Recommended exercises for archery practice

Many athletes when they start archery practice complain about the difficulty of keeping the bow suspended with the stretched string preparing to shoot, shaking a lot, many cases occur due to lack of knowledge of the future archer.

There is a great risk involved in improper choice of arc and the other equipment that involves archery, the athlete can seriously injure a muscle, a joint, by failing to maintain correct posture.

You can be injured by the impact of the rope on the forearm, among other risks that can even harm other athletes who are nearby.

For those athletes and future archers who started correctly, with a proper bow and arrows there are a few exercises that can help you strengthen your arm and shoulder muscles that will give the athlete more comfort and maintain the correct posture when shooting.

The archery is a sport that develops concentration, motor coordination and especially our minds. Adding physical exercises will certainly make practice much more fun, as it will increase the archer’s time on the track or field.

Archery practice exercises

Remember, never start a physical activity without doing a previous stretch, without exceeding the limit of your physical body and also a warm-up , for this care, it is always good to seek professional guidance, so your physical activity will be pleasant and will bring many benefits.

Rest your feet against the wall, your palm firmly placed on the ground and stay in this position with your spine straight, such as in the shooting position for about 1 minute or as long as you can, repeatedly with 1 minute rest intervals.

Internal Rotation: Place the bow in your hand, keep it parked, keep your elbow still, and swing your arm inward (clockwise for your right hand, counterclockwise for left-handed archers).

Pull-down shoulder: Sit with your legs stretched forward, place your hands at your sides and lift your body. If your arms are too short to reach them, you can use a book or any other support for best results.

Building the right muscles for archery can give you extra control.

Develop your forearms by squeezing a rubber ball and making light waves (5-10 lb) with your palms up and down.

Build your biceps by doing push-ups with your palms facing you and doing a turn with your palms facing up.

Staying in shape for anything should be done slowly. Don’t push too hard at first, and don’t expect to experience major changes in a single week.

Bow and arrow is a sport in which an arrow is shot through the air with a bow.

Tension is generated by pulling the bowstring and releasing it to propel the arrow toward the target. In the past, bows and arrows were commonly used in combat and competition.

Although still used in competition, archery is largely a recreational sport. Knowing how to hold the bow correctly increases your goal and consistency.


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