Tandoor oven

= Tandur or Tandoor . It is a clay oven , cylindrical in shape that works on charcoal , widely used for the preparation of certain dishes in the Punjab region, northern India and Pakistan . Temperatures in the tandoor can reach 480 ° C. It is very common for a tandoor oven to stay on for long periods of time in order to keep its operating temperature ready for cooking food. In addition to the incredible flavor that this clay oven brings to food, both meats and vegetables cooked with a tandoor oven, keep all the juices intensifying the flavor. This oven has been used since time immemorial in theIndia although its presence today is spread throughout the continent. Cooking in the tandoor is cheap, as it requires little fuel and allows you to take full advantage of the flavors of the food.


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Name’s origin

The word tandoor comes from Urdu: tandūr and tannūr; these in turn derive from the Persian tanūr, which comes from the Arabic word tannūr, which in Turkish is Tandır and in Azeri is təndir. It is used in the preparation of certain Indian dishes and Pakistani cuisine, such as the well-known Tandoori Chicken (pronounced: thon-dhoo-ree chicken), as well as various kinds of bread such as tandoori roti and naan. (The word tandoori is used in these dishes as an adjective.) It is known as tonir in Armenian, which is cited as a broad way of cooking on the barbecue and making lavash bread.

Other names

The tandoor is also known by the name ‘Bhatti’ in India . The Bhatti tribe of the Thar desert in north-western India and eastern Pakistan have developed Bhatti in their respective desert settlements, and both call a furnace of these characteristics Bhatti.


The tandoor is currently a very representative figure of the cuisine of international India and appears together with the figure of many Indian restaurants around the world. Food cooked in a tandoor oven maintains all juices and flavor, considered by many dietitians to be a healthy way of cooking. Nowadays many people have installed a tandoor in their houses to make bread and kebabs . Some modern tandoors today use electricity or gas instead of charcoal .

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