Mod: Teleport home In Minecraft

Sneaky Ender Pearls mod changes the characteristics of the Ender Pearl , adding the ability to quickly teleport to your home in Minecraft . For this, the author added the ability to throw pearls using the sneak button . In this case, the pearl will not fly far, so for normal teleportation you need to use the usual throw.

The idea behind the change is to build a vehicle to summon the user . To do this, you need to build a structure, which is presented in the video below.

  • First, dig a hole down at least 7 blocks deep
  • We put soul sandon the bottom
  • Fill with water and create a column of bubbles
  • We put a hatch on top
  • Install a block and a button next to it
  • We stand on the block from above and throw the pearls down using the sneak button
  • Pearls start to float in the water
  • If you close the hatch with the button, the player will instantly teleport to this place
  • You won’t be able to do this in single player mode – the button must be pressed by another player, therefore the assembly is recommended exclusively for multiplayer mode
  • Remember that the function only works in loaded chunks


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