Super Mario Maker 2 guide, tips and tricks

Welcome to our guide to Super Mario Maker 2 , where we will help you get the most out of this very complete sequel with which we can emulate Shigeru Miyamoto himself creating our own levels of different Mario games.

Tips to start playing

  • Although it can be very tempting to start creating levels and messing with the editor, the first thing we recommend you do when you start the game for the first time is to start its Story Mode. In it you will unlock some very interesting elements for the editor and you will see in action all the tools that you will then have at your disposal to create screens, so it will help you to take ideas and understand much better how the game works.
  • Do not hesitate to consult the tutorials that have been included. There are more than 40 lessons where they will teach you in a fun and enjoyable way how to use many of the editor’s tools. In addition, in them you will also find many tips that will help you design good levels.
  • Try everything you do when you are designing a phase. Only through experimentation will we find the possible flaws that our levels may have, which will allow us to better adjust that mechanic or that very tight jump that we are trying to include to see if it is really fun.
  • If you have access to a stylusto create levels with the console screen, we highly recommend its use, since it is the most comfortable and satisfactory way of managing the editor. The rest of the alternatives are also perfectly viable, but lack the precision of this method and are somewhat more cumbersome.
  • Create the phases always thinking about whether you will be able to complete them or not, since you will only be able to share them if you spend them yourself, so limit yourself to things that fall within your skill level.
  • Do not hesitate to follow the creators of the levels that you like the most. In this way, you can easily access the phases they design in the future.
  • In competitive multiplayer, victory is not obtained only by playing well, so it will be necessary to hinder our rivalswith everything we have at our disposal. Throw them turtle shells, head over them when they are in the middle of a jump and steal all the objects that appear so that they cannot benefit from its effects.
  • Another good strategy to win in competitive multiplayer is to stay with the finish flag at the levels in which we have to meet some objective. When a player completes the special condition of this phase, the flag will appear for everyone, so we can take advantage of this to grab him and take victory as soon as he appears before us.


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