Pears: nutritional and beneficial properties

Pears: nutritional, laxative and therapeutic properties. And all the benefits of pears.Pear is a very tasty fruit also for healthIt is a very tasty seasonal fruit rich in juice, almost a natural remedy for its remarkable properties. There are many varieties, all excellent. The pear contains a good quantity of simple sugars (fructose), mineral salts, vitamins, pectins, and other micronutrients with an antioxidant action. It is a very digestible food suitable for everyone.

Pears properties and its vitamins

In the pears we find vitamin A , B1, B2, vitamin C and vitamin E, and they are rich in minerals including calcium and potassium.
The pear is characterized by a high fiber content capable of stimulating the intestine, in particular the colon, which is why it is advisable for those with lazy bowel problems . Here too we find pectin , a soluble fiber with a laxative effect, and also a diuretic. The sorbitol contained in the apple also promotes digestion as well as being beneficial for the health of our teeth.
The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of pears
Pears are fruits that have antioxidant and anti free radicals properties, and also have a preventive action in some diseases, such as against stroke hypertension. Pears also have remarkable anti-inflammatory properties, bringing benefits in the case of prostatitis or cystitis. Pears also have a diuretic, laxative and refreshing action.
These are just some of the good reasons why our diet does not lack this important fruit that nature gives us in the winter season.
Curiosity about pears:
pear plant can produce so many fruits to feed an entire family for 3 months and after harvesting it is advisable to keep them in the fridge for up to twenty days.
Beware of fruit that does not deteriorate (even if well preserved) and remember that to take advantage of the maximum nutrient intake. Apples and pears thanks to the simple sugar content are suitable for preparing excellent and healthy desserts without added sugars. Excellent in the kitchen, for the preparation of desserts and other dishes.

Recent studies have highlighted many beneficial properties of pear peel, in particular anti-cancer.The pear thanks to the good content of antioxidants, is able to fight free radicals that determine cellular aging and that are the basis of important diseases related to the neurological system but also to the cardiovascular one.

The pear is also excellent for reducing cholesterol , fighting it in cases that are too high and therefore also safeguarding the health of the heart.Useful in a diet because it is low-calorie, pear helps you lose weight and is excellent if it is consumed as a snack.

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