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Have you heard anything about commands on Roblox ? Probably yes, and you have no idea what they are. But don’t worry. Here you will get all kinds of information about the game. The commands are nothing special, and any player can use them. Here we will show you how to do it and we will talk a little about the subject of commands for administrators .

What are commands in Roblox?

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  • 1What are commands in Roblox?
  • 2How to use commands in Roblox?
  • 3List of commands of all emotes in Roblox
  • 4Are there special commands for administrators?

Commands in Roblox are small codes that allow the character to perform an action, usually an emote . These commands are written in chat.

How to use the commands in Roblox?

To use the commands in Roblox you must first open the chat. You do this by clicking on the message icon in the upper left or by typing the key combination “Shift” + “/” .

Then you must put a “/” using the previous key combination. Then you can write “/?” or “/ help” to ask for help. If you want to use an emote then you will have to put “/ e” , leave a space and put the name of the emote.

Don’t worry if you haven’t bought one yet. You can use the most basic ones that Roblox offers . You just have to write the following commands:

  • / e wave (say hello)
  • / e point (point)
  • / e cheer (to cheer)
  • / e laugh (laugh)
  • / e dance (to dance)
  • / e dance2 (dance2)
  • / e dance3 (dance3)

Note : all the emotes must be written in English, in addition, if the game has chat disabled, you will not be able to use them through the commands.

Command list of all emotes in Roblox

When you buy an emote (there are some that are free , click here to get them ) you will have to know what its command is. So that you do not have to be investigating, we leave you a complete list of all the animations available so far.

  • / e dance
  • / e sleep
  • / e wave
  • / e thumbsup
  • / e beg
  • / e blowkiss
  • / e bow
  • / e cell
  • / e watch
  • / e excited
  • / e cheer
  • / e chestpuff
  • / e choke
  • / e clap
  • / e terminal
  • / e confused
  • / e flirt
  • / e no
  • / e drink
  • / e head
  • / e eat
  • / e strong
  • / e fistpound
  • / e flex
  • / e pose
  • / e laugh
  • / e evillaugh
  • / and observe
  • / e pickup
  • / e picture
  • / e point
  • / e read
  • / e rude
  • / e salute
  • / e search
  • / e smokebomb
  • / e bringit
  • / e walkie
  • / e wary
  • / e cry
  • / e shake
  • / e rest

Are there special commands for administrators?

In another article we talked about what you need to do to be an administrator or moderator on Roblox . We recommend you read it.

After you are one, you will have privileges over the rest of the players. Although these options are not to make your own, but to improve coexistence within the game.

Something important to note is that you can use emotes without having to resort to commands. If you look at the upper left there is a stick figure . Clicking on the icon will bring up the emotes that you have previously equipped.

The advantage of using commands is that you can use them all without equipping them . It seems tedious, but with practice you will see that it is simple.

Now tell us in the comments what you think of this little guide, or better, tell us which emotes you have bought and why .

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