Satanic Bible

Satanic Bible , book of worship of thousands of Luciferian or Satanist sects and groups. It contains the ideological foundations, rehearsals, and satanic rituals that underlie the Church of Satan.


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Satanic Bible or Black Bible

The Satanic Bible or also called the Black Bible is the cult book of thousands of Luciferian or Satanist sects and groups. It would contain the ideological foundations, rehearsals, and satanic rituals that underlie the Church of Satan. The Satanic Bible is thus intended to be a compendium of contemporary Satanist philosophy. Its content is primarily based on the existentialism of Friedrich Nietzsche along with a compendium of certain occult writings including certain philosophy of Aleister Crowley, an influential occultist, mystic, and ceremonial magician, who founded the religious philosophy of Thelema or rule-based philosophy of life or law, “Do your Will.”

LaVey, its creator

Lavey was a curious and at the same time mysterious character. Perhaps his mystery was everything that enveloped his life and his person, since it has been confirmed that he had a relationship with Marilyn Monroe . It is also commented and recorded in his biography that his grandmother was from Transylvania and that he taught her many vampire stories and rituals.

What is clear is that his gaze was extremely penetrating and mysterious, that his courage was enormous and that he tried to set some guidelines or “laws” within Satanism.

Philosophy of the Satanic Bible

Szandor Lavey accuses Christianity of being a plague on earth that frightens, represses and does not leave millions of people to think. In his religion the figure of the devil is far from the idea that Christianity imposes, since Satan would symbolize intelligence, humanity and freedom. Defend the use of magic.

And contrary to what many think the Satanic Bible would be against sacrifice and desecration. He believes in the duality between good and evil in this world and says that Satanism is exactly that, the union of extremes, like Yin and Yang since without good there would be no evil and without evil there would be no good.

The main symbol of the Church of Satan is the pentagram or five-pointed star, which represents very well the union of extremes and humanity. Symbol that nowadays they would adopt as their own the majority of satanic sects.

For the understanding of the work the understanding of the following precepts would be required:

  • Satan would represent complacency, rather than abstinence.
  • Satan would represent vital existence, rather than spiritual dreams.
  • Satan would represent perfect wisdom, instead of hypocritical self-deception.
  • Satan would represent kindness to those who deserve it, instead of love wasted on ingrates.
  • Satan would represent revenge, instead of offering the other cheek.
  • Satan would represent responsibility to the responsible, instead of vampires. psychics.
  • Satan would represent man as another animal, sometimes better, sometimes worse than those who walk on all fours, who, because of his “divine intellectual development” has become the most vicious animal of all.
  • Satan would represent all so-called sins, Satan represents all so-called “sins”, as long as they lead to physical, mental, or emotional gratification.
  • Satan would have been the best friend the church has ever had, having kept her in business all these years.
  • For the Black Pope, Satanism would be a philosophy that is based on the human being as an animal with all the vices and defects of any animal of creation.

In this way, I would propose flexible thinking about sex, parties, and general deadly sins so that they are accepted as part of the nature of the human being.

Thus Satanism would become an exaltation of the human being without any kind of spiritual bondage.

The Current Satanic Sects according to the experts there would be several groups that feed on the primordial ideas of Anton Szander Lavey and his Black Bible. The groups would be included within “the Satanic sects”, “the Luciferian sects” or the most dangerous “the Worshipers of Seth” or “The Friends of Lucifer”.

The latter would practice kidnapping, sexual abuse and even murder. Among the best-known and deadliest sects stand out “Los Hermanos de Changó” and the “Toro” Sect. Other satanic groups are: “The Children of Adonais”, “The Knights of Antichrist”, “The Servants of Satan”, “The Order of Darkness”, “The Devil’s Sect “, “the Church of Lucifer” etc.

The priest Manuel Guerra, professor at the Faculty of Theology of Northern Spain , doctor in Classical Philology and Patristic Theology and the highest expert in sects of the Spanish Church, has cataloged a total of 164 satanic sects, of which more than 50 operate in Spanish territory.

The adepts of the satanic sects are known to celebrate acts of the demonic cult, such as the black masses or the robbery of chalices and consecrated hosts for their desecration in masses or ritual orgies.

Animal and even sometimes human sacrifices are also frequent. According to investigators, these sects have reached such sophistication that they would use babies bought from gypsies or immigrants to carry out their crimes, and would make the remains disappear with portable crematories, as many former members of these sects have stated.


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