The importance of computer maintenance

We all want a PC that works quickly and pleasantly for a computer life. Working safely is also a must. Finally, we do more and more via the computer and we become more and more dependent on it. Something that internet criminals cannot miss.

A safe, well-protected and optimally functioning computer is therefore more important than ever.

A lot of money is often spent on an, apparently, fast and strong computer, after which it is not properly maintained. As a result, the disk fills up with unnecessary information, malfunctions occur and a lot of dust gets into the computer. Outdated software can also be dangerous because it can detect errors that can be misused to break in.

Why computer maintenance?

You regularly bring a car to the garage to continue driving without any problems. Without maintenance, it would soon be unlucky along the way. A computer also needs regular maintenance. And that does not only apply to company computers. After all, you also work a lot on the computer at home; just think of Internet banking, e-mailing, Skype etc.

With regular and professional maintenance, your computer remains stable, fast and safe.

computer maintenance, a cost item or a saving?

Computer maintenance is seen as a cost for most people, and it can be if you don’t keep it up or have it kept up late. Here we will explain that computer maintenance can also be a saving. We will describe what needs to be maintained and what you can do yourself. First we will see what we need to maintain and why.

Hardware maintenance.

Hardware is all components that are in the desktop, laptop or server. The main parts of this are:

  • the motherboard
  • the processor (CPU)
  • working memory (RAM)
  • the hard disk or SSD
  • the power supply (PSU)
  • the video card (GPU)

The most important thing is that the computer can dissipate its heat well and that is why a computer should not be placed in a closed cupboard or space. In addition, cooling the computer always creates dust in the system, which causes the computer to become too warm (laptops are extra sensitive to this).

We recommend that you have the computer cleaned at least once a year. The fans are cleaned or replaced so that they can cool the device properly again.

Software-based computer maintenance.

The software-based maintenance must be done more often, namely twice a year, and consider the following components:

  • Keep operating system up to date
  • keep software up to date
  • Keep virus scanner up to date
  • Perform an extensive virus check
  • backup and check
  • cleaning up temporary files and programs
  • Cleaning of browser data
  • Updating drivers

In most cases, the operating system itself keeps this up to date, but this can go wrong and it is therefore important to check whether it is still working properly.

The other software on the device must also be kept up to date. Because here too errors can be discovered that can be misused to break in. It is also possible that software that is too old no longer works properly with the operating system. Think of programs such as: the office package, browsers, flash, Java or a PDF reader.

The virus scanner normally ensures that it remains updated, but it is important to check whether this actually happens, because it can also go wrong or because the subscription has expired.

Backups are important

It is possible to back up to another media such as an external drive or a NAS. If you have few files, this is a possibility, but it takes time to keep track and is often forgotten in practice.

Files can be put in the cloud. Make sure that the service also has a version management so that a hostage virus that encrypts your files cannot encrypt the old files. Several providers are on the market for this:  OneDrive ,  Dropbox  and  Google drive .

The easiest and best solution is to buy an online backup system because it makes the backups automatically and is safe against viruses.

Read  here  more about making a good backup

Cleaning and maintaining computers and peripherals has several advantages:

  • It reduces the chance of malfunctions
  • Your equipment will last longer
  • You work better on a clean and fast PC
  • A maintained PC looks better, both for the users and employees of the company, and for customers.
  • With mechanical devices such as various printers, cleaning / maintenance is even necessary.
  • Stains and streaks can occur with printers, which can often be easily resolved during maintenance;
  • Did you know that keyboards and mice often contain more bacteria than a toilet seat !?

Do I have to do the computer maintenance myself?

No, you don’t have to because as you have read it can take quite some time and knowledge. With 1 computer it is often, with some knowledge still to be seen, but as a company grows and there are more computers that need maintenance without a central server, then it is a big job.

It is also not advisable to simply open a computer without any knowledge to clean it

Computer maintenance: Prevention is better than cure

As long as your PC or laptop is still working properly, you do not think about maintenance, and you actually do not want 1 day without your PC or laptop! We understand that all too well. Now there is a saying that prevention is better than cure and that we want to achieve for you with our computer maintenance.

Do you want this too? So that you or your employees do not waste time with computer maintenance?

Byte Computer offers  computer  maintenance, so that you are assured of the necessary maintenance. Ask for the possibilities and experience the convenience of a well-maintained computer!

Have computer maintenance carried out

What happens during such a service?

  • Internal dust removal of the computer
  • Check operation of fans
  • Remove unwanted add-ons in the browser
  • Delete temporary and unwanted files
  • Clean up any missing links, shortcuts, and other common errors in Windows
  • Checking for viruses
  • Checking for malware and spyware
  • Update of Windows security patching
  • Update of any older drivers & applications
  • Control, defragmentation & amp; cleaning the hard disk
  • Full test of all hardware and its correct functioning.
  • Full test of software and its correct functioning.
  • View any upgrade options.

Read  here  more about our computer maintenance service

Clean your computer yourself?

Are you more of a do-it-yourself person? Byte computer Haarlem is happy to prepare a lesson so that you get the explanation you need. During this lesson you can learn at a leisurely pace, step by step, how exactly your computer works and how you can clean your (slow) computer. We always give additional tips and possibly even draw up a step-by-step plan for you! You can consult this if you don’t remember.


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