Nioh 2 Leveling Guide;5 Tips

Nioh 2 Leveling Guide.Like many action RPGs, Nioh 2 has a leveling system that allows players to improve their character. But what is the maximum level? Does it change with the DLC? Well if you are wondering this then you have come to the right place as we will explain how the game level cap works!

What is the maximum level in Nioh 2?/Nioh 2 Leveling Guide;

The maximum level for the basic version of Nioh 2 is 300. If you play the Tengu Disciple DLC, the limit will be increased to 400. Also, if you play the Darkness in Capital DLC, players can reach level 600. Lastly, with the latest DLC max, the first samurai, the max level has been increased to 750.

Players can reach the level cap by visiting Shrines and using Amrita. By doing this, players can increase their overall power and improve various stats. However, players must choose wisely when doing this, as these choices can affect their character’s effectiveness.

Players who are more aggressive and fight closely may want to invest in Attack (Melee Weapon 2) and Agility. While players who want to deal damage from afar may want to invest in Attack (Ranged Weapon 1 and 2). No matter what you choose to invest in, be sure to play this game. It’s also important to note that items are capped as well, so make sure you are aware of this before fighting off the hordes of yokai.

Now that you know the max level in Nioh 2, you have a goal to achieve as you try to stop the hordes of yokai. It’s also worth noting that the level cap will likely increase with any future DLC as well.

Nioh 2 – Character Stats Guide

Nioh 2 is the Team Ninja action RPG that hit the shelves last March 13th exclusively for Playstation 4 . Like its predecessor, and like the Soulslike in general, even in Nioh 2 the enhancement of one’s avatar is the core of the gameplay . Depending on the boosted stats, it is possible to build different builds, from tank , wizard or knight . It is for this reason that we have decided to create a guide dedicated to the statistics of the character. In this way you will be able to understand which parameters will affect; we wish you a good reading.


Body: Increasing the body will increase your health, resistance to poison and make you more immune to paralysis. Additionally, the Corps increase damage with a spear and improve handling with Tonfas and Kusarigama.

Heart: the heart serves to increase the Ki bar and its regeneration. Heart also slightly improves health (although it’s not the main stat to boost if you want more health). The heart improves affinity with Katana, Double Sword and the Odachi.

Courage : Increasing Courage increases Ki recovery, allowing you to block attacks more often and with greater confidence. Courage slightly improves lightning resistance and increases Onmyo’s life bar and power (slightly). This stat improves affinity with the Tonfas and with Ax and Hatchets.

Stamina : Stamina is one of the stats that, regardless of your build, you will need to level up. In fact, this parameter affects the transportable weight and, indirectly, the defense and attack. Thanks to the ability to carry more weight, we will be able to wield more powerful weapons and more resistant armor. Leveling this stat will increase your affinity with Ax, Odachi, and Hatchets (slightly).

Strength : Improving Strength will increase the Ki recovered via a Key Pulse (R1). The statistic slightly improves the waist allows you to increase the transportable weight. Strength improves mastery with the Odachi and improve skills with the Sword and Spear. Even if in a minor way, the Strength improves the mastery of the Double Swords, the Ax and the Kusarigama.

Ability : Like Strength, Ability also increases Ki recovery through Ki Pulse, as well as slightly improving Ninjutsu’s Life and Power. The skill increases affinity with Double Swords and Hatchets. Small improvements also for Katana, Lancia, Kusarigama and Scythe.

Dexterity : Dexterity improves the power and ability of Ninjutsu. Apart from that, it also increases resistance to poison and improves immunity to paralysis. Dexterity allows to increase the power of Kusarigama slightly improves the Tonfas.

Magic : Increasing Magic is only useful if you want to build a wizard build. Magic improves Onmyo’s power and ability. The Scythe is the weapon that scales into Magic and the only one you can use if you decide to bet on this stat.

Which statistics should you focus on?

The biggest mistake you can make in Nioh 2 is trying to upgrade all the stats little by little. In reality you will have to bet on three, maximum four statistics, based on the weapon chosen . At the beginning of the game you will be asked to choose a main and a secondary weapon. Obviously no one will forbid you to select other weapons during the adventure but this is not the best way to interpret the game. Once you have identified the weapon, you will have to focus on the parameters that “scale” with that weapon . For example, if you use the Katana, you can focus on Heart, Skill and Strength ( here the complete guide to weapons).

So this is the guide to the statistics of the character in Nioh 2 . We remind you that on Uagna you will find the complete guide to the game, in which different themes on the Team Ninja title are treated .


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