Rare types of cancer

Cancer remains one of the most feared diseases in the world. Cancer occurs when cells grow out of control. There are more than 100 types of cancers that affect the different cells in the body. These 100 types are subdivided into different categories. You may have heard of lung cancer, blood cancer, breast and cervical cancer. But did you know that there are many rare types of this disease and there are about 20% of cancer cases that affect both adults and children?

Rare forms of cancer

According to the National Cancer Institute, cancer is considered to be a rare cancer if it occurs in less than 15 people per 100,000, a year. It is not always an unprecedented cancer that is considered rare. Cancers such as liver cancer or ovarian cancer are also said to be rare. This is because cancers such as ovarian cancer only affect 21,000 American women in a year. Since the total cases are less than 40,000 a year it makes it a rare occurrence. Many people diagnosed with rare cancers are worried, as not much is known about their condition. However, one should not be afraid, and should seek help. There are many online websites, communities and forums that treat this type of cancer.

Nasopharyngeal carcinoma
This cancer occurs in the back of the throat behind the nose. This type of cancer is not easy to detect, due to its location. A genetic mutation causes normal squamous cells on the surface of the nasopharynx to grow out of control. This abnormal growth causes metastasis cells to pass to other parts of the body. The exact cause of this genetic mutation is unclear. However, it is through an infection with the Epstein-Barr virus that the risk of this cancer increases. The symptoms in the initial stages are not very obvious. However, as cancer grows, some of the symptoms include a lump in the neck due to swollen lymph nodes. Secretion with blood from the nose, blood in saliva, nasal congestion, recurrent ear infections, headaches,

Malignant mesothelioma
The mesothelium is the thin layer of tissue that covers most of the internal organs of the body. There are different types of mesothelioma, depending on the type of mesothelium affected. If the tissues surrounding the lungs are affected it is called malignant pleural mesotheliomathis, and it is a very aggressive cancer that is usually fatal. The causes of this type of cancer are linked to genetic mutations. What exactly leads to these mutations, is still unclear, and is thought to be an effect of various factors, such as hereditary diseases, environmental factors, as well as lifestyle. Symptoms depend on the location of the cancer. All this can lead to chest pain, painful cough, shortness of breath, lump under the skin of the chest and weight loss in case of malignant pleural mesothelioma.

cancer A rare type of cancer in women is vaginal cancer. This cancer occurs in the muscular tube that connects the external genital organs with the uterus. This cancer occurs in the cells that line the birth canal. This type of cancer usually occurs due to metastasis in cancer of other parts of the body. A primary vaginal cancer, which originates in the vagina is extremely rare. There are different types of vaginal cancers that occur in the different cells that line the vagina. The exact cause of the genetic mutation of the cells, leading to the proliferation of voracity, is unknown. Symptoms include unusual vaginal bleeding, watery discharge, lump in the vagina, painful urination, pelvic pain and constipation.

Carcinoid syndrome
One of the rare types of lung cancer is carcinoid syndrome. It is a cancerous tumor, which secretes chemicals (serotonin) into the bloodstream. These chemicals cause various signs and symptoms in the body. These are slow-growing cancers that are usually diagnosed after they have progressed to an advanced stage. These cancers can occur in the gastrointestinal tract, as well as in the lungs. The cause of this cancer is clear, and some of the symptoms include facial skin lesions and flushed skin. An episode of skin wash that lasts about 30 seconds to 30 minutes will cause the skin to turn red, pink or purple. You can even suffer from stomach cramps, diarrhea, shortness of breath and palpitations.

This is a rare type of eye cancer that occurs in the retina. Nerve cells in the retina grow, multiply and invade other parts of the eye. These cancer cells can invade even other areas such as the brain and spine. It is a genetic mutation, which is believed to be an inherited condition. The symptoms are white in the center of the pupil of the eye, the eyes are not aligned, they become red and swollen due to cancer.

Trabecular cancer Trabecular
cancer is one of the rare types of skin cancer. It is one of the types of Merkel cell cancer. This cancer occurs in the skin, or just below the hair follicles. This type of cancer is seen in sun-exposed skin of elderly patients. It consists of cutaneous nodules of small and round cells. Tumor cells contain dense nucleus cytoplasmic granules. These cells are similar in appearance to Merkel cells. The cause is unknown, but it is believed to be related to suppression of the immune system, as well as sun exposure. This leads to the formation of bumps on the firm, shiny skin. These packages do not hurt, and are red, pink or blue.

  Heart cancer  This is a very rare type of cancer that can occur as a primary heart tumor or secondary heart tumor. There are different types of malignant heart cancer such as angiosarcomas, myxosarcomas, leiomyosarcomas, liposarcomas, etc. These types of cancer lead to the death of the patient within 2 years. They cause obstruction of blood flow within the heart, and quickly infiltrate the patient’s myocardium causing death. 

Appendix cancer
A rare form of cancer is appendix cancer. The malignant form of appendix cancer, mucinous cystadenocarcinoma affects the wall of the appendix or epithelial cells of the mucosa in the peritoneum. In 1993, the famous actress Audrey Hepburn died due to appendix cancer.

One of the rare types of brain cancer is gliosarcoma. This cancer occurs in glial, or supportive brain cells. It is more common in men than in women. It usually affects people over 50.

An extremely rare form of cancer that occurs in the olfactory epithelium of the nasal cavity. Only 200 cases of this rare type of cancer have been reported worldwide since its discovery in 1924. This type of cancer leads to loss of vision and taste.

Male breast cancer
One of the rare types of cancer is male breast cancer. This cancer spreads through the lymphatic system and blood circulation in men, as does breast cancer in women. Injuries in men are easier to detect due to chest size. However, most cases of male breast cancer are diagnosed in stage III or IV.

As these types of cancer occur in very few people, detailed studies are not possible. Therefore, treatment for these rare cancers usually includes chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery. There are many websites and online communities dedicated to helping people with these rare forms of cancer. For more information, visit these websites or talk to an online oncologist regarding your inquiries.

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