How to do two-factor authentication on Fortnite

Are you looking for a guide that tells you how to do two-factor authentication on Fortnite ? Very well, we are here! In this tutorial we are going to explain in detail the procedure for obtaining this important protection feature of your account within the famous Epic Games game. These are not long or complex operations: in a few simple steps you will have succeeded in your intent. Are you ready? Great, let’s go!

How to do two-factor authentication on Fortnite

Have you heard of Fortnite two-factor authentication? Probably if you are playing the famous game of Epic Games you happened to find yourself in front of a message that invites you to enable the option “F2A”. And that’s exactly what we’re talking about. In the next few lines we will analyze step by step how to do two-factor authentication on Fortnite .

By enabling this function you will be able to protect your account from the action of the bad guys, in addition to the fact that thanks to it you can take advantage of dedicated promotions with discounts on gaming tools. Take five minutes of free time and take one look at the following paragraphs: in the end you will have a complete and exhaustive picture on the subject. But call to delay: let’s go!

What is two-factor authentication

It is a method by which to set a security code generated at regular intervals to prevent someone else from accessing your account without having permission. Just request a “disposable” code, delivered on one of the devices in the user’s possession: the latter can therefore count on an additional “barrier” with respect to the simple password.

In fact, if a hacker wants to enter your account, it will be enough for him to know your e-mail address and password. This means that if the Epic Games platform is hacked, your profile may be compromised quite easily. By activating two-factor authentication, however, the attacker would not be able to access your account, since he will be asked to enter an additional unique code.

Translated: higher degree of protection . And it is for this reason that Epic Games recommends its use. Now we can go to see the step by step procedure.

How to enable two-factor authentication

First connect to the official Epic Games website (you can use the browser of your choice) and enter your email address and password to authenticate, or click on one of the various social icons available (including those of the consoles, Facebook and Google) . Once you have entered the required data, click on the “Login” button: you will see on your screen the page useful for managing two-factor authentication.

If this does not happen, it is because in all probability you have a temporary account that must be transformed into an Epic Games profile. So I advise you to pay close attention to the instructions that appear on your PC monitor, since you may also lose progress related to your profile.

By clicking on ” ENABLE E-MAIL AUTHENTICATION ” you will receive the unlock code for subsequent authentication via email, while if you choose “ACTIVATE THE APP AUTHENTICATOR” you will have to use a software so called to receive the aforementioned. Our advice is undoubtedly to use e-mail, the most convenient method of obtaining the code. You won’t need to download any third-party apps.

Either way you can choose. In the event that your decision fell on authentication via email, you will receive an email containing a 6-digit code. Now you just have to type it in the text field and then click on ” CONTINUE “. Doing so will enable two-factor authentication via email. If instead you have opted for the Authenticator app, just download one of the apps recommended by Epic Games and use it to scan the QR Code that appears on the screen.

How to do two-factor authentication on Fortnite: conclusions

You should now have a complete and comprehensive overview of how to do two-factor authentication on Fortnite . If you want top protection for your account, this is a very necessary operation. We just have to wish you a good luck for everything! Here are some articles-guides related to Fortnite that may interest you.


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