What Is Nail psoriasis;Treatment,Causes And Prevention

Nail Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects up to 3% of the general population. Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory dermatological disease that can affect the whole body with persistent painful and aesthetic conditions.Nail psoriasis mainly affects young people aged 20 to 30 but may also occur in newborns or older people.

What Is Nail psoriasis;Treatment,Causes And Prevention

NAIL PSORIASIS:Treatment And Care 

What are the right treatments when the symptoms of psoriasis appear at the level of the nails? ” The choice depends on the quality of life reported by the patient and the extent of psoriasis: if the impact is high and the skin is very affected systemic therapy may be appropriate, useful even when patients no longer bear the spread of creams and lotions. 


The right therapy helps improve nail health and psoriasis in general: just give yourself time! For example, it may take from six months to a year for to improve a nail affected by the disease.

Cleansing with washing cream:

Instead of soap, a wash cream without  sulfate should be used. The washing must be short.Manicures and pedicures will help improve the appearance of hands, feet and nails and this will make you feel better about yourself.


When you call for an appointment, it is better to explain that you have psoriasis and ask if any of the staff has already worked in the past with people who have psoriasis, this could put you at ease.If the answer is negative, make it clear that psoriasis is not contagious! When psoriasis affects the nails, it can resemble a mycosis, both can be characterized by thickening of the nail.

The short Nail is a must. 

It is good that the nails affected by psoriasis should be cut short . Tell the staff who follows you.
A similar argument applies to the toe.it is much more practical to keep them short.

One of the treatments for nail psoriasis is the injection of contortionists under the nail.

But this treatment is particularly unpleasant for the patient and causes a lot of pain.

Therapy is also an option to treat nail psoriasis. 

There are adapted lamps that can treat nails.But we must be aware of the risks of ultraviolet rays and discuss this with your doctor before starting any treatment.

Main causes of Nail Psoriasis

  • psychological stress
  • physical trauma
  • infections of various kinds, often streptococcus
  • taking special drugs
  • obesity
  • seasonal changes
  • xerosis
  • alcohol abuse

Prevention And Advice of Nail Psoriasis

  • Moderate sun exposure
  • use adequate moisturizers and emollients
  • fight stress
  • sleep at least 8 hours a night
  • stop smoking
  • moderate the intake of alcoholic beverages
  • follow a healthy diet
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