ReCore: Definitive Edition: Walkthrough


The first mission in the action game Recore is called “On the Hunt”. You have several tasks to complete.

As soon as the game begins, you will be in control of a girl named Jul, left alone on the planet Distant Eden. You are here as part of a global plan to terraform this barren planet that is not hospitable to humans. In order to find a new power source, Jul, along with her robot satellite Mac (MA-3K), must track down the source of a strange signal.

Purpose. Track down the source of the strange electrical signal.

You start at the Granite Steps area along with the training system. If you do not know what to do, then move towards the marker on the radar. Double jump to jump onto the platform above. Jump over several ledges like this. It is best to move along the red flags that you can see on the location.

You will meet a huge number of robots, but not all of them are friendly. If anyone decides to attack Jule, then destroy him with your gun. Do not let them come close, as they may explode nearby.

When you get to the base of a huge mountain, then continue to move along the red flags. Jump from one ledge to another using the same double jumps. At the top there will be a locked gate, around which harmless sliders and more dangerous fuses have settled. Green Power Bots are required to unlock locked doors. On the left side of the gate, there are boxes with a green glow. So next to one of them, you will find an energy robot. Run up to him so that he sees you, after which the baby will follow you wherever you go. Just approach the locked door to open it. Destroy the boxes behind which the power bot was hiding to get items for crafting.

Once inside, head down the cave. Flying robots (Bubbles) will appear here and will steal the Mac from you. You can shoot them, but nothing good will come of it. Go further along the marker until a protective barrier (Protective grill) appears in front of you. A hint will appear at the top right of the screen that tells you how to take the Power Shot. Hold the fire button and then release it to hit all targets that form the barrier.

There will be closed doors ahead. There is a platform with a green glow on the floor in front of them. Stand in the center of this platform to open the door.

NOTE… The door will open for a few seconds. You must manage to fly through the doorway in these seconds. To do this, use a dash (the desired key or button is indicated on the screen). Make a dash while standing on the button. Otherwise, you probably won’t be in time.

Next, you will find yourself at a large pit. To fly over it, you need to make a double jump and press the dash key. Go to the door and stand in the center of the button on the floor. A cell on the door will open. You need to use an extractor. Hold the key to lock on the target and then shoot another. Now you will need to pull the rope.

ATTENTION! When pulling on the cable, be careful not to overheat. When overheated, it turns red. If this happens, release the tension, otherwise the cable will burst and you will have to start all over again.

After removing the part, the door will open. Approach Mac and press the indicated key (button) to revive the satellite. Take a couple of steps forward to face the robotic spiders.

In battle, you need to use dodging dashes. To do this, you need to press the dash key and at the same time the W, S, A or D key. You can destroy the robotic spiders from firearms, or you can use the same extractor. It is advisable to do this when only one enemy remains on the battlefield, or when there are two of them and Mac distracts the second enemy.

You will soon learn about Mac’s deadly attack. So, first you need to aim at the enemy, and then press the indicated key (button) for the Mac to make a “Dash”. Destroy all opponents, then go up and examine the door. The power bot disappeared from here, but this time it will need to be found in a different way. We continue the passage of the game Recore on the StopGame.Ru website.

When a hint appears, then press the indicated key (button) to order Mak to search under the sand. Soon he will find the excavation site. There will be a power bot here. Approach him, and then – to the door. Follow through the opened passage further. Go to the spacious part of the cave, where the next enemies will appear – caterpillars. You need to destroy them with firearms. Just shoot at the enemy, destroying the blocks of which it consists in turn. Jump over the ledges above, move to the other side along the huge metal frame in the center.

To go further, you need to destroy the next protective grid either with a powerful shot or with ordinary shots from a gun. The next door will need to be opened in the same way as one of the previous ones – use an extractor to extract some mechanism (first stand in the center of the button in the floor).

When a huge robot appears, then use the extraction to get a rare core. Further there will be an even more spacious hall with locked gates. At the ceiling of the cave, a signal source hangs on a stalactite. Some black mixture is still dripping from there. To shoot the extractor at the signal source and extract it, you must climb to the hill nearby (stone). Try to extract, after which the boss will appear.

