dodging certain enemies. For a complete list, see the Abilities tab in the Evasion category. Also, the ability to dodge is given by the Scout Armor.

Why can’t I remove the trash bin from my home location? Baskets, next to which the path of exile began, cannot be moved or removed. They are part of the history of the game Grim Soul and serve as a symbol of the beginning of the exile in the Plaguelands. Also, do not forget that baskets can be used for their intended purpose, storing mined loot in them.

What are the benefits of a cult? Worshiping a chosen cult gives you the opportunity to receive unique improvements that are available only to that cult. After reaching level 15 and building a cage with crows, you will receive letters from the minions of three warring parties: the Plague God, Harat and the Nameless God. When you complete one of the quests, you will join a certain cult, after which you will have access to a tree of unique abilities.

How to get unique cult abilities? Worship points are required to obtain unique abilities. They can be obtained for saving minions of your cult. Minions of cults can be found randomly in cranial locations. Your goal is to protect your minion from the attacks of enemy minions. Worship points are awarded only if your cult companion is still alive. Minions can be easily distinguished from other enemies by their outfit and weapons used.

How to change a cult? The choice of another cult is carried out through the reset of worship points in the faction menu. After the points are reset, all learned abilities become inactive, and you will again receive letters from emissaries of 3 cults. You can then choose to worship another cult by completing one of three quests. Worship points from one cult cannot be used when unlocking ability branches of another cult. But you can always redistribute points to get new unique abilities in the same faction.

Who is the Night Guest? The night visitor is a spirit that comes at night to hunt the survivors. The night visitor cannot be killed, but you can drive away for a while if you use a torch or take cover where he will not find you: in a house or a mystical circle drawn on the ground. Solving the mystery of the Night Guest is one of your tasks in Grim Soul.

Who is the Greedy Junk Man and how do you catch him? Nobody knows for sure, but if they manage to catch him, he may have a lot of valuables in his bag. The greedy junk dealer appears from time to time in northern locations (4-5 skulls). Despite the fact that he runs fast, you can always figure out how to prevent him from leaving.

Try using a scroll of freeze or sword of freeze. Do not forget about stunning and traps, and if he is already running away from you, try to hit him with a bow or crossbow from a distance. Remember, all is fair with this creature.

How do I view my game statistics? You can find game statistics on the global map in the upper right corner. Statistics are sorted into four groups: killed opponents, causes of death, visits to locations and interesting facts.

My character has died and items are missing. What to do? Skull and quest locations update every time you leave them, even if the character is dead. You can lose your items at any cranial or quest location. Therefore, before visiting difficult locations with skulls or locations of tasks, make sure that you have developed enough and stocked up on armor, weapons and healing. This will help you avoid losses among your finds. Lost items cannot be returned, but in the game locations you can find many new, even more valuable things.

Where and why to look for burning places of power? Burning places of power can appear with a certain chance at locations marked with skulls. By interacting with such a place, the player will receive a random bonus that will be valid for 2 minutes.

Does the game have weather? From time to time, it may rain on ground locations. When it rains, people’s running speed decreases, but the experience gained increases. More flaxseed, berries and mushrooms can be harvested in rain than in dry weather.

Why isn’t the mysterious chest available to me? The Mysterious Chest is not available because there is currently no ad available for you. The availability of ads is dependent on advertisers and at certain times, ads may not be available for your region or device. Wait a while and the mysterious chest will open again for you.

Why is the game so hard? Grim Soul is a really tough game that makes it stand out from its peers. If you are having trouble, try changing your strategy against opponents, watch a YouTube video, or discuss your tactics with friends. Changing tactics and your behavior in the game can significantly affect your performance.

How do I change the gender and appearance of a character? To open the customization screen, click on the character icon to the left of the minimap while at your home location. Here you can change the name, gender, face, hairstyle, beard for the male character, as well as skin tone and hair color.

How do I change the name of a character? To change the name, you need to open the character’s inventory and tap on the goose feather icon next to the current name. It’s above the health indicator.

How to evoke emotion in a character? To trigger an emote, click on your character and wait for the emote selection menu to appear. Then select the appropriate emote from the list of available ones.

What happens if my character dies? If your character dies, he will respawn at his home location, but without equipment and with an empty inventory. In most locations, you can find the character’s body and pick up your things from it. But on updated locations, marked on the global map with skulls, the body will disappear, since the location will be updated when you re-enter. Also, you will not be able to pick up your things if the character dies again, before you find the previous body.

