What Is Turpentine Stupes Procedure For Patients

Turpentine Stupes procedure is obtained from distillation of crude oleoresins of various species of pinus. Oil of turpentine has counter irritating action in addition to actions of volatile oil.

The counter irritation action over skin is used in form of stupes or fomentation. When fomentation is used for counter irritation purpose it is known as Stupe.

Material Required

  1. Turpentine oil. 2. Sweet oil. 3. Bath blanket. 4. Small mackintosh. 5. Boiling water. 6. Lint cloth or flannel. 7. Towel. 8. Applicator. 9. One square gauze. 10. Ounce measure.

Turpentine Stupes Procedure For Patient

  • Explain the procedure to the patient.
  • Put a bed side screen for privacy.
  • Collect all the items and keep it on a table.
  • Fans fold bed clothing.
  • Use the bath blanket to cover chest.
  • Mix turpentine oil and sweet oil in proportion of 1 part of turpentine oil with two parts of sweet oil. For adult 1 : 1 proportion may be used.
  • Expose the abdomen from costa margin to pubis.
  • Paint the skin area of whole abdomen with the above mixture with applicator or spatula.
  • Now arrange for fomentation by using a wringer and boiling water. The flannel or lint cloth is used for this purpose.
  • Test temperature of wringer by dorsum of your hand to tolerance limit.
  • Apply fomentation over abdomen and cover with macintosh piece, dry cloth or by towel.
  • Change the flannel cloth or wringer every third minute, when it becomes cold.
  • Repeat the procedure again and again till the area becomes red.
  • Sometime you can leave the flannel cloth over abdomen for continuous stupe or fomentation by applying a binder over abdomen.
  • For further heat you can place a hot water bottle over it.
  • If it is not required remove the turpentine oil over the abdo­men by wiping with the help of a wet cloth. Soap can be used to remove the turpentine oil.
  • Observe the condition of the patient, weather be passes flatus or not.
  • Take care not to burn the skin of abdomen.
  • If flatus or gases are not passed by itself then put a flatus
  • Be careful to store the turpentine oil. It is a poison if taken orally. 15 ml may be fatal to a child. About 200 ml may cause death in adults.
  • Record the procedure in chart.

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