Does sin harm us?

With the noble intention of freeing us from guilt complexes, morbid fixations and unhealthy tendencies towards endless scruples, humanity plays hard against the existence of sin. The spirit of permissiveness requires the release of all taboos. There are no more limits to free minds. Practicing illicit acts would be a search for mental health. It would guarantee a light conscience. It would be the release of destructive inhibitions. What sets us free, however, is the truth and not deception .

“The truth will set you free” (Jn 8:32), Jesus already warned. A mature personality knows how to distinguish between a psychological breakdown and a true guilt, which we must recognize. Sin is an evil that hurts us in our “I”. The generous Creator, knowing our constitution, to avoid the path of deviations, has already given us instructions on what we should do positively and what we should avoid. If we do evil, our soul is hurt. Discontent is nested in the “self”. We cannot be at peace because we have done evil to our fellow man; we offend God’s fatherly love; and we give in to the bad tendencies of selfishness. With that we move away from the brothers. Do you want to know a healthier personality than São Paulo? And he said with conviction:“Jesus Christ came to save sinners, of whom I am the first” (I Tim 1:15).

Is there a remission of sin? Can my conscience be purified of this evil power? The first condition is to recognize the error. “Have pity on me that I am a sinner”(Lk 18, 13) said the tax collector. And along with that, we must stir up faith in the person of Christ, who is the great deliverer. So we started to break the permissiveness network that permeates the world today. Whoever wants to get rid of the useless weight of evil, particularly when it comes to minor faults, must do works of charity in favor of others, read Sacred Scripture with faith, love God especially in prayer, participate in liturgical celebrations. This purifies and centers the soul. But, above all, we must approach the sacrament of penance, a sacrament granted by Jesus, who has the power to forgive any sin. Wouldn’t that be a great task for the Lent that is beginning?


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