Why tie progress? Linking progress to Facebook / Google Play / Game Center accounts is necessary to sync and save your progress. Otherwise, the progress you have made will only be saved on the device and cannot be restored if you accidentally delete the game.

Grim Soul: Forsaken Dungeon Walkthrough

Structure. The Forsaken Dungeon is a 4-level location:

  • Dungeon ruins, or surface – not renewable location;
  • 1st level, or 1st floor – multi-room randomly generated labyrinth with many branches;
  • 2nd level, or 2nd floor – multi-room randomly generated labyrinth with many branches;
  • 3rd level, or 3rd floor – the floor with the boss.

How to get to the dungeon? To get inside the Forsaken Dungeon, you need to kill the Gatekeeper of the Forsaken, located at the Gatekeeper’s Hut location. He will drop a key that will open the door to the dungeon for 8 hours (after which the dungeon will reboot). To get to the second floor of the Forsaken Dungeon, you need to build a torture chair. To do this, at the location with 3 skulls, you need to find a hermit of the Forsaken, use a control scroll next to him (the hermit on the minimap will turn green) and go to the exit to the global map. Go home, interrogate the hermit and get information about the exit to the second level / floor.

Why go to the dungeon? Many rewards are hidden in the dungeon, which will only go to the most courageous and attentive explorers: a new set of armor, unique weapons, blueprints and much more. In the course of the passage, you will come across chests that can help in clearing the dungeon. But the most valuable reward is in the chest of the final dungeon room. It is this chest that is the main goal of your trip.

Heroic difficulty. For true connoisseurs of hardcore, Dungeons of the Forsaken have a choice of difficulty levels – normal and heroic. When choosing a heroic, opponents can revive, strengthen, or unpleasant random effects can be imposed on your character (4 effects are applied in total). All kinds of effects are listed below:

  • One life: there is only one try. After dying, you cannot return to the dungeon;
  • Plague Revival: Slain enemies can rise from the dead. Opponents rise up only if they are near their corpse for some time;
  • Rusty locks: opening time of chests and doors increased by 100%;
  • Living in the dark: the radius of view of enemies is increased by 35%;
  • Maniac Laughter: the number of traps has been increased;
  • Plague Frenzy: enemy movement speed increased by 35%;
  • Infected Air: Your character’s maximum health has been reduced by 30;
  • Dexterous creatures: opponents dodge attacks with a 15% chance, when dodging, weapon durability is not spent.

Enemies in the dungeon

  1. Ground floor:
  • Plague Spawn – A modified version of the Leper with the Poison ability;
  • The Leper Soldier is a modified version of the Leper;
  • Possessed – A modified version of the Damned;
  • The witch is in the main room;
  • Forsaken – A modified version of the Cursed Knight;
  • The Defiler is a modified version of the Cursed Templar.
  1. Second floor:
  2. Furious Defiler is a rare creature, a modified version of the Cursed Inquisitor. When 3/4 of health is removed, his sword lights up with a red glow, and he begins to attack faster, dealing 2 times more damage;
  3. Fanatic – a dangerous enemy, close to which he undermines himself and you;
  4. Plague Spawn – A modified version of the Leper with the Poison ability;
  5. Possessed – A modified version of the Damned;
  6. The witch is in the main room;
  7. The Forsaken is a modified version of the Cursed Knight.
  8. Third floor:
  9. Magister Eisenborg – is a slow moving boss. In addition to the usual, but strong blows, it has the ability “Strike on the area”, which deals huge damage and the ability “Sweeps”, which is several swings of his ax in front of him, causing deadly damage;
  10. 4 minions – Atorus (represents the Furious Defiler with Craig Messer, Golund represents the Furious Defiler with the Bound Shield (periodically blocks damage, Gidur represents the Furious Defiler with the Poisoned Dagger and Yaron represents the Furious Defiler with the Crusher.

The most valuable reward is the reward in the main room: there may be Chris, the Sickle of the Night Guest, the Fire Sword.

