Vector analysis

Vector Analysis Introduces the theory of algebra and vector calculus , plus an introduction to their applications to statistics , dynamics , fluid mechanics , and electrodynamics .


It shows the theory that mathematicians , physicists , and engineers need, considering the extensive use of vector procedures in modern geometry , analysis, and the physical sciences . Although it includes some of the topics covered by the author in his work, the present work is completely new. A more elemental treatment has been given, in a clear way and with detailed exposure. All the theories are clarified with examples, many of them with suggestions for their solution. Among the topics covered are:

  • Sliding vectors, analytically and graphically explained.
  • Differentialand integral invariant theorems .
  • Abstract vector spaces including Hilberspace .
  • The fundamental theory of algebraand vector calculus , plus an introduction to its applications to statistics , dynamics , mechanics fluid , and electrodynamics .

Author data

Louis Brand has many years of experience teaching mathematics and is the author of well-known texts in this field. He wrote the first complete treatise on mechanics using vector notation in the United States : Vectorial Mechanics 1960 . He is also the author of Vector and Tensor Analysis 1965 and Advanced Calculus . He completed his doctorate at Harvard University . He also holds the degree of Honorary Doctor of Science from the University of Cincinnati .


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