Suction cups

Suction cups . It is another of the related techniques of natural and traditional Chinese medicine , it is a therapeutic method inherited from the ancestors , its main objective is to produce local congestion or blood ecstasy or to extract the blood with previous puncture in the applied area.

The suction cup can be applied in combination with acupuncture , this method is widely used in strokes, contusions, lumbago, and other painful diseases. There are suction cups with a suction pump; It can also be fixed and running.


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  • 1 Types
    • 1 With fire
    • 2 With suction pumps
    • 3 Fixed
  • 2 Action of the suction cups
  • 3 Application of the suction cups
  • 4 Contraindications
  • 5 Source


With fire

The suction cups with fire consists of applying the bottle in the required region, but with the following orientations:

  • A roll of paper is prepared as a small cup. The upper end of the paper is lit and placed inside the container. The fire inside the bottle when burning the oxygen causes a kind of vacuum, it is immediately placed with the mouth down on the previously selected area of ​​the skin
  • Another of the simple and safest ways of applying the suction cups is: moistening a cotton swab with 95% alcohol. Take the swab with the forceps, light it and put it inside the container, preventing the edges of the bottle from heating up. It is placed on the skin quickly.
  • Another method is to prepare a forceps with an adhered alcohol swab, which is ignited and passed through the bottle until it loses its transparency and creates a vacuum; This bottle is placed on the skin to suck it up. To avoid burns , the rim of the bottle should not be heated.

With suction pumps

This is achieved by creating a vacuum inside the bottle. This requires a container made for this function. It can have a manual or electric pump, in this way it remains attached to the skin.


They are those that are fixed in an acupuncture point. They can be combined with blood extraction by puncture with the triangular needle and, later, the suction cup is placed. This treatment is very effective in acute pain.

Suction cup action

  • They influence the skin : with their action they dilate the arteries and veins of the skin, activate blood circulation and raise the temperature of the foot, accelerating metabolism.
  • They influence the muscles : they stimulate the movement of the arteries and veins in the muscles, accelerate the speed of blood circulation and activate the circulation of lymph.
  • Influences the joints : they improve blood circulation in the joints.
  • They influence the circulatory system and the blood: this method benefits blood circulation, removes obstacles to circulation and inflammatory processes.
  • They influence the organs of the digestive and urinary systems : if the suction cups are placed on the abdomen, they reinforce the excretion of digestive juices and the peristaltic movement of the stomach and intestines , favoring the functions of digestion, excretion and absorption.

Suction cup application

The cupping is applied in: -Affections such as: contusion, distortion and the pain caused by it, neuralgia (pain), etc.
-The sequelae of poliomyelitis, paralysis of the peripheral nerves, neuralgia and sciatica.
-Constipation, bronchitis, pneumonia , coughs and bronchial asthma .
-Digestive diseases, gastroptpsis, constipation, inflammation of the stomach and intestines.
– Anemia , gallstones and kidney stones.


-High fevers.
– Seizures .
Coagulation disorders.
-Regions with edema.
-Skin conditions.


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