Walkthrough Tips

  1. Take with you at least 2 sets of copper / bronze armor and about 3-4 falchions (for the passage of the 1st floor), from the treatment you need to take 3 stacks of bandages or barrels of honey.
  2. Take with you several Tinctures of St. Peter (especially for the passage of the 3rd floor). Do not stand under the attacks of Magister Eisenborg and run back when you see his special attacks (for example, with “Swings” you can run behind Magister Eisenborg). When fighting, you can use traps, which can help if you do not want to fight face to face with a dangerous enemy (they do not work for Magister Eisenborg, but work for his minions).

Magister Eisenborg and the Fanatic do not damage your opponents when using their abilities (“AoE Strike” and “Swing” from Magister Eisenborg, as well as “Self-detonation” from the Fanatic).

  1. Try to kill opponents immediately from the back, or if it is not possible, aggro the enemies one by one. Use obstacles to your advantage, for example: using stone coffins or broken tables for ranged attacks with polearms (halberds, wagon shafts, pitchforks, oars) of the Forsaken, Defilers and Vicious Defilers.

All Furious Defilers have the Red Radiance ability on their weapons, including Magister Eisenborg’s minions.

  1. Go through the floor as quickly as possible, as bot players or worse opponents can sometimes wander onto it from the surface (for the heroic difficulty level). Do not under any circumstances bother the witch (in the final room) when there are other opponents next to her (including in the neighboring rooms (since doors open).

Enemies and your direwolf in the Forsaken Dungeon do not activate traps (Light Plates (slowing plates) and Traps (not set by you).

Grim Soul: The Crimson Hunt

What is the Crimson Hunt? As you join the Crimson Hunt, every day you will receive new tasks, fight dangerous monsters, and earn general and elite rewards from the Order of the Crimson Angels for completing them. General rewards are available to everyone, and elite rewards are available to owners of the Crimson Hunter Code. Before the end of the Crimson Hunt, which is 30 days, you have a chance to receive all the rewards. At the end of this period, the progress of tasks will no longer be counted, and rewards for completed tasks will not be available.

Only one Crimson Hunt quest can be completed at a time. You yourself choose which tasks to perform, but when you select another task, the progress of the previous one is reset. Crimson Hunt Points are awarded only for completed missions. If you change your mind about completing the previously selected task, then you have the opportunity to complete it for thalers and receive Crimson Hunt points. With the help of Crimson Hunt Points, you reach a certain rank, for which you receive a reward.

Quests from the Order of the Crimson Angels. The closer the end of the Crimson Hunt, the more risky and more difficult the tasks will be for you. The difficulty of the tasks is divided into levels: Novice, Veteran and Master.

  • From day 1 to day 10, you can get 2 tasks in the Newbie tab every day.
  • From 11 to 20 days – 2 tasks daily in the Veteran tab.
  • From 21 to 25 days – 1 challenge daily in the Master tab.

At first, you will have several tasks to test your abilities, but then you have to fight a strong enemy to get the necessary points and increase your rank. It is much more difficult to meet a unique enemy if you have not reached the rank indicated in the task.

Awards. Each successfully completed task is awarded with points, with which you get a certain rank. Rank in the Crimson Hunt determines what rewards you can receive: the higher the rank, the more valuable the reward. General rewards are available to all players, however, if you are the owner of the Crimson Hunter Code, then you have the opportunity to pick up not only general rewards, but also elite rewards.

The best hunters have a chance to become owners of unique rewards that can only be obtained for completing the tasks of the Order of the Crimson Angels: a complete set of Brigantine Armor, Iron Bastard with bonus damage against humans and Silver Claymore with bonus damage against monsters. Also, only hunters have a chance to put a memorable Crimson Chest with 20 slots in their castle.

Monsters. One of the goals of the Crimson Hunt is to defeat rare foes. After successfully completing tasks at a certain level of difficulty, you will have to prove your skill by completing the task of exterminating monsters. The uniqueness of monsters lies in their abilities: when fighting them, the hunter needs to be prepared for stunning, poisoning, and even instant death. The appearance of a unique enemy is related to the level of your training.

You should not take on a mission to catch a strong enemy at a low rank. If the exile is ready for such a task, then unique enemies can be encountered in the lands of Lubenia and in the Forsaken dungeon.

What are the benefits of the Crimson Hunter Code? The Crimson Hunter Codex allows you to receive elite rewards for Order quests, including rewards for ranks already achieved. This Code is not an item, and after purchasing it, you can pick up the available elite rewards that will await you in the Vault.