Boss Iron Fang (Granite Stairmaster)

This power bot is significantly different from those opponents that you faced earlier. The boss has some interesting tricks up his sleeve. To begin with, Iron Fang periodically changes its color. Yes, you only have white cartridges in your backpack, but the boss’s color still affects his behavior in general.

In addition to firing standard projectiles, like regular spiders, Iron Fang has two unique lethal moves. When the boss is blue, then before a deadly attack, he will begin to charge it. Next, a blue ray will appear that moves from left to right (relative to where the boss is looking). To avoid the beam hitting Jule, you must use the jump key. If, after all, the beam hit you, then be sure to move the left stick to the sides (on the keyboard – other keys) in order to move away from the shock state.

Jul, the protagonist of the Recore game.

When Iron Fang is red, it will start charging its attack again, but this time it will dash towards you. You have to dodge. If you fall under the distribution, then you will be engulfed in flames. You will need to press the indicated keys to extinguish it.

As you and Mac attack Iron Fang, his health pool decreases (gauge above the enemy). You will see another trick of the boss, which is relevant for all other serious opponents: all incoming damage is ignored, and the enemy gradually begins to regenerate his health. At the same time, the shield falls off.

In this case, the stock of his health will be equal to the white arrows on the scale (about a quarter of the entire length). This means that you can use the extractor and try to extract the core in order to finally destroy the enemy. This must be done as soon as possible, while the enemy has not restored his health.

Removing the core from Iron Fang is longer and more difficult than from a normal door. It will be necessary to get used to and understand how to avoid overheating of the rope without losing the required tension force. Eventually, you will extract the prismatic core.


Purpose. Return to Jul’s Rover.

Now that you have the power source in your hands, and Iron Fang is defeated, it is time to return to the place of spawn, where the Jul Rover is located.

Leave this cave to once again find yourself in the open spaces of the planet. Jul’s all-terrain vehicle is located not far from this point. There are several locations in this part of the location that you can explore and collect useful items, including collectible records. There is a white box on the left side of the first ridge you pass by. Inside it you can find one of the items for crafting, which will allow you to improve the same Mac. You can find even more different mechanisms around the world – some, like this one, are in white boxes, others can be extracted after the destruction of opponents.

Go to the next platform and destroy the boxes to collect even more parts. These boxes often contain charges for Mac’s deadly attacks. Follow higher to another platform and look to the left, where there is a pile of glowing debris, on which you can shoot. Turn the corner and go to the rocks where the servos are lying around. At the very top, there is a large pile of rubble that contains a prismatic core.

Audio recording . When you find yourself at the top of the cliff, look towards the lower ledge, behind which is a small glowing blue device. This is one of several types of collectibles – audio recording. You can find them all over New Eden. Pay attention to objects glowing in a certain color:

– Blue: Audio recordings of Thomas Adamas (Jul’s father).

– Yellow: Natalie Bright’s audio recordings.

– Red: audio recordings of Julius Roldan.

– Purple color: audio recordings V-10 / 13T.

Climb over the last cliff to find the lenses and deal with the core bots that have settled near your house. From this moment on, various equipment will fall from the core-bots, which you must collect and use for subsequent crafting. Or it will be possible to obtain nuclei from them using an extractor. Head in the direction of Jul’s all-terrain vehicle and pick up the crafting materials on the rock on the left. Destroy the last enemy and soon you will find yourself in the shelter.

Before getting inside, why not explore the rest of the Granite Steps? You can do this whenever you want. But right now, there are some useful materials to collect:

– At the top of the Juol hideout there are worn K-9 valves, worn plating, and worn lenses. Here you can also find your first HP boost.

– On the other side of this cliff, you can find worn K-9 sensors, but at the moment the way up will be inaccessible. Below this area near the core-bots there is a worn-out skin.

– Near the core-bot “Comet” there is a huge half-burnt cylindrical structure. On top of it there is a purple object – an audio recording of a V-10 / 13T.

– Nearby, at ground level, there is a small cave with Julius’s audio recording inside.

– If you jump onto the elongated platform that leads to the top of the rocky area (near the Jul hideout), you can find one of the unique wandering core bots. He has the tenth level, so it is advisable to deal with him later.

– You can go towards the giant gate. But doing it now is dangerous, there are powerful core-bots ahead.

Once inside Juol’s hideout, you can restore power. You will receive a message from the girl’s father. Jul will conclude that it is necessary to restore power to the pylon, which has been inactive for a long time. But before we get started, let’s get familiar with the crafting system.

