Super Smash Bros. Ultimate guide, tips and tricks

Welcome to our guide to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate , where we will teach you everything there is to know to become the best fighters in this gigantic and ambitious game in which the greatest legends of the video game world gather to decide who is who. is the best character in the industry.

Tips to start playing

Whether it’s your first foray into the world of Smash or you haven’t been around for a while but you know the basics, you might find some basic advice helpful before you start dropping cakes.


  • It is highly recommended that you configure the controls and disable the ability to jump by pressing up on the stick. By doing this, you will avoid accidentally jumping when trying to perform any movement that requires pressing the stick upwards.
  • If this is your first Super Smash may want to start playing by practicing with characters like Mario or Kirby . Both have very easy movements to learn, and in the case of the pink ball its ability to jump numerous times will help us return to the stage until we get to the controls of the game.
  • When fighting items, try to prioritize Poké Balls and helpers, as these will generally give you a great advantage in battle.
  • Always try to equip yourself with spirits that have a color advantageover your enemies in Adventure and Spirit Board modes. This way you will take much less damage and hit harder.
  • Little Mac, Ganondorf and Bowserare three very useful characters to overcome the challenges of Adventure Mode and Spirit Board, since they strike with such forcefulness that you can destroy many of your rivals quickly and with just a few hits.
  • Play at your own pace, don’t get overwhelmed trying to unlock everything first. Super Smash Bros. Ultimateis a huge game with a huge amount of content that will constantly reward you for everything you do, so you don’t have to “run” to feel a certain progression.
  • Whether you are new or veteran in the saga, we recommend that you play Adventure Mode for the first time on Normal. The difficulty is very well measured and you will find all kinds of challenges to suit you.
  • Visit the store frequently to purchase content. The catalog is periodically renewed and here you can buy new songs, costumes for your Miis, spirits and objects. Among the latter, it is recommended that you get hold of several initial damage items so that your opponents in Spirit Dash mode start with 50% damage.
  • Although you can play online with the console connected to the internet by Wi-Fi, we recommend that you get a network adapter to connect it by cableand thus ensure the most stable connection possible. Both yourselves and your rivals will appreciate it.
  • If you want to complete the Smash Arcade mode with 9.9 intensity, we recommend the routes of Ness, Yoshi and Wolf. Of all the existing ones, these three are the simplest that you will find.

Adventure mode

The great addition of this latest installment is Adventure Mode , to which you will have to spend a lot of hours to finish it. Almost as many as online gaming. Enjoy unlimited single player mode .

List of characters

Curiosity? Do you need to know if your favorite character is on the roster? Do you want to see what is new? Well then what you’re looking for is a complete character listing .

How to unlock characters

At the beginning of the game, we will not have access to most characters in the game. They will need to be unlocked to get past the initial eight. Well, there is some other way to make it easier, there is even a trick to unlock characters quickly that will be most useful for you.

Final bosses and how to defeat them

There are a good number of bosses that you will have to face. Defeating them can be easy or difficult, and whether or not to meet them also depends on how we play. Don’t worry, we’ve put together a little guide to explain where they appear and how to defeat all final bosses .

All objects

One of the constants from the first installment is the presence of objects that we can use to damage enemies or cause special effects during combat. If you have any questions, we will tell you everything about the objects , so you do not have to go experimenting during combat.

All Pokémon

Among the objects that we can use in combat are the Poké Ball . Every time you cast one, a Pokémon will appear and each one has a special effect. Do you want to be prepared? Find out which Pokémon appear and what effect they have in combat.

VIP fighting

If you think you are good, there is a very easy way to check it. Those who stand out in the online community are part of an elite, and fall into a special category. Once you meet the requirements (these requirements change automatically as the community itself evolves), you will enter the VIP category , which points to the best.


After the catastrophe of the introductory sequence … well. Let’s just say things didn’t end well for many characters. Perhaps that justifies the more than 1,000 spirits that Ultimate has . However, you should know how spirits work so that you can choose correctly.


Apart from the spirits we have another type of support: helpers . The helpers help you (thanks, Captain Obvious) in combat, carrying out a special attack. Some of them are as spectacular as they are lethal.

For this same reason, it is important that you know everything about the helpers : how many there are and what effect each one has.


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