Grim Soul: Home Location

Castle level. The level of the castle is an indicator of the development of your dwelling, and it depends on the current number of points of the castle. Castle points are awarded for buildings and devices that are currently at your home location. By increasing the level of the castle, you open up access to new opportunities for construction and development.

Why do you need a cage with crows? A cage with crows is one of the essential things in the game. Once you have built a cage, you will be able to find out the whereabouts of itinerant merchants and receive quest letters from your allies with a reward in the form of skill points.

I can’t fit a piece of furniture in my house. If you cannot place an item on the floor, make sure that the floor is suitable for the item. Some require plank or stone flooring. And the floor can only be placed on bare ground, cleared of stones and branches.

How to improve the floor? To build a plank floor, you must enter the build mode and click on any floor of the first level. An arrow button will appear, and next to it is the upgrade cost. Click on the button to improve the floor.

What is an altar and why is it needed? An altar is a structure that allows you to increase the number of slots for used passive abilities, as well as charge an active ability without leaving your home.

Why isn’t my smelter working? Check if the amount of reagents corresponds to the recipe, if there is enough wood and if the smelter is not full of finished products.

Please note that each type of resource corresponds to a certain slot of the machine. Recipes can be viewed by clicking on the “Recipes” inscription on the open smelter window.

What is a grinding machine for? The sharpener allows you to sharpen your bladed weapon, increasing its damage. The first sharpening is guaranteed to be successful. Each subsequent sharpening increases the bonus damage, but increases the likelihood of breakage during sharpening. Weapon oil is required for each sharpening. By sharpening your weapon to the maximum level, you can double its damage and make it unique.

Why is the Alchemist’s Table needed? The Alchemist’s Table is needed to create alchemical gold – a very valuable resource in the vastness of the Plaguelands.

How to use alchemical gold? Alchemical gold can be exchanged with merchants for legendary and unique weapons, ability books (some of which are owned only by merchants throughout the Plaguelands) and other valuable items.

What is a dining table for? In addition to making the dining table look great in an exile’s house and grant castle points, it also increases the positive stats for eating and drinking all food by 10%. Each additional table at the home location adds another 10%. The maximum limit on the dining table bonus is 50%.

What is a trophy lance for? A trophy lance is a decorative element with a slot for a special item – a trophy. These trophies include the head of Gerhard Eisenborg, which you can get after defeating the master. Putting your head in the spades cell, it will be displayed on the game screen.

How to use the armor rack? By interacting with the rack, you open several slots that can be used exclusively for storing equipment and a shield. At the same time, a separate cell is allocated for each type of equipment. The peculiarity of this “chest” is that all the armor that you place inside will be visually displayed on the rack. This way, you can tell what armor you have left just by looking at the armor rack.

How do I use the weapon rack? By interacting with the rack, you open ten slots that can be used exclusively for storing weapons. The peculiarity of this “chest” is that all weapons that you place inside will be visually displayed on the rack. This way, you will be able to find out which weapons you have left in stock simply by looking at the weapon rack.

Why is it raining in my castle? Rain seeps in when the roof does not completely cover the castle. To maintain a solid roof, make sure the area is completely enclosed by walls and does not have open land or structures on open ground.

I get fewer points for chests than stated. Why? The number of castle points depends on the number of already installed chests from the crafting menu. These three types of chests have their own total castle point limit. You cannot get castle points for more than 20 chests of this type. That is why, if you have reached the limit for these types of chests, the number of castle points may differ from the description.

Do not forget that you can get more castle points by installing other types of chests, such as: elegant chest, ice chest and others. They can be found in the store.

Grim Soul: Events and Locations

Locations. You can find yourself in the following locations:

  • Rocky foothills (1 level of difficulty);
  • Rocky hill (2nd level of difficulty);
  • Rocky rocks (3 level of difficulty);
  • Pine forest (1 level of difficulty);
  • Pine forest (2nd level of difficulty);
  • Pine Thicket (3 difficulty level);
  • Dungeon of the Tormentors (unknown difficulty level);
  • Forsaken Dungeon (unknown difficulty level);
  • Gatekeeper’s Hut (unknown difficulty level);
  • Birch forest (4 difficulty level);
  • Birch Thicket (5th level of difficulty);
  • Iron Hills (4 difficulty level);
  • Iron rocks (5th level of difficulty);
  • Watchtower (unknown difficulty level);
  • Ominous Citadel (unknown difficulty level);
  • Silver Mine (4 difficulty level).

