TOP 10+ Free Android Games

Here is an ambush! Among the myriad of games, try to find the one that will hook. This is wow, how difficult! But you can. We’ve made it easy to find that coveted title by bringing together the very best free Android games .

Brawl stars

Fight until you defeat everyone! It is this leitmotif that can be called the unofficial anthem of this game. Brawl is a mix of fighting, shooter and MMO (multiplayer game). The backlog of the game is simple:

  1. All players in the “room” (up to 10 people) are sent to the battlefield.
  2. They are divided equally into 2 teams.
  3. Gamers “fight” until one team wins the other.

Brawl has several game modes:

  • Fight

Players fight each other for no particular purpose.

  • Collecting crystals 

The main goal is to collect as many crystals as possible, which serve as in-game currency.

  • Robberies 

The task is to steal all the enemy’s treasures.

  • Awards

Fights take place in tournaments where you have to fight for rewards. The game is drawn in a bright style. There is no blood or other unpleasant details. So it is suitable even for schoolchildren who need to “relieve their fervor” after strenuous classes.

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Alto’s odyssey

2D platformer with soft soothing graphics. An excellent choice for those who want to relax after a hard day at work. The gamer plays as a skier who rushes through the unusual snow-covered hills. The climate is diverse: from the far north to sand dunes and even eastern oases.

There is no clear purpose and plot here. The player himself decides what and when to pump. When you move to a new level, ads will appear. If you wish, you can pay the developers – then there will be no advertising at all.

Call of duty mobile

One of the main shooters of our time is now on mobile phones . The Android version has all 6 network modes:

  1. Shootout 
    Kill enemies to gain access to weapons.
  2. Strongpoint 
    Shoot until you reach the point limit.
  3. Front line 
    Battle “wall to wall” on the same base. The team that reaches the required points first will win.
  4. Team battle  
    After the player is “killed”, he is reborn at a random place in the map. The battle goes on until one of the teams scores the required number of points.
  5. Supremacy
    Conquer and hold pivot points to earn points.
  6. Find and Destroy 
    The team must eliminate the target. It must not be allowed that rivals destroy it, otherwise it is a loss.

The graphics are comparable in quality to CoD: Modern Walfare. So it will look beautiful even on large phones and tablets.

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EA Sports games

A whole series of free games from one of the world’s leading studios. In addition to the cult football FIFA , other sports are also present on mobile platforms.

  • UFC 

Simulated close combat MMA will let you feel in the shoes of Conor McGregor.


Become a basketball star without leaving your phone.

  • Real Racing 

For those who prefer racing to classic sports.

  • Madden nfl 

American football fans.

And although mobile games from EA Games can be downloaded for free, it will be difficult without additional purchases. If you do not chase the first place in the standings, but simply enjoy the game, there will be enough free content.

Genshin impact

The new MMORPG (multiplayer role-playing game) for several months of its existence managed to break into the rating of the best free games on android and other systems. Visually, the anime story is reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda, so it’s guaranteed to appeal to fans of Eastern culture.

The game itself takes place in the magical world of Teiwata, where the religion of the “Seven” rules. In addition to the main game content, the game contains elaborate cut scenes (like in computer games), manga (Japanese comics) and dozens of animated videos on the topic.

In terms of gameplay, Genshin resembles Raid: Shandow Legends, only with more freedom of action. These applications work according to the gacha system – the player collects a squad, pumps each character there and sends them to the “battle point”.

In Genshin, the user does not need to pay money to upgrade the character. He achieves this by his inner play actions. The gamer can fight in battle, trying different controls of his favorite hero. At the same time, in Raid, in battle, he acts as an outside observer. And there is something to fight here – each character is capable of 7 elements:

  1. Fire, Earth and Water.
  2. Wind, Electricity, Frost and Vegetation.

In addition to the combination of elements, enemies can be “wet” with unique abilities, weapons and artifacts. There are hundreds of combinations, and they are all eye-catching. The gaming world is large here and plans to expand. So the game has the potential to become one of the best games in 2022. She is just at the start of her already cult career.

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Word Surf

Unusual word puzzle where the player has to literally surf by words. At the beginning, the user is presented with a field dotted with letters – then he will need to combine characters into words, earning game coins.

Words are united by subject matter. If the user finds a word that is not related to the topic of the crossword puzzle, he fills the “bucket of bonuses”. By filling it out, he gets additional coins that can be spent on solving complex problems.

