How to start a profitable stationery business

The number of schools – colleges and offices – is rising in line with the country’s infrastructure and educational development. And for these offices , the importance of stationery products for the management of the court continues to grow. So by establishing a great stationery shop you can be concerned about the demand for these stationery products and also to ensure a profitable career of your own. It doesn’t require too much capital to do this business. You can start this business by investing in medium quality capital .

In the middle of the local market or where the crowds are high and close to the school , college or office , you can start a business by equipping a shop with a permanent fixture. According to book , pens , notebooks , registers notebooks , pencil , scale , files, etc. of products combining cahidabahula you can manage this business.

This is a guaranteed profitable investment. You can easily start earning by selling stationery. Elegant use , honesty and patience can make you successful in this business. This is a risk-free business idea.

Where to start a stationery business?

Where people come more than people, places like two or three road turns etc. are good for stationery business. This business can be started at a store in your nearest market or market.

How much the potential asset can cost : How much money you need depends on a lot. For example, shop rent, advance money, store size etc. To start a business, you may need to invest around Rs 2 lakh to Rs 1 lakh.

How to start a stationery business:

To start this business first you need to set up a shop in the market , next to the school or college, or where there is a lot of crowds. Then the shop should be well decorated with wooden shelves, beautiful decoration. Then buy the stationary materials such as books , books , stampers , files , pencils , pens, etc. He has to be arranged. This is how this business can be managed. If the store is large, 3 employees can be employed.

Who will be the customer?

Generally , students of school and college are the main customers of this business. Besides , stationery products are also needed in various offices , courts and business establishments.

Qualifications : Business must start first, and no special qualifications are required to start this business. However, sweet use will help make your business profitable.

Potential Income: Stationary business can earn 5 to 5 percent. If the location is good, you can earn up to Tk.

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