Repeat locations. Some locations on the Province Map are repeated, for example:

  • Stony foothills (3);
  • Rocky Upland (2);
  • Pine forest (3);
  • Pine forest (2);
  • Iron Hills and Birch Forest (2) – but some can only be reached by a sturdy boat, while others can only be reached by a hardy horse.

Events. Periodically, various interesting temporary locations appear in the game – events (events). They are listed below:

  1. Broken caravan;
  2. Broken wagon;
  3. Fallen Knight;
  4. Treasure of the Damned;
  5. Night at the Cemetery;
  6. Itinerant merchants;
  7. Merchant (event may be out of date);
  8. Abandoned crypt;
  9. Dark Offering;
  10. Bot castle;
  11. Escort of Merchants.

There are also holiday, seasonal and special events. They are listed below:

  1. Gloomy cemetery (Halloween);
  2. Christmas cart (Christmas);
  3. Ice Treasure (Winter);
  4. Great Stepmother Aissa (Burning Toy Horse (dropped by the Forsaken Dungeon boss).

How do I find the Night Stash? Night stash can only appear at night and only in locations with three skulls. Make sure to enter the location after the bell has struck to signal the beginning of the night.

What is the Cemetery Night event? As the name suggests, it can only appear at night. The cemetery and its inhabitants do not like to be disturbed by their peace, and will not allow a romantic walk among the fog and tombstones, and in the sarcophagi there may be not only loot, but also those to whom it belongs. Or a poison trap. Act quickly and confidently, because the longer you are in the graveyard, the more opponents you will gather around you. And this time do not forget about the torch, the Night Guest is not allergic to cemeteries. Oh yes, you can get to this hospitable place only after the exile reaches level 18.

How to get to the Treasure of the Damned event? This event can drop you after reaching level 25. On the global map, it will look like a random event with circling crows. Only after moving to the location will you be able to determine what kind of test awaits you.

How to get to the northern lands beyond the river? To get to the northern lands, you need a tough horse that can cross the rough river. The Northern Lands are available to those exiles whose horses have reached level 15.

How to move between locations in the northern lands? To move between the locations of the northern lands, you will need your horse. The terrain does not allow walking or running there. The horse will take you back home even if it is hungry, but after traveling on an empty stomach it will have to be fattened.

In northern locations, you can mine resources that are not found in the lands near your castle, such as birch, iron or mushrooms. Also, at these locations, new enemies will await you, capable of not only stunning you, but also attacking at a considerable distance and even attacking from the air. And of course, unique weapons and ability books.

Events do not appear on the global map. What to do? The Plaguelands are full of unexpected events and situations. You should remember that all items in chests, the appearance of enemies and events in the game are generated randomly. It is recommended that you diversify your exile’s travels by visiting the Plaguelands Skull Locations.

Grim Soul: All About Orders

The Order is a voluntary association of players created to communicate and achieve common goals.

How to join the Order? To join the order, you need to build a sanctuary, which becomes available from level 23. At the moment, there can be no more than 10 people in the Order.

How many applications can the Order receive? No more than 50 applications can be considered by the Order at a time. If the leadership of the Order does not consider the application within a week, it will be rejected automatically.

How to create an Order? To create an order, you need to upgrade the sanctuary to level 2.

How to quit the Order? Find your name in the list of members of the Order and click the cross next to it.

What are the ranks in the Order? The Leader of the Order is called the Master, the Deputy Magisters are called the Regents, the officers are the Commanders, the rank-and-file soldiers are the Knights, and the newcomers are the Squires. The leader of the Order (Master) can: edit the coat of arms, name, tag, description of the Order, leave a message for members of the Order, raise / lower in rank, accept and remove from the Order.

Regents have the right to admit to the Order and expel those who are lower in rank, to assign one or another rank (only ranks below the Regent). They can leave a message for their Order (each member of the Order sees it in the Order information window). Squires and Knights currently do not have any special powers. Commanders can banish other members of the Order below their rank and accept new players into the Order.

