Moraterapia is a painless therapy where the patient is sitting holding some electrodes with his hands and resting his feet on a plate with other electrodes.


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  • 1 History
  • 2 Therapeutic concepts of Moratetherapy
  • 3 who is directed
  • 4 Application
  • 5 Sources


  • 1939 Gustav Stromber American astronomer stated that the structure and evolution of living beings are subject to immaterial wave systems. These forces, which he calls “living fields” have the ability to form highly complex molecular bonds and classify them for conversion into living matter.
  • 1940-45 A study was carried out at Yale University, under the direction of Professor Burr, concluding that “all living organisms possess electrical fields of a complex nature. These fields disappear completely with death.”
  • 1975 Dr. Franz Morell and engineer Erich Rasche , based on the discoveries of the time, develop an emitter-receiver test system (TSE) which electronically transmitted the electromagnetic radiation of the drugs in the measurement of electroacupuncture . They were the creators of the first MORA machine.
  • 1976 Dr. Fritz Albert Popp , a German physicist discovers biophotons and later shows that all biological processes are attributable to electromagnetic interactions.

In light of these discoveries, it is concluded that there are two very important types of bodies in our body. On the one hand, the physical body with all its structures, systems and biochemical processes that move it. And on the other, the electromagnetic body which is invisible and whose functions make it permanently modify its light intensity and continuously change its shape and location.

The energy body has no specific limits, it is a highly developed communication system, made up of electromagnetic waves and photons permanently exchanging information at high speed within and between cells. It also dominates the events that are known to us, such as those of nerve fibers, hormones and other molecules.

Therapeutic concepts of Moratetherapy

The person is treated from his own vibrations, that is, using his own physiological and pathological information.

It is not about the incorporation of external voltages, currents or frequencies but rather a self-therapy is practiced with the body’s own electromagnetic or micro-magnetic information.

One of the fundamental principles of therapeutic action in the body is the inversion of pathological vibrations, according to the molecular absorption circuit developed by MORA. This type of vibration allows undoing the molecular bonds of substances that are harmful to the body.

Physiological vibrations are those that build and keep the body healthy. With the use of MORA they are returned to the person, in an amplified and unaltered way, thus forming the so-called bio-cybernetic regulatory circuit.

who is directed

It is aimed at both healthy people and people with organic imbalances.

All people can benefit from MORA therapy since the vibrational scale of the person is always used.


A large number of standard programs already defined in the MORA machine can be used; they can treat the acupuncture meridians both in excess and in defect, neutralize substances such as heavy metals or environmental toxins. Or enhance some substances, such as vitamins, minerals or amino acids, so that the body can assimilate them more easily.

On the other hand, studies can be carried out where certain substances and the organic effect they produce are analyzed.

  • Food intolerance, where more than 150 foods and drinks are analyzed.
  • Geopathies and electrosensitivity (electrosensitivity is a pathology that develops due to excess electrostress maintained for a long time), in this case we see if the body has become affected by the telluric currents of the Earth or by the electromagnetic waves of low and high frequency.
  • Heavy metals, the incidence of heavy metals in the body and their location.
  • Systemic analysis, this is the most complex of all the studies that can be carried out in MORAterapia. It has been designed by Dr. Cornelissen, one of the greatest exponents of MORA therapy.


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