Red Dead Redemption 2: Our guide to getting started

Red Dead Redemption 2 finally released last Friday and we have already had the opportunity to talk to you in depth about the majestic Rockstar-branded title in our review , explaining why the title is one of the contenders for the Game of The Year category for this year. . The game has that incredible potential, even for big fans of Rockstar’s open worlds, to confuse you, as several mechanics have been added to ensure greater depth to the experience and its structures have been optimized to ensure greater longevity.

Therefore, those approaching a massive title like Red Dead Redemption 2 for the first time may feel a little overwhelmed by all these aspects and to prevent this from happening, we have prepared some tips for you that will allow you to familiarize yourself with the world soon. game and smooth your journey of becoming a true outlaw of the dying West.

Let’s start with the most important aspect, the grain, as walking around with a few dollars in your pocket limits in its own way much of the mechanical and visual variety that the game has to offer. After all, everything comes at a price, whether it’s improving the look of your camp or buying new components for your favorite weapon.

In Red Dead Redemption 2 you will constantly see dead bodies around you, and this is no matter what activity you choose to spend your time with – one way or another, you will be faced with bounty hunters, O’Driscoll soldiers or dead men scattered throughout the game world. In its mundane, this can be a quick source of income, so we recommend that you spend some of your time plundering these fallen opponents, even on main missions, where it feels like you need to move on quickly (Dutch, in particular, will spur you more than once to get a move on, but just ignore it and go wild plundering!).

Especially at the beginning of the first and second acts of the game, the money will be scarce and you will desperately want to buy new clothes, new camp upgrades and additional weapons. A quick way to earn cash is to simply make sure you loot every single fallen enemy, as most of them will not only have extra ammo but also some valuable valuables.

Most notably, you’ll find gold pocket watches, wedding rings, miracle tonics, and the like, and all are worth a few big bucks. You pick them up pretty quickly, especially when 30 or more corpses are dropped to the ground during the first few missions. Looting takes time and a bit of inventory management too, but it’s definitely worth it. Remember, however, that these items can only be traded with fences, which you can find in cities like Saint Denis.

However, when you manage to put up a substantial first nest egg, we actually advise you not to keep it all to yourself, but to donate everything possible to the common fund of the camp. Because? Well, a lot of the upgrades you want are fur related, so you’ll have to go hunting, or story progression. You may not be able to get your hands on that upgraded repeating rifle you coveted so much, but your camp could use these extra funds for other activities and allow it to grow. You can donate money to the camp at any time, and you can also donate the aforementioned pocket watches and wedding rings without having to prescribe them first. Camp money can be used to get better ammo, better food, improved tents, more places to keep horses and the like. This not only improves the morale of the camp, but gives you a lot of necessary resources.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Camp gameplay

When you leave the field and carry as much food, tonics and ammo with you, it is still a good idea to constantly keep an eye on your health and stamina levels. Rockstar has added these values, and while they tell you what your current level is, they also show you how fast they’re going down, because Arthur needs rest and food to be able to work right. Of course, it is possible to postpone everything a little by using the tonics, almost as if they were a kind of Redbull, but in the end it is right that our Arthur takes a well-deserved break every now and then.

It is possible to rest either at the camp or by taking a room in a hotel (or perhaps setting up a small camp of your own, which you can make by positioning yourself next to your horse and rummaging in the panniers with the left trigger), and this allows you to restore your power. Do it, because it is essential that Arthur is always efficient.

In other words, “doing maintenance” (of everything) is the key to success in Red Dead Redemption 2 . Carrying gun oil, tonics and hunting regularly for a stock of food ready to cook at nightfall are all important things to consider for surviving in the Old West. Therefore, even if you are busy, collect relevant items in various shops whenever you pass through towns like Valentine, Blackwater or even Saint Denis.

Not only do you need to monitor your characters, you also need to be vigilant to be able to enjoy the experience in its entirety. One way to do this is to constantly keep one ear to the ground and keep your eyes open. Much of Red Dead Redemption 2’s content (and consequently much of its enjoyment), as well as honor / outlaw points and money, comes from assisting the people around you, and Rockstar has made these random encounters even more dark and well orchestrated in experience. Yellow text will no longer appear at the bottom of the screen telling you to pull over and help a woman on the side of the road like it did in Grand Theft Auto V, but happen to hear a shot in the distance, or run into a couple in the middle of a heated argument. Small gray circles flash on the mini-map, but that’s not all. You must learn to read the situations around you, considering whether to intervene or let it go. Either way, staying alert is the key to everything.

Finally, as you explore the wilderness, make sure to visit the fur trapper every now and then in order to take full advantage of the furs you collect. Although these can be sold or even donated to the camp, they are very useful in the hunter’s camp or in the Saint Denis shop. Here they can be made into valuable upgrades for Arthur, giving you the ability to draw the revolver faster or letting you carry more ammo for your repeating rifle. They require perfect furs, and this in turn requires the player to hit the targets with an arrow to the head or heart, so as not to ruin them. These upgrades are worth every sweat and will help you in the early stages of the game, as enemies can quickly overwhelm you in some cases, resulting in a quick death.

We hope these tips for getting started in the world of Red Dead Redemption 2 are useful to you. We will make sure to offer you new advice as soon as possible afterwards.


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