Ubuntu Christian Edition

Ubuntu Christian Edition (abbreviated Ubuntu CE ). It is a GNU / Linux distribution designed for a Christian based user. It is an unofficial derivative of Ubuntu , and like it, it uses GNOME as the default desktop environment. The main difference between this distribution and Ubuntu is that it adds graphic elements, such as a gDesklets that shows a Bible verse , every day or every time you log in. This distribution includes the Firefox browser along with a Christian-style visual theme.

The difference also lies in some of the programs included with the distribution, such as a Bible study program , a parental control tool, and some other frequent desktop programs. Ubuntu CE has been the target of parodies, by many blogs and websites. However, its development continues to grow. For now, it is only available in an Old English language, such as Biblical English. The current version 3.3 is based on Ubuntu version 7.04 “Feisty Fawn” .


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Ubuntu family

There are several official variants of Ubuntu available, which have simultaneous releases with Ubuntu. The most significant are:

Official derivatives

  • Ubuntu is the original distribution that Canonical Ltd. began to develop. It uses GNOME as the default desktop environment.
  • Kubuntu was the first official Ubuntu derivative. It differs from Ubuntu only in that it uses KDE instead of GNOME as the default desktop environment.
  • Edubuntu is a version focused on school and educational use. It uses GNOME the same as Ubuntu, but it has specific applications oriented to work in schools and educational centers (control programs, etc.).
  • Edubuntu-KDE is to Kubuntu what Edubuntu is to Ubuntu.
  • Xubuntu uses XFCE as the default desktop environment. This desktop environment is optimized to be lighter and work better on older computers. Also, the applications that come installed by default are also lighter than those of Ubuntu.
  • Ubuntu Studio is aimed at professional multimedia editing of audio, video and graphics.

Ubuntu , Kubuntu and Edubuntu are included within the ShipIt program .

Unofficial derivatives

  • Fluxbuntu (use Fluxbox)
  • Ebuntu (use Enlightenment)
  • nUbuntu – Dedicated to security and networking issues (uses Fluxbox)
  • Ubuntu Lite – Optimized for slow machines
  • Ubuntu Christian Edition – with Christian software (uses GNOME)
  • Ubuntu Ultimate Edition includes a lot of additional software.
  • Ubuntu Ultimate Gamers Edition includes a lot of additional software, especially games.
  • ComFusion (formerly Uberyl): Includes the 3D Compiz Fusion desktop, among other additional packages.
  • Mythbuntu – Distribution Center Multimedia based on Ubuntu.
  • Ubuntu PHP Edition – Ubuntu based distribution for PHP developers


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