Spermatic Funicules

Spermatic funiculus. The spermatic funiculus is even, representing a rounded vernacular 18-20 cm long. This is directed from the deep inguinal ring, internal to the superior posterior periphery of the testis. It is the organ that suspends the testicle and as a result of which the muscle is included, the muscle that suspends the testicle, the cremaster muscle , the funicle lifts the testicle to the inguinal canal.


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  • 1 In the spermatic funicular are
  • 2 Where are they included?
  • 3 How are the elements of the spermatic cord arranged?
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In the spermatic funicular are found

  • The vas deferens.
  • The testicular artery.
  • The pampiniform venous plexus.
  • The lymphatic vesselsof the testicle.
  • The nerves.
  • The arteries.
  • The veinsof the vas deferens.
  • Elements of the spermatic funiculus.

Where are they included?

These are included in the common tunic of the spermatic funicular and testicle, corresponding to the internal spermatic fascia. In this tunic is the cremaster muscle, whose muscle fasciculus unites with the connective fibers that form the cremasteric fascia. In the latter, together with the indicated muscle and the surrounding tissues , it is surrounded by the external spermatic fascia, a continuation of the intercrural fibers of the superficial fascia of the abdomen . When leaving the superficial inguinal ring, a part of the spermatic funicular is located in the scrotum . The composition of your wall is described below.

How are the elements of the spermatic cord arranged?

The disposition is not constant. The vas deferens is between the pampiniform plexus, the artery and vein of the vas deferens run adjacent to it, and the testicular vessels are posterior.


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