Stillson wrench

Stillson key . Manual tool that is used to adjust or loosen pieces of different dimensions, such as screws, nuts , tubes, pipes, etc. This type of tool is considered within the heading of adjustment wrenches together with the spanner or French wrench , the cross wrench , or the extendable wrench (for tube adjustment). Its handling is very simple since the action of tightening or adjustment is required; It is for domestic use, that is, it is used in the home, as well as in large industries .


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Brief history

In 1870 Daniel C. Stillson came up with the idea of ​​making an adjustment, based on the spanners, and creating a universal one, and for all sizes. His invention was launched thanks to Walworth’s signature and is widely used under the same design technique .


The Stillson key consists of the following parts:

  • The body that is the part of the foot that tightens the element or object .
  • A gear attached to the other clamping foot.
  • A ring threaded inside.


This tool is very simple and easy to use. Just turn the threaded ring and the gear, with one of the clamping brackets, closes or opens giving the desired diameter for adjustment. Most of these keys have two springs , which are like suspensions, which serve to tighten when adjusting the mouth . In addition, it has the particularity of varying the opening of its jaws depending on the size of the nut or screw . The teeth are shaped like a vise , the same one that is capable of holding firmly, without slipping, parts such as smooth pipes , nuts, worn or rolled screws .

Uses and utilities of the Stillson key

The main utility of the Stillson wrench is that of adjusting large parts, which require a significant tightening torque, it is frequently used as a complementary element to the wrench , since it is used to adjust or loosen parts for which it is not the second is sufficient. The main utility of the Stillson wrench, in turn, matches the wide variety of sizes of nut , bolt, and smooth pipe that you can adjust. It is a versatile tool ; consists of two springs, through which the mouth is tightened. The system of use lies in the body of the same, through which it is tightened; a gear attached to the opposite clamping foot with a threaded ring inside. With the rotation of the ring, the gear clamping support is opened or closed, and the diameter desired is given. The gear teeth are also characterized by being able to firmly hold elements such as screws, nuts, smooth pipes, among others, given the shape of the teeth vise.

In which places is it used?

The Stillson key is homey because one is usually not missing at home . This is commonly used to adjust or loosen screws and nuts of different pieces of furniture that we have in the home. It is also a prime tool for plumbers who use it to adjust or loosen plumbing. The Stillson or tap wrench is also used in factories or industries as it has different measures to adapt to all types and sizes of nuts, tubes or screws.


The sizes or measures of Stillson keys are very varied. The ones used at home are generally 8, 10, 12 and 14 inches. The largest ones such as 18, 24, 36, 48 and 60 inches that are for industrial use , or to perform heavier and larger jobs.


In case of using the Stillson faucet in chrome tubes, such as pipes or showers, it is recommended to put a cloth between the faucet and the tube. In this way, it will not be marked or damaged with the teeth located in the jaw opening of the tool. You can also use Spain or similar paper. After use, it is important to clean the tool and some lubricating and protective oil can be placed on the gear.


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