What are the myths and truths about the Digestive System?

A regulated bowel evacuates every day

False. Bowel function and the frequency of bowel movements are highly variable. It is normal to have up to three bowel movements a day, three a week. Even more or less bowel movements are normal for some healthy people. If the frequency of your bowel movements changes at any time, be careful. Irritable bowel syndrome is a condition where bowel movements can become quite irregular with periods of constipation interspersed with periods of diarrhea.


Excessive pepper can cause stomach ulcer

Truth. All condiments and their excess can cause gastric irritation. However, red pepper in an ideal amount in a balanced diet is beneficial to the body, because due to the presence of a substance called capsaicin, it can promote pain reduction, protect the heart and even help with weight loss.


Do you lose weight without eating?

Myth! Going without food for a long time results in consuming more food. In addition, the body’s metabolism slows down, making weight loss difficult. To lose weight, the food must be fractionated and in the right amount , according to your body.


Does eating fiber lose weight?

Truth! The consumption of fibers reduces the sensation of hunger, because when they come into contact with water, they form gels that dilate the stomach. In addition, fibers increase the flow of intestinal transit, which can reduce the absorption of sugars and fats.


Cirrhosis is caused only by alcoholism

False . Cirrhosis is a scarring of the liver that can be caused by alcoholism and other conditions. Alcoholism is responsible for less than 50% of all cases of cirrhosis . Chronic hepatitis C, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, primary biliary cirrhosis, drug reactions, lesions in the bile ducts and chronic hepatitis B infection are other causes of cirrhosis in adults.


Milk is a great remedy to cure gastritis

Myth . In cases of acute gastritis it can even be harmful. Milk has a basic chemical characteristic. When a person has gastritis it means more acidity in the stomach. When ingesting the milk, you immediately feel a sense of improvement because it neutralizes the acidity momentarily because then the stomach will produce more acid against this basic product and, therefore, an increased irritation process in the stomach.


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