How to save paper in the office

Every day we come into contact with countless paper documents. Surround yourself in the office with sheets, paperwork and graphics. You write and print. Color or black and white. And meanwhile, precisely every two seconds, an area of ​​forest the size of a football field is destroyed . We read our file, send it to print, we realize that there was an error, we crumple it up and throw it away. And again, faster and faster the sound of saws cutting another tree enters our heads. It’s time to act, enough waste, just this unsustainable lightness of being consumerist and not at all ecological.

Here are some suggestions for becoming more responsible in office paper consumption :

Act and react

You are in the office. Next to you is your colleague who throws the paper into the trash without recycling it. In the infernal heat you realize that nobody, starting with your manager, recycles the paper . The incessant noise of torn sheets and printers in action haunts you. Suddenly the brainstorm.

Browsing the web, discover the Paper Calculator on a page of the Environmental Defense Fund , a tool that helps quantify the benefits of using ecological paper, showing the environmental impacts of different documents throughout their life cycle. It is appropriate to show it to the director!

By using less paper, and increasing recycled paper, it will be possible to save wood , reduce energy waste , and pollution of solid waste . For example, transforming your annual order of 100 tons of plain printing paper into recycled paper will save about 173 tons of wood , thousands of greenhouse gas and toxic pollutant emissions in water and air and hundreds of kilos of waste solid.

In your small way

Before printing a document, check its preview . In this way, many mistakes are avoided, perhaps gone unnoticed during the layout phase and money, paper and ink are saved. How you do it? Don’t worry, just open the document you want to print and select “Print preview” from the File menu . A window will show your document, exactly how it will be printed. After all the checks, simply clicking on the printer icon in the top left corner, you are ready to print.

Ecological software

We have already recommended several times the use of ecological fonts and printers without cartridges . Now is the time to invite you to use the greener software on the market. Fineprint , for example, is a program of other caliber, which allows you to print multiple pages on one sheet , managing the recognition borders, sorting, margins and adding.

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