How about taking inspiration from Sacred Scripture?

How about before you start something inspired by Sacred Scripture?

Jesus is the reason that all things exist. “Everything was done by him, and without it nothing was done” (Jn 1, 3). Christ is the Lord, and everything is submitted to Him, both the material and the angelic world: “so that every knee may bow to the name of Jesus in heaven, on earth and in hell” (Phil 2:10). All matter and form, living or inanimate, on this earth or on the spiritual plane, are also under His gaze. “No creature is invisible to you. Everything is naked and discovered in the eyes of the one to whom we will be accountable ”(Heb 4: 12-13).

Jesus is the creative Word, the Incarnate Word of the Father. And the Word wanted to place itself among us (cf. Jn 1:14), going through and acting in our realities: “The word that my mouth speaks: it does not return without having produced its effect, without executing my will and fulfilling its mission ”(Is 55, 11).

God’s Word rules all things

Therefore, it can be effective in everything we do. Why, then, refrain from being guided by it when we undertake something?

Please be an agent that propagates Sacred Scripture. The strength and wisdom contained therein comes from the mouth of the Lord and not from us humans. God will not let you fall into disrepute. We can always count on the effects of Jesus’ anointing on all our initiatives. Always take the Bible wherever you go!

How about before you start something inspired by Sacred Scripture?

Start everything you want to do with the prayer of a biblical passage, like a psalm for example. When you wake up, before getting into traffic, before starting a job or ministry, read a verse, look for a passage related to the situation you are experiencing. Certainly, God will speak to your heart, because He wants to participate in your life.

Highlight texts from Sacred Scripture and paste them wherever you go, at the head of the bed, inside the car, on the refrigerator door, on notebooks and on the appliances of your work. If, at times, we decorate our belongings with different sayings, catchphrases, figurines and characters, why not also fix verses of the Word of God there? Take the time to read them every time you see them. It will be a form of prayer.

It is not a matter of separating biblical texts that most please us and living them in isolation, justifying our wishes. Please make this practice a learning experience on how to love the Word of God more and more in order to be a living Gospel, sharing it in its entirety. These suggestions are a way to memorize biblical passages and be inspired by a motto for life and the present time.

Living according to the Word of God configures us in the Person of Jesus, Eternal Word

So that we allow His voice to have power over our entire being. “Because the Word of God is alive, effective, more penetrating than a double-edged sword and reaches even the division of the soul and the body, the joints and marrow, and discerns the thoughts and intentions of the heart” (Heb 4, 12 ).

In this way, the consequences of our actions, results or what they trigger, will have efficiency, or better said, providence as the heart of God wants to impress in the situations that we consecrate to His Word.

All the realities contained in the Person of the Word will be favorable in our life, even when it does not seem or when we do not understand the “why” of a fact that is happening contrary to what we work on. In the end, we will witness that everything will work together for a greater good, since the Most High always wants the best for us, as the apostle Paul says in the Bible “everything contributes for the good of those who love God” (Rom 8:28).


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