I am the Master of the Order, I can’t get out of the Order. The Master will be able to leave the Order only when he remains in the Order alone. As soon as all members of the Order leave the Order, the Master will be able to dissolve the Order by clicking on the cross next to his name in the list of participants in the Order. Also, the Master can promote any of the members of the Order to the rank of “Master”, and then leave the Order.

I left the Order and cannot join another. A player cannot immediately join a new Order immediately after leaving it. After leaving the Order, you will have to wait 1 day before re-entering the Order.

Where can I find resources for the obelisk? Resources for the obelisk can be found at a special location adjacent to the location of the Order. To do this, you must enter the fog of the upper right side of the location of the Order. Clay and granite scattered around the location can always be collected, while moonstones can be found at the location only at midnight. The moon shines on them for a very short time, so alone you will not collect much.

How to get to the location of the order and what can you do there? You can go to the location of the order using the sanctuary or a special button in the interface of the Order. There you will meet the knights of your order in real time. You can also use emotes and chat messages. Health, food and drink at the location of the order are not reduced. You can leave the location by entering the fog.

Why build an obelisk? The construction of the Obelisk is a real challenge, to overcome which it is necessary to unite the efforts of all members of the Order. In addition, this is a test of the skills acquired in the single player game of each of the members of the order. The construction of the obelisk will only be available during multiplayer testing. After the full release of multiplayer, it will be impossible to interact with the obelisk, but it will remain with the Order as a memory of participation in testing.

What makes the battle with the Dark Guardian unique? The Dark Guardian is the first co-op boss of the Order. He can only be defeated by combining the forces of the entire order.

How to get to the location of the Dark Guardian? You can get to it by starting a battle with the help of a special druidic altar, which can be found at the location where members of the Order collect moonstones.

Who can awaken the Dark Guardian? This can only be done by the Master or Regent of the order.

How to fight the Dark Guardian? Weapons and healing can be found in chests at the location of the Dark Guardian. The more players open these chests, the faster the progress goes.

Can I invite friends to the game? The “Friends” tab now has a function for inviting friends. Select the messenger in which you want to send the invitation and a friend. The maximum number of friends on the list is 50.

Grim Soul: Horses & Pets

Where can I find a horse? The horse can be found in the Broken Wagon event. To tame a horse, sneak up on it and press the interact button. If you have a stall assembled, then after a successful taming attempt, the horse will immediately be ready to travel. If you have not yet assembled a stall, you will not be able to tame a horse until it is built.

How to feed a horse? You need to feed the horse with oats. Best ways to get it: Forsaken dungeon, night stash, 3-skull locations, and difficult events. You can also buy oats from the play store. Oat seeds can be used to grow oats in the garden. If the horse has insufficient satiety, you will not be able to ride it.

How to level up a horse? Travel between locations on horseback and don’t forget to feed your horse in time.

Why can’t I get to the location across the river, because I already have a horse? Some locations have a horse upgrade requirement. If the horse is ranked lower than required, then it will be impossible to get to this location until you pump your horse. To travel to locations across the river, you need a Hardy Horse. To get to the northern lands, you need a tough horse that can cross the rough river. The Northern Lands are available to those exiles whose horses have reached level 15.

What happens if you forget a horse at a location? The horse will return home by itself and you can find it in the stall. The horse will spend more satiety points on returning home on its own than returning with the player.

How can I get a horse of a different breed? You can exchange your horse for a horse of a different color only at merchants.

Please note that some suits are less common than others. Also, the levels of horses participating in the exchange may differ.

Why are pets needed? Pets will not only brighten up your loneliness, but will also help in battle with enemies. And even while staying at home, they will be useful due to their special abilities. Depending on the rarity and development level, the pet can have different damage and stamina and have up to 4 abilities. Moreover, you can travel with your pet and horse to different locations.

Where can I get a pet? You can find a wolf cub at a location, buy it in a store or exchange it from merchants and get it by crossing adults.

How to develop a pet? To make the cub grow up, you just have to wait. Remember to leave enough water and food in the pen while doing this. But in order to increase the level of a pet, he must participate in battles. The maximum possible level of a pet depends on its rarity.

How to feed your pet? Remember to leave enough food and water in the pen to keep your pets from depleting. You can also feed your pet special food to restore its stamina during a long walk.

How do I use pet abilities? For the pet’s abilities to work, you need to take it with you or assign it to the castle guard. Some abilities work only with pets with themselves, this is indicated in the tooltip of each ability.

