Subjects on human physiology that fall into Enem

Animal physiology, within it, human, is one of the subjects charged in the Natural Sciences and Its Technologies test in the National High School Exam (Enem).

Try not to worry so much about just memorizing names and functions. One of Enem’s great strategies is to relate subjects to everyday life and current issues, encouraging students to think about content critically.

Whenever you are reading about food, latest illnesses, etc., try to relate them to the content seen in physiology.

Subjects on human physiology that fall into Enem

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Since 2009, when Enem became the main way to enter most colleges in Brazil, the main themes within the subject of human physiology that appeared in the exam were respectively: immune, circulatory, digestive, nervous and endocrine systems.

Immune system

Issues such as the Zika virus, a very current topic, may appear in questions about the immune system (research on the dengue vaccine that was approved in Brazil).

Nervous system

The issue involving the nervous system, on the other hand, may relate the same virus to the problem of microcephaly, which affected millions of children who had their mother infected during pregnancy.

Digestive system

Subjects may also appear related to the Olympics . For example, the question of the French athlete Yohan Diniz, who ended up defecating and passing out in the middle of the race. Why did the digestive system react this way?


The issue of athletes’ nutrition can also be charged on the day of the exam, for example. Stay on how carbohydrates, proteins, glucose and vitamins work in the body.

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