Sports games in eSports

The term eSports encompasses everything related to the world of competitive video games. However, the primary definition of eSport is that of “ electronic sport” from the English “electronic sports”. So far we have seen numerous eSports games of the various main categories such as MOBAs or FPS , however to these we must obviously add sports games . Today, the various sports titles literally represent the digital version of traditional sports. The level of competition, cheering and clubs are exactly the same as in common sports.

Among the sports games in eSports , football titles stand out , followed by those related to car racing . This trending is especially true for the European market which is slightly different from the American one. The most played sports video games overseas are those related to basketball and ice hockey . This aspect perfectly reflects the sports preferences of the world population in video games.

Esports in football

The football titles that have been competing for primacy for years are FIFA and PES . Both have perfectly embraced the eSports world via official tournaments and leagues. As for FIFA, the game offers the FIFA eWorld Cup every year . In practice, this is the soccer world cup in a video game version. In addition to the world cup, FIFA also offers eSports Series and online leagues every year via the FUT . No less is PES diminutive of Pro Evolution Soccer , the European version of the Japanese football game “ Winning Eleven“. Every year the PES League takes place which gathers the best players in the world. The PES eSports qualification system is based on the individual rankings achieved online and the points earned in the official regional and national tournaments that take place throughout the year.

The success of football simulators is long standing. The evolution of video games , which become more and more realistic over time, makes a lot of difference. Over the years it has become more and more enjoyable to watch the game in the video game. This has fueled the success of FIFA and PES in the eSports world. Many football teams have their own official eSports teams. From Milan to Real Madrid, all major football clubs are gearing up and entering the world of competitive video games. and with them also the competitions including Serie A

Esports in racing

The world of auto racing has also come into contact with eSports in recent years. Gamers take part in the races via driving simulators. Many of these are even used by professional drivers such as those of Formula 1 or Nascar. They perfectly simulate driving in every aspect, even in the physical and engineering part of the car. The most important racing video games in eSports are F1 and Gran Turismo . As for the former, the F1 eSports Seriesis a very popular annual event. Like the traditional formula 1, the various teams sign up for the championship and participate with their players. These, in driving simulators, tackle all the tracks exactly simulating real races. The 2019 Formula 1 eSport season will offer a prize pool of $ 500,000.

Another title well known to fans of racing games is the famous Gran Turismo. GT accompanied the adolescence of many gamers. Today the GT eSports Championship is one of the most followed eSports championships. One of the main features of GT is the great variety of cars available in the game. The various tournaments are in fact divided according to the type of vehicle and the category of players. The wealth of circuits from all over the world also contributes to the success of this title.

Esports in basketball and hockey

As we said before, basketball and hockey titles are depopulated in the American sports games market. The most played of all is undoubtedly NBA 2K , the basketball game that is revived every year. In fact, the official teams of the NBA also have their own eSports team and participate in the NBA 2K League . There are millions of dollars at stake, just think that players receive salaries of over $ 30,000 per season . Each player impersonates his alter-ego and plays his role on the pitch. The boys wear the official uniforms of the team while playing, plus depending on the results they receive seasonal prizes such as the one for the MVP.

The same scenario sees ice hockey as protagonist in the same way. The hockey game that features its esports league is NHL . Each year the series proposes its title and launches the NHL eSports League. As in the NBA, the official hockey teams also have their own eSports team and compete in the league. The league works in the same way as the real one, even the matches take place on the same day . The following and the cheering of these sports games in eSports is truly incredible, a sign that the line between video game and reality is getting thinner.


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