What Are The Basic Principles of Government With Great Examples

Principles of Government are being discussed in this article.Being a political science student, you must understand them.We will examine the fundamental principles of good Good governance too.

Principle of progress

The first principle of corporate governance is the principle of progress , it also involves the realization of the personality of men within the government. This principle focuses on the progressive life of men. Man’s progress is essential to the company’s life , as man is not just a production factor, but must also find a sense of his actions..

   The second principle is the principle of corporate unity and Perfection:

Within the Government all resources and operations must be linked, to one goal  which is the satisfaction of human needs. Governments that implement this principle well in their management will be successful soon. Government should not be divided there must be no confusion in their goal. The principle of unity is linked to the idea that there is a company perfection within the government. The company moves towards a goal, a final end .

The third is the principle of economics that is based on the relationship between the value of the resources employed in the business management and the value of the generated ones.

The phases of business management:

Financing : obtaining the financial means necessary to carry out the business.

 Investment : Financial resources are used to purchase the necessary production factors, and liquid financial resources are transformed into invested financial resources.

The  Principles of  Good Government include the following:

  1.  Participation, ie community participation in decision-making processes, freedom of association and opinion, and freedom to participate.
  2.  The rule of law, that is, the law must be fair, indiscriminate, enforced and adhered to, especially the rule of law on human rights.
  3.  Transparent, ie the freedom of the flow of information in various institutional processes must be so easily accessible.
  4. Accountability, ie decision makers must be accountable to the public in accordance with the type of decision, both internal and external
  5.  Consensus-oriented, Government must mediator for different interest for to reach effectiveness and efficiency, ie all processes and institutions directed to produce something that really fit with the needs of people.
  6. If the family grows, the company grows and the economy grows:Step by step measures must be taken by the government to support the families.


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