Do pets follow commands? To give the pet a command, click on it in the location and select the desired action. The pet can follow you, sit and wait, or run away and bring reinforcements from the corral.

How to breed pets? You can breed pets in the pen. To do this, select a female and a male of the same rarity on the crossing tab. You will not be able to breed pets if the supply of food or water in the pen is below 20%, or if the wolves have not reached level 4 or are exhausted. The cub is equally likely to get the color of one of the parents.

If both parents are the same color, then the cub will be the same. When crossed in a pen, the male and female will flee to the plague lands, but the born wolf cub may be more rare than his parents. In addition, while crossing direwolves, you can block one of the abilities of his parents. This means that the resulting dire wolf will definitely not have this ability.

Why did the pet stop fighting? Keep an eye on your pet’s stamina, the pet will stop fighting if it is at zero. To replenish the pet’s strength, return it to the pen or feed it with special food.

How to improve your pen? Each building upgrade requires a new blueprint and a certain amount of building materials. Each level of improvement of the pen increases its capacity and brings additional castle points. If the food or water level in the pen drops to zero, your pets will start to deplete. Depleted pets cannot fight, interbreed, and their abilities do not work. But they will recover if food and water levels reach their maximum.

Grim Soul: Account, payments, VIP

How do I find my user ID? Click on the title of the settings window in the game itself. A window will appear with your ID and build number, and the data is automatically copied to the clipboard. All this information is necessary to send an appeal to those. support.

How do I link my account to Google Play / AppGallery? Usually, the account is automatically linked to Google Play / AppGallery when you first log into the game. You can check if your account is linked in the game settings. If you see the “Unlink” button, then the game account is connected and your progress is automatically saved. If you see the “Bind” button, then you should click on it to bind.

How do I transfer my progress to another device? To transfer the game to another Android / iOS device:

  • Make sure your game profile is linked to your Google Play account;
  • Then sign in with the same Google Play account on another device;
  • If after starting the game did not offer to restore the saved progress, go to the settings and click the “Link” button. You cannot transfer progress from Android to iOS or vice versa.

How do I restart the game on Android? If you want to delete your current progress and start over on Android:

  1. Open the settings window in the game;
  2. Click “Unlink” to unlink your Google Play / AppGallery account;
  3. Erase the data in the device menu: Settings – Applications – Grim Soul;
  4. Restart the game and agree to log into your Google Play account so that your new progress will be automatically saved.

How do I transfer my progress to another platform? The transfer of game progress can only be carried out if your previous device and the current one have the same operating system. Transferring progress between different platforms (for example, from Android to iOS) is technically impossible at the moment. This is due to the peculiarities of the Android and iOS servers.

How to get back the lost progress? If you have previously linked your progress to your account, then you need to open the game, enter your previous Google Play / AppGallery / Game center / Facebook account and click on the “Link” button in the game settings. The game will offer to load the last saved progress. Click “OK” and the progress will be restored. If you have not linked progress before or this method of returning progress did not help, then fill out the reverse contact form in those. support and explain the situation.

Why link your progress to your Facebook account? This will help you save your progress if something happens to the account to which your progress is linked. Also, when you first link your Facebook account, you will receive 30 thalers.

What does VIP status give? Once a week: weapon chest. Once a day: Dungeon Key, Oats, Berry Drink, Pine Logs, and Flaxseed. The experience gained by the character and pets and the maximum energy also increase. In addition, the VIP allows you to find out in advance what goods traveling merchants need and mark the chests for the convenience of sorting their stocks. With each new VIP level, its bonuses grow.

How to get VIP? VIP is available by subscription. To activate it, go to the VIP button next to the character image in your inventory. The more weeks in a row your subscription lasts, the higher the VIP level becomes.

What happens if you cancel your VIP subscription? If the VIP has been canceled, then you lose all the VIP levels gained and the next time, you will start again from the first level.

How do I unsubscribe from the Aegis of the Crimson Angels? To deactivate a subscription, you need to log into your Google Play account and select the “Subscriptions” tab. There you can cancel your subscription. If you play on the iOS platform, then you need to enter the AppStore, select the icon in the upper right corner and click on your name. Then you can select the “Subscriptions” tab. In this section, you can manage the settings for existing subscriptions. You can also cancel any subscription in this window. After these steps, the subscription will be canceled.


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