There is a fully localized Ukrainian version.


One of the most popular card games. And although it does not look like the usual “Fool” or “Poker”, as soon as you are imbued with the rules – you fall in love. Each card is a magical creature, spell, or military technique.

The player can independently create decks or buy ready-made ones. If you are already playing it on your PC , just log in to your mobile phone. All game progress will be pulled into the phone.

In the mobile version, you can play in the arena against other players online, fight in single player mode with bots (if you are tired of tournaments with people), or invite your friends to play cards together.

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Unusual open-world multiplayer game, which is called the “love child” of Lego Brawls and Minecraft. Here you can travel, fight in different arenas, play dozens of mini-games and customize your character, changing every detail of his appearance.

The main feature of the game is that it acts as a sandbox for any ideas. With a great desire and free time, the player can recreate his favorite game or even a movie in the Roblox world.

So if you don’t know what to download, download Robolox. Then it is enough to find a room with your favorite game genres or create a unique game yourself. There will be no time to get bored here – constant interaction with other players will brighten even the saddest day.

Words of Wonders

Some of the most popular crosswords. In addition to working with words, you will have to solve puzzles, add puzzles and study the seven wonders of the world. You can travel, along the way, guessing the words that are associated with the country whose level you will have to pass. Each level consists of 16 crosswords, where you will need to connect letters, given in such a way as to fill in empty cells.

At first, WOW seems like a simple game for elementary school students – the words are light and do not exceed 3-5 letters. However, over time, the levels become more difficult and confusing. Comes to words of 7-10 characters!

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Nintendo games

The largest developer with a history of more than 100 successful years of work. On mobile platforms, you can download 4 interesting Android games, as well as find versions of classic titles:

  1. Super Mario Run A 
    game about the always running plumber Mario.
  2. Mario Kart Tour 
    Here the most famous plumber changed into a racer. The graphics are cute and bright, there is no violence. Parents need not be afraid that their child “gets stuck in this game” – so he only pumps his fine motor skills.
  3. Animal Crossing 
    Mobile version of one of the most popular games of the last 5 years. You can create your own homes, catering establishments, collect food and decor, customize game characters, and even create your own concerts. All this, and a pinch of cool things, await everyone at Animal Crossing!
  4. DR Mario World
    Match 3 puzzle. Develops logic and long-term planning.

The review turned out to be quite large. So, to simplify the selection of a suitable game, we have collected the mentioned titles in a general table:

The game Parameter  
genre Platforms Peculiarities Minimum memory footprint  
smartphone, MB
Brawl stars Mix of MMO, fighting game and shooter Android,  iOS A mixture of fighting genres and no aggression (can be played by children) 200
Alto’s odyssey Platformer Calming color palette and music 150
Call of duty mobile Shooter The presence of the main game modes in the phone 2500
FIFA Football The most advanced classic soccer game on mobile 1100
UFC Close combat A well-thought-out control system, characters that appear in the PC version are eventually added to the free mobile 1000
NBA LIVE Basketball The list of players and teams is regularly updated 550
Madden nfl American football One of the few American football games 400
Real Racing Race The player will become a driver of real cars on real tracks 500
Mario kart tour Mobile version of the cult Mario Kart, where you can find all your favorite locations 380
Word Surf Word puzzle The player already has all the words on the screen, he will only have to find them among the many letters 130
Words of Wonders The player is provided with empty crossword cells and a dozen 250  
 letters. He needs to combine letters into words on a given topic – then they will appear in the cells
Super mario run Arcade A voluminous version of the classic Mario story 350
DR Mario World Match 3 puzzle The main characters and targets are familiar characters and his opponents 190
Genshin impact MMORPG PS 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, Windows A story-driven game that combines manga, fighting, gatch and MMORPG 600
Hearthstone Card game Android, iOS, t Windows, MacOS You can play a card game on a mobile phone, and the process will be synchronized with the PC version 170
Roblox Sandbox Windows, Xbox One, Android, iOS, macOS It is possible to create new mini-games in the “sandbox” even from your phone 150
Animal crossing Role-playing game Nintendo 64, GameCube, Wii, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch Full synchronization with other devices 270

These TOP 17 free Android games will give you dozens of hours of pleasant relaxation. All you have to do is go to the app store and press the “download” button – then get ready to dive into the game worlds and pump your brains. Good luck and interesting tasks!

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