What Is Post-Industrial Society;4 Features You Must Know

Politically,post-industrial society suggests certain emerging trends, not all of them clear. and some contradictory. We will list a few examples.

1. Political alienation.

Political alienation could become more common. Public participation in high’y complex decisions far removed trom the average citizen is difficult to ensure. Because experts with years of training have difficulty resolving problems, the conflicts and various proposed solutions seem tar beyond the average citizen, who does not have the time or knowledge to understand the causes of the problem (such as petroflation) so as to vote or write a letter in order to record a choice based on substantial knowledge and understanding of the alternatives.

2. The influence Of political parties.

and even mas participation interest groups may decline as individuals are less involved in these organizations. Those that do exert influence may be dominated increasingly by the leaders and career bureaucrats in the organization. The latest. all-pervasive communication techniques can be utilized by magnetic personalities with heavy financial backing appealing directly to individuals. A growing reliance on television with emphasis on imagery can lead to an impressionistic and superficial political involvement and further erosion of factual knowledge and the significance of choices presented.


it not confusion, also may be encouraged by the communications media (radio. newspapers, television). As one political journalist concluded, “The national media have put themselves into the role of permanent critical opposition to any government which does not instantly clean up the unfinished business of our time. ” Consequently. “no government will satisfy them. “28 It is in the nature of the mass media to have an interest in exposing, criticizing, and highlighting disagreement and inaction in government. This is further confirmed by an editor of the Washington Post who that “we of the media like conflict, tension. the suspense of contest. We like these things because they make good copy. Our banner might well carry the motto ‘Let’s You and Him Fight.


As economic well-being spreads in the transition from industrial to postindustrial society, quality of life issues have growing political appeal. Government often responds by regulating business practices, but there is a real question as to whether this expanding government involvement achieves what it has promised.

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