Thai Ridgeback Dog or Thai Crested Dog

The Thai Ridgeback  Dog is an ancient native Thai breed. Although outside the Asian country it is not a very well known dog, if we compare it with other breeds from the East, such as the Akita Inu , the Pekingese or the Chow Chow .  Diverse documentation indicates that this animal was already used to hunt wild boar and protect the owners when they traveled or in their homes since at least the seventeenth century, if not before. It is a robust and strong dog, also very healthy (no specific genetic diseases are known).

These are some of the reasons why only a few years ago we began to see the Thai ridgeback as a companion animal in Western homes, in Spain we already have some breeders of the breed . Precisely because of that protective and guardian character, the Thai Ridgeback Dog creates a special bond with its owners and also with children ,  and because of its kind and affectionate personality, they are becoming an excellent pet, ideal for family living .

Physical appearance

Physically, it is a very short haired dog, with a peach touch, very easy to keep clean. As it barely shed hair, it is also very suitable for allergy sufferers. Another aspect to highlight is the  famous crest that runs along its back and that gives its name to the breed. In addition to this uniqueness, the crest that outlines its spinal column, the appearance of its ears, triangular, large and raised, as well as its elongated snout that simulates a wedge and the color of the tongue, which usually presents a stain of black or blue color. Sometimes the stain occupies the entire tongue, which is why it turns completely black or blue.

Regarding its size, it is a medium animal, which can measure between 55 cm and 60 cm, 50 cm and 55 cm in the case of females, and can weigh between 23 and 35 kg.

Protective instinct and calm character

As we have already pointed out, it is a dog with a highly developed protective instinct, making it perfect as a guard dog. Despite this and his gifts as a hunter, he is a canid with a calm character to live in the bosom of a home, but, at the same time, very active. In this way, you must do daily exercise to burn that vigor and energy that characterizes it, it is also very appropriate for more sporty disciples such as Agility. In general, they are obedient and docile dogs, which does not mean that they take out their dominant vein and are somewhat “stubborn” when receiving orders. Therefore, you have to be persistent and patient and act firmly in order to educate the smallest specimens.


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