20 Taboo examples

Taboo examples.Taboo is a word-guessing party game where players have to describe a word or phrase without using certain “taboo” words or phrases that are closely related to the target word. Here are 20 taboo examples, along with their corresponding taboo words:

20 Taboo examples

  1. Target Word: Elephant
    • Taboo Words: Trunk, Africa, Big, Grey, Tusk
  2. Target Word: Basketball
    • Taboo Words: Hoop, Court, NBA, Dribble, Net
  3. Target Word: Birthday
    • Taboo Words: Cake, Celebration, Age, Party, Presents
  4. Target Word: Ocean
    • Taboo Words: Water, Waves, Fish, Blue, Salt
  5. Target Word: Bicycle
    • Taboo Words: Two wheels, Pedals, Ride, Transport, Cycling
  6. Target Word: Pizza
    • Taboo Words: Cheese, Pepperoni, Delivery, Italian, Slices
  7. Target Word: Sunflower
    • Taboo Words: Yellow, Petals, Plant, Sun, Seeds
  8. Target Word: Library
    • Taboo Words: Books, Quiet, Reading, Study, Shelves
  9. Target Word: Astronaut
    • Taboo Words: Space, NASA, Helmet, Rocket, Moon
  10. Target Word: Guitar
    • Taboo Words: Strings, Music, Instrument, Acoustic, Electric
  11. Target Word: Chocolate
    • Taboo Words: Sweet, Cocoa, Candy, Brown, Dessert
  12. Target Word: Rainforest
    • Taboo Words: Amazon, Trees, Biodiversity, Tropical, Ecosystem
  13. Target Word: Doctor
    • Taboo Words: Medical, Hospital, Stethoscope, Patient, Health
  14. Target Word: Firefighter
    • Taboo Words: Hose, Flames, Rescuer, Emergency, Uniform
  15. Target Word: Soccer
    • Taboo Words: Goal, Ball, Sport, FIFA, Kick
  16. Target Word: Computer
    • Taboo Words: Screen, Keyboard, Mouse, Technology, Internet
  17. Target Word: Penguin
    • Taboo Words: Antarctic, Bird, Tuxedo, Cold, Waddle
  18. Target Word: Detective
    • Taboo Words: Investigation, Clues, Mystery, Crime, Solve
  19. Target Word: Painting
    • Taboo Words: Canvas, Art, Brush, Colors, Gallery
  20. Target Word: Eiffel Tower
    • Taboo Words: Paris, France, Monument, Iron, Landmark

Remember, in the Taboo game, players need to describe the target word without using any of the taboo words or phrases listed. It’s a fun way to test your communication skills and vocabulary while having a great time with friends or family!

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