Samuel (prophet)

Samuel . Well-known biblical character, prophet who lived before Christ . Samuel is the main figure in two of the books of the Old Testament , who was born in approximately 1100 BC in Ramah .


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  • 1 Biographical synthesis
    • 1 Offered to God
    • 2 Encounter with God
    • 3 The announced punishment
    • 4 New priest
    • 5 Proclamation of the King
    • 6 Death
  • 2 Sources

Biographical synthesis

Samuel, prophet. (1100 BC). Samuel means ” God has heard me” (Samu: He has heard me: God ). In the Holy Bible the story of Samuel is one of the most interesting and beautiful. It is narrated in the books that are called 1st and 2nd Samuel, in the Old Testament .

He was the son of Elcana and Ana, two very believing Israelites. Ana had the disease of sterility that prevented her from having children and that is why her husband’s other wife continually humiliated her. Ana was crying continuously and she didn’t even want to eat. And it happened that one year when they went up to pray in the House of Prayer of Israel in Silo, Hannah spent a long time at the altar praying with great faith and great fervor. And the priest Helí when seeing her move her lips so much said to him: “You must be drunk and so you should not come here.” She replied: “I am not drunk, what I am is very distressed and I have come to implore the favor of my God”The priest said to him:” Go in peace, for the Lord has heard your prayer. “Then Hannah made this vow or promise to God:” If you grant me a son, I will offer him to him so that he may dedicate himself to serving you. You in the House of Prayer. ”

Offered to God

And she returned happily to her distant house. And a year later God gave Ana her first son, who she named Samuel, which means “God has heard me”, because she said God has heard the prayer that I did asking her for a son. He was a big boy, his mother took him to the House of Prayer in Silo and offered it to God so that he would dedicate himself forever serving next to the altar.

And he took a three-year-old bull, flour and a glass of wine as a gift to the temple and sang a beautiful hymn saying: “My heart rejoices for the Lord, because there is no saint like our God, because He allows the sterile woman have children. The Lord sinks into the abyss and raises; he gives poverty and wealth; he humiliates and exalts. He raises the helpless from the dust; he raises the poor from the garbage. He guards the steps of his friends. He is a God who know; He is the one who weighs all actions. ”

Encounter with God

The temple priest was called Eli and he had two very daring children who committed many misdeeds and evils and the father did not dare to correct them. The sins of these young people displeased God and he proposed to send them a punishment.

The child Samuel stayed every night to sleep in the House of Prayer to take care of her. And one night he heard someone calling him saying “Samuel! Samuel!”. The young man believed that it was Eli who was calling him and ran to the priest and said: “Here I am, sir. Did you call me?” Eli said to him, “I haven’t called you. Go to sleep in peace.” But the voice of God called again: – “Samuel! Samuel!”. The young man ran to Eli again to see what he needed him for. And so it happened three times. Then Eli understood that it was God who called him and said to him: “If he calls you again, you will say to him: Speak Lord, your servant listens.” And so Samuel did when God called him again and Samuel answered; Speak Lord your servant listens. Then Samuel heard God say: “Israel .

The announced punishment

And Eli’s sons went with the whole army to defend the homeland. And they took the Ark of the Covenant (where was the Manna and the tables of the Law with the 10 Commandments) and there was a great battle and the Philistines defeated the Israelites and made a great slaughter and killed the two sons of Eli and stole the Ark of the Covenant. When a messenger came to tell Eli that the Ark had been stolen and his two sons had been killed, the poor old man who was sitting in a chair, went from behind and undressed.

New priest

The people then chose young Samuel as priest and God began to bring his messages and guide him in everything, because Samuel was a saint. The Philistines returned the Ark and there was peace. The People asked to be given a king . Samuel consulted God, and the Lord told him that the king would be Saul , who was from the last family, from the smallest tribe of Israel .

King’s Proclamation

The year was 1020 when Samuel called him and poured sacred oil on his head and proclaimed him king before all the people. And it came to pass that Saul began to disobey what God commanded, and then the Lord said to Samuel, “I have withdrawn my spirit from Saul and passed it to David . You will go to Bethlehem and anoint that young man as king.” Samuel went to Bethlehem to find David. This was a sheep herder and was in the field taking care of the animals.

Samuel made him come and pouring holy oil on his head anointed him, and from then on the spirit of God came to David and guided him in all his actions. As an old man, Samuel gathered all the people and said to them: “For 40 years I have guided you spiritually. Now I ask that if anyone has any complaint against me, they should say it clearly. And if I have taken something from someone or done something bad, that I just say it. ” And the whole town replied: “You have done no harm to us and you have taken nothing from anyone, and no one has the least complaint against you.”

And so this long life ended holy, this man who from a very young age was taken by his mother to serve at the altar to God and who had the sole purpose of his existence to please Our Lord every day and hour. May God send us many priests as holy as Samuel. Have you seen one who does his duty well? That one will occupy important positions. (S. Bible . Proverbs)


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