Rain stick: what it is and how to make it with recycled materials

rain stick

The sound of the rain, what could be more relaxing? It is also for children. Have you ever experienced the rain stick with them? Here’s what it is used for, how it was created and how to make it with recycled materials.

The story of the rain stick

Rain sticks have been musical instruments since ancient times in use by some populations of central-southern America, Africa and Oceania. Initially made from a Capado cactus trunk of the Atacama desert, they had thorns inside. Shells or stones were then added and the stick was sealed.

Shaking it produced a sound reminiscent of the pouring of water. For this, it was used as a propitiatory rite to invoke rain.Today it has also become a game much loved by children, who have been fascinated by this kind of sound since the first months of life. There are many on the market but it is definitely more beautiful and fun to make one with them. They are easy to do and children love to decorate them.

How to make the DIY rain stick

The “ingredients” necessary to make a rain stick are not many and are easily found among the objects we use at home:

  • a long cardboard tube, preferably rigid
  • cardboard or cardboard
  • aluminum foil
  • glue
  • colorful fabrics
  • nails
  • rice, buttons, small pebbles
  • pencil, scissors.
rain stick 1

First of all, we place the tube on the cardboard or on a cardboard and with a pencil trace the outline twice. Then we cut out the two circles obtained, or let the children do it using scissors with rounded tips.

Then, the nails must be planted on the outer surface of the cylinder. Obviously do this operation and keep the nails at a safe distance from the children, avoiding accidental ingestion.

rain stick 2

Once the insertion of the nails is complete, glue one of the caps carefully, wrap the tube with aluminum foil and then with cardboard. Tabs can be created in the cap, to be glued inside the tube for greater safety.

rain stick 3

Insert what you prefer, rice, buttons, stones, shells. Glue the second cap making sure that it is secure and that there is no spillage of objects.

rain stick 4

Finally, it’s up to the decorations and the imagination. You can use recycled gift paper, or glue buttons, or cut out shapes in felt or strips of colored fabric.

Here are other photos to take inspiration from:

rain stick 6

rain stick cover 2


rain stick 7
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