What Is Naloxone;How Is Naloxone Taken?

The Naloxone is used to antagonize the effect of narcotics during surgery or in the treatment of pain. It can also be used to treat narcotic overdose or to diagnose addiction to these medicines.

What is Naloxone?

It is a narcotic. It works by reversing the effects of other narcotics according to mechanisms not yet fully known; it is believed that it antagonizes the effect by competing with them for the link with the opioid receptors themselves .

How is Naloxone taken?

Naloxone is given only by medical personnel through intramuscular injections, under the skin or directly into a vein .

Side effects of Naloxone

It is essential to warn the doctor in the event that naloxone causes:

  • agitation
  • feeling faint
  • bradycardia
  • weak breathing or shortness of breath
  • anxiety, sweating, paleness , wheezing or shortness of breath, cough with frothy sputum, chest pain and irregular or fast heartbeat
  • intense pain in the head, visual disturbances, throbbing in the neck or ears, nosebleeds, anxiety, confusion, shortness of breath, convulsions

In the presence of treatment against narcotic addiction, the medicine can cause withdrawal symptoms , such as:

  • fever, sweats, muscle aches, weakness and runny nose
  • nervousness, restlessness or irritability
  • goosebumps or chills
  • heavy heart beat

It is best to seek immediate medical attention in the presence of:

  • rash
  • urticaria
  • itch
  • breathing problems
  • feeling of tightness in the chest
  • swelling of the mouth, face, lips or tongue

Warnings on the use of Naloxone

In the presence of Naloxone therapy it is essential to warn the doctor:

  • of possible allergies to the active substance, its excipients or any other medication or food;
  • the other medications, herbal medicines and supplements you are taking;
  • if you suffer (or have suffered) from heart diseases, convulsions, head injuries or brain tumors, addiction to drugs or alcohol;
  • if you are pregnant or breastfeeding .

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