Various things are done on the workbench. Most importantly, you can craft blueprints and swap out some parts of the Mac for newer, upgraded versions. You will also have the opportunity to upgrade the bot itself using cores extracted from enemy core bots. The first thing to do now is to get the Mac repaired. Select drawings. Please note that the proposed framework is one of five possible. But for now, it is he who is available.

You will learn that the Mac’s carcass is made up of four main parts – the head, front legs, hind legs, and a process. Each part can be replaced with a newer one. You can make them from drawings. These parts increase three indicators – attack, defense and energy.

When you build a new frame in the first section of the workbench, then move on to the next to replace the broken front legs with a new prototype. By the way, the color of the spare parts indicates which indicator will be predominantly increased. The red color of the front paws means that the attack will improve the most. This time, you will not need additional investments, but all subsequent modifications are purchased for a certain amount of game coins.

After confirming the Mac upgrade, you can leave the workbench screen and see what your companion now looks like. Leave the hideout as soon as you are ready to start a new mission.


Recore’s second mission is titled Paradise Lost. In order to understand what is happening here, Jul is forced to restore power to the broken pylon, which was turned off a long time ago. Its location is near your current position. The pylon is located in an adjacent location called Lonely Lowlands.

Purpose. Find the disabled terraforming pylon.

Leave the Granite Steps and go through the huge door interacting with the panel next to it. When you find yourself on the other side, you will get to the Lonely Lowlands location. From here you can see the outline of a broken pylon.

Audio recording . As you move forward, look to the right to see an orange object – this is an audio recording of Natalie Bright lying on the ground.

Move forward, where several spider bots are waiting for you, as well as their yellow prototype – a sapper. This enemy uses homing projectiles. You can either dodge the projectiles with a dash to the side, or knock them down before they get to you.

Climb up the makeshift ramp to find worn-out K-9 sensors on a pile of debris. There will also be worn out stabilizers, worn out servos and worn out lenses (on the ramp near the pillar in the middle of the canyon). A sandstorm is coming, so your best bet is to find cover. The task will be updated.


Target. Enter the pylon control center.

Head to the other side of the canyon to pick up some worn-out planking. You will be ambushed by several core bots. Destroy them all and remove the cores if possible. Pick up worn gauges, valves, and trim. Before going under the bridge, pay attention to the objects scattered on the right side. Worn out pads, valves, servos and stabilizers can be found here (on a small ledge in the corner).

Below you will have to fight the first skeleton dogs. These robots are similar to Mac, but unlike him, they are ready to attack you whenever possible. They attack with fiery waves of an arched shape. You need to be in constant motion, step back periodically and use Mac to distract enemies. After you hit the opponents, you can return back to the bridge under which you passed. At the top, look for worn lenses, trim, and rivets. If you run along this structure to the end, you will find worn out stabilizers (behind the huge chain).

Again go to the place of the battle with the devil dogs. Jump onto a large pile of debris to pick up worn pistons, servos and lenses before jumping into the structure where the valves and stabilizers are (on the right side). In front of the doorway leading to the corridor, there are boxes with other elements. Several bots will try to ambush you. But they won’t succeed, will they?

Audio recording . There is a red object on the left side of the corridor opposite the bot ambush – an audio recording of Julius Roldan.

Jump down from the corridor and destroy several core-bots in the form of spiders. Pick up the worn pistons and plating before jumping to the top level behind the large pillar. Destroy the boxes located here, jump onto the post and take the rivets. You can also jump over to the platform on the side where you came from. There are rivets, stabilizers and sheathing. When you move along the upper tier, then pay attention to a small alcove on the far wall – if you jump to there, you will find a cache with a drawing of the head of the white frame K-9.

Moving further, pick up stabilizers and valves before jumping higher, where you will find pads and sensors (servos and other sensors will be to the right). Continue along the marker, lift the pads, pistons and rivets that lead you up the ramp. Turn right to leave the sands. You will find the door leading to the dungeon – Pylon 512.

To go inside, you need to find the prismatic cores. The more difficult the dungeon, the more cores it requires to enter. But on the other hand, you will find more treasures inside it. At this point, only one core is needed. And you can get it for defeating the first unique bot core.

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