Ocotelulco . Archaeological site, located in the state of Tlaxcala , Mexico , located one kilometer from the Zahuapan River , is one of the most relevant in the region and the most relevant source of water supply in pre- Columbian times .



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Name’s origin

The Nahuatl name Ocotelulco means in the place of the ocote balls . Throughout the classical period and until the arrival of the Spanish , Ocotelulco was the main manor of Tlaxcala. It was even more important than other Tlaxcala settlements such as Tepeticpac , Quiahuixtlan and Tizatlán .


Described as one of the most important manors, Ocotelulco was during the Classic period and until the arrival of Hernán Cortés the main manor of Tlaxcallan , since it was the place where Maxixcatzin lived , at that time lord of that region; it was also one of the four partialities or calpulli that made up Tlaxcala. The chroniclers of the early colonial period describe it as the best, the most populated and esteemed neighborhood in comparison with the other three that were Tepeticpac, Quiahuixtlan and Tizatlán.

At the beginning of the 15th century , in the main shrine of this manor, were part of the relics of Camaxtli, god of war and hunting, its main deity. The shrine was one of the most important places of worship in the region, since, according to Motolinía , it was during the days when the god Camaxtli was celebrated when a large number of human sacrifices were offered.

Ocotelulco was the largest market in the province where, according to references provided by the Spanish conquerors, around 30,000 people came daily to buy and sell goods from the Puebla valley and the Veracruz coast . In addition to this aspect, which gave it economic power, in Ocotelulco there was also the temple dedicated to the god Camaxtli. Thus, Maxixcatzin , lord of Ocotelulco at the beginning of the 16th century , received the name of Tianqueztlatoatzin which alluded to the lord who took the tributes of all the things that were sold in the market, as well as the rents, in addition Maxixcatzin , like Xicohtecantl, lord of Tizatlán, received the title of Tlatoque Huel Mocuiltonova , which alluded to the richest lord in goods in the province.

Some chroniclers highlight the importance of Maxixcatzin’s decision to ally himself with the Spanish conquerors and even pay with death for any attempt at opposition that might exist between the members of the Tlaxcala army. During the conquest, Ocotelulco was a place of refuge for the Spanish army and during the first years of the colonial period the site where the evangelization of the Indians began. In one of its neighborhoods, called Cuitlizco , a monastery was built around 1527 which was consecrated to the mother of God


The Ocotelulco archaeological site has an area of ​​250 square meters , however, it is thought that there may be more remains of this pre-Hispanic manor in the nearby communities. For example, recent excavations have revealed a 16th- century New Spain construction in which there were various religious-themed figurines. But also, in the Ocotelulco site, you can see the remains of a teocalli or temple, where three different construction stages are revealed. The oldest of them could be from the year 1400 after Christ .


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