Monster Hunter Rise – Preview

The recent Nintendo Direct Mini opened with a beautiful surprise: Capcom has announced two new titles in its famous Monster Hunter series , namely Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin , a follow-up to the popular 3DS spin-off, and, as a piece strong, the brand new main chapter Monster Hunter Rise . The Switch user was very happy after abstinence from a new Monster Hunter, not completely calmed by Monster Hunter Generation Ultimate and aggravated by the failure to port Monster Hunter World on the Nintendo hybrid. For this we begin to prepare the equipment to use when we go hunting for everything that the new title promises us.

Monster Hunter Rise promises very well, including new monsters, unpublished mechanics and maps finally open as in MH World

The first thing that stands out is certainly the setting more similar to feudal Japan , which is reflected not only in the buildings of the base and in the area of ​​the ancient ruins, but also in the design of the characters and their customs and traditions. We will play as a hunter from the village of Kamura who learns of a dangerous calamity that occurred fifty years ago: the monster Magnamalo. For this we will need to train in order to become strong enough to be able to eradicate it. Certainly Monster Hunter has never stood out for the plot, however this new chapter seems to put a lot of emphasis on the narrative as evidenced by rather cured cutscenes. I don’t expect a God Eater narrative, more like a JRPG than a hunting game, but this feature seems ready to evolve.In addition to the Magnamalo, other monsters enter the scene , namely the Tetranadon, the Great Izuchi and the Aknosom, all in line with the oriental setting, as well as completely new to the series.

Moving on to the gameplay, Monster Hunter Rise abandons maps divided into zones interspersed with loads of old titles in favor of interconnected environments with a characteristic verticality similar to Monster Hunter World. Verticality is also highlighted by the Wire Insect, a new tool that works as a grappling hook that can also be used in mid-airwhich can help us to climb walls more easily and reach otherwise inaccessible areas; in addition it will also provide us with help in battle by allowing us to throw ourselves against monsters and it also seems possible to use it to attack. A very interesting addition, which opens the door to many possibilities, but which at the same time risks becoming excessively comfortable and simplifying exploration too much, but we have to see how Capcom will balance it, before judging it. Another noteworthy novelty is the canyne, a rideable four-legged companion that will allow us to move quicklywithout consuming stamina and also giving us a hand in the fights, while the canon felyne will have a supporting role. In single player you can bring a total of two companions between canyne and felyne, while in co-op, up to four players, only one. Mechanically it looks like a slightly more classic Monster Hunter with a noticeable World influence, which many fans have been waiting for.

On the visual side, although some technical limitations can be seen in this trailer, the glance is undoubtedly good: both the monsters and the characters are quite detailed and well characterized, the backdrops are a bit uncertain, but it really is. too early to express. It is also surprising that Capcom has decided to use the RE Engine, already used for the latest Resident Evil and Devil May Cry 5, which has rekindled the hope of many users to see porting of more recent games on this hybrid console.

Capcom knows what fans expect after the great, but not completely satisfying for veterans, Monster Hunter World, and Monster Hunter Rise seems to want to be the right compromise to deliver a classic yet renewed experience. Despite some technical uncertainty and a wire bug that will need to be balanced, our first impressions are more than positive. We just have to wait for new information, especially related to the new monsters and weapons, for now they can be counted on the fingers of one hand, and get ready to hunt the dangerous Magnamalo. We have a lot of time to find out more information, however, since its release date is still indicated with a generic 2nd quarter 2021. Keep following us to find out more!


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