How to use corporate benefits to attract talent

Have you considered using corporate benefits to attract talent? Through the measure, your company shows that it understands the profile of employees, and uses the most attractive tools to motivate them, engage them and contribute to maintaining their satisfaction in developing within the organization. A benefit that, for your management, is rewarded in engagement, productivity and loyalty.


It is possible to use corporate benefits to attract talent , too, going well beyond the usual strengths of this type of strategy.

After all, just as this plan focused on the profile of employees adds to productivity and engagement, it arouses the interest of the market.

Your company’s reputation can travel easily, as do big brands and their consumers. So, how about experiencing this kind of situation in practice?

To do so, read on, and discover with us how to use corporate benefits to attract talent!

The challenge of attracting and retaining talent

Satisfaction, motivation and engagement are structural pillars to ensure that its professionals guarantee the desired productivity on a daily basis.

To that end, people management has proven to be the most effective strategy for maintaining these pillars. And that is where corporate benefits have emerged as a fundamental foundation for this.

After all, they are actions that show how much the company is dedicated to knowing and offering the resources expected by its staff. This alignment has even been one of the main tools to promote the loyalty of younger generations.

This is the case with millennials , for example, and also with the Z generation . In addition to constant challenges and a work environment aligned with technological trends, this growing workforce is looking for benefits that promote stability and familiarity with the environment where they spend part of the day.

Thus, the challenge for companies is to propose a DNA that generates identification with their professionals. No wonder, using corporate benefits to attract talent has proven to be a rich alternative .

The use of corporate benefits

Competitive wages with those practiced in the market are interesting, but the corporate benefits have become lovely complements to attract and retain employees.

Some examples of these benefits:

  • health plan ;
  • vouchers (such as meals, food, culture, etc.);
  • partnerships;
  • childcare assistance;
  • financial welfare programs ;
  • dental care;
  • wage advance .

Among other services and products that can favor employees and facilitate, here and there, their quality of life and well-being (inside and outside work).

Based on this, your employees will feel more motivated and, consequently, identified with the organization. And if this works as a means of retention, it also serves to think about the corporate benefits to attract talent.

After all, as we said, their actions have repercussions and reach the ears of other professionals interested in companies that focus on maintaining the quality of life of employees.


The search for corporate benefits to attract talent

As we have seen, it is not enough to offer multiple benefits and expect them to, by themselves, excite employees.

It is important, when using corporate benefits to attract talent, that:

  • the company identifies the profile (as well as the objectives and needs) of the employees;
  • involve them in the process of choosing the benefits package (either through research or other company communication channels);
  • keep communication open and transparent. This, in addition to ensuring assertiveness in decision making, adds more sense of belonging to employees;
  • put together a flexible plan to suit everyone’s interests.

In this way, it is possible that you have a unique identity, fully aligned with your employees – and having the corporate benefits to attract talented people who think and act in the same way that your current employees do.

The main corporate benefits to attract talent

To conclude this article, are we going to see what are the main benefits to attract talent and also to stimulate everyone’s engagement within the company?


Health insurance

Excellent way to ensure that employees’ health, well-being and quality of life remains under constant monitoring.

Focusing on this differential can be an attractive way to always guarantee new people interested in joining your organization.


Focus on quality of life

Speaking of people’s health (physical and / or psychological), your company can focus on some alternatives in this matter, such as:

  • consultations with nutritionists;
  • healthy menus served at the company;
  • fruits and snacks served in the morning;
  • labor gymnastics;
  • physical activities planned in groups (such as cycling or walking).

This shows special attention to the way in which their employees relate to their habits – and the elementary role of food in their quality of life and health.



Profit sharing, punctual rewards, gamification … All strategies that assist in engagement and gratification for them.

It is only convenient to find the rewards that most attract employees. Remembering that you don’t need to think exclusively about monetary awards, but things that have everything to do with the profile of your professionals.

Aid for studies

Courses – free or undergraduate – can be a valuable way to use benefits to attract talent . True investments, therefore, to ensure that its employees remain in constant development, and that they can use this recycled knowledge for the benefit of the company itself.


Childcare assistance

Companies whose professionals, for the most part, have small children can make use of the benefits to attract talents with the same profile through childcare assistance.

Thus, the concern with the little ones is minimized and, still, without impacting the family budget of its employees. Quite a relief to avoid financial stress, for example.


On-demand salary

Finally, an excellent way to use corporate benefits to attract talent goes by the name of on-demand pay .

The trend has grown exponentially and, in Brazil, it is taking long strides in different solutions – as is the case with Xerpay , for example.

With the salary on demand, the company gives total flexibility and autonomy for the employee to receive their payment for the days already worked as they prefer.

Thus, it avoids the financial stress caused by debts and, also, by the dependence on highly expensive loans, as is the case of overdraft .


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