The Crew error, not starting, black screen, not working

Ubisoft Reflections gave us The Crew racing simulator on December 2, but the release of a new game always brings problems for avid gamers. The Crew was not ignored either. Gamers began to storm the search engines with requests: The Crew error, The Crew does not start, The Crew does not work, The Crew has a black screen, the game freezes, there is no sound in search of solutions to problems with the launch of The Crew. We waited a certain time, analyzed all the errors of The Crew, and now we post the most popular problems of the game and their solutions. So let’s get started:

  1. The system requirements required to run The Creware Windows 7 or 8 64 bit only. Video card that supports at least DirectX 10 (AMD Radeon HD4870 or higher, NVIDIA GeForce GTX260 or better). The more RAM, the better, but 4gb is the minimum amount for a comfortable game. If the configuration of your pc or laptop is the same or higher, then you have a 99% chance of playing the game. The game will not work on Windows XP.
  2. The Crew black screen at startup– helps some people to minimize and expand the game at startup. To do this, when a black screen appears, press alt + tab and switch until you return to the game. Also the keyboard shortcut alt + enter can help in this situation. Didn’t help go further.
  3. The Crew error, there is no sound, does not work at all– the problem is most likely in the outdatedness of your system:
  • Error dll, xinput1_3.dll, d3dx9_31.dll d3dx9_34.dll, xinput1_2.dll– install and update DirectX ;
  • dll error, runtime error, msvcr100.dll is missing– install or update Microsoft Visual C ++ ;
  • When starting The Crew, nothing happens or error 0xc000007b– install Microsoft NET Framework and Microsoft XNA
  • If all this is installed and the game still does not start, update the drivers for the nvidia geforceor ati radeon video card ; Also be sure to install PhysX System Software . If the links to the programs do not work, they are additionally located in the left block and on the page with the necessary programs to run games .
  1. The game still does not start, try and experiment in theThe Crewconfiguration file , which should be located at: C: /> users> username> documents> The Crew . Just want to note the username should be only English characters. If this is not the case for you, this may be the main reason for the inoperability of the game if all other conditions are met. Be sure to change the username in the system using only English characters;
  2. The Crew does not work or throws an error if the necessarygame files are missing: if you have a license, re-hash or download the game via the steam service; you have a pirate, then when installing and starting the game, be sure to turn off the antivirus, otherwise check the antivirus quarantine for files from the folder where you installed the game;

So, after all the above manipulations, The Crew should not throw any errors and should run on your computer. If as such did not happen, you may have missed something, otherwise write in the comments, we will deal with it individually! Good luck


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