All Minecraft Mobs List

Minecraft Mobs List.IDs of all mobs (creatures) that are in Minecraft at the moment, as well as those that are available only in snapshots. Mobs in the game include all animals, monsters, and residents. Knowing the ID of the mob, you can summon it in the game using the summon command (examples of commands are in the table). The game provides many parameters for the summon command, for example, you can choose the age of the summoned creature, its name, immobilize it after creation, you can summon any creature that will sit on another creature, check out these possibilities to make the game more fun. The table contains the names of the creatures, as well as their IDs in English, the last column shows an example of a call, to run the command, you need to have cheats enabled in the game when creating a map or opening the world for the network.

All Minecraft Mobs List


Mob ID Summoning command
Axolotl axolotl / summon axolotl
Polar bear polar_bear / summon polar_bear
Witch witch / summon witch
Wolf wolf / summon wolf
Caller evoker / summon evoker
Gast ghast / summon ghast
Giant giant / summon giant
Mushroom cow mooshroom / summon mooshroom
Dolphin dolphin / summon dolphin
Villager villager / summon villager
Vexor vex / summon vex
Ender Dragon ender_dragon / summon ender_dragon
Ancient Guardian elder_guardian / summon elder_guardian
Iron Golem iron_golem / summon iron_golem
Zimogor stray / summon stray
Zombie zombie / summon zombie
Zombie villager zombie_villager / summon zombie_villager
Zombie Pigman zombie_pigman / summon zombie_pigman
Puffer pufferfish / summon pufferfish
Illusor illusioner / summon illusioner
Wither wither / summon wither
Ifrit blaze / summon blaze
Cadaver husk / summon husk
Cow cow / summon cow
Goat goat / summon goat
Cat cat / summon cat
Creeper creeper / summon creeper
Rabbit rabbit / summon rabbit
Hen chicken / summon chicken
Lava cube magma_cube / summon magma_cube
Llama llama / summon llama
Merchant Llama trader_llama / summon trader_llama
Bat bat / summon bat
A fox fox / summon fox
Salmon salmon / summon salmon
Horse horse / summon horse
Zombie Horse zombie_horse / summon zombie_horse
Skeleton Horse skeleton_horse / summon skeleton_horse
Mule mule / summon mule
Sheep sheep / summon sheep
Donkey donkey / summon donkey
Ocelot ocelot / summon ocelot
Panda panda / summon panda
Spider spider / summon spider
Cave spider cave_spider / summon cave_spider
Champion vindicator / summon vindicator
Parrot parrot / summon parrot
Bee 1.15 bee / summon bee
Rogue pillager / summon pillager
Ravager ravager / summon ravager
Pig pig / summon pig
Skeleton skeleton / summon skeleton
Wither Skeleton wither_skeleton / summon wither_skeleton
Slime slime / summon slime
Snow Golem snow_golem / summon snow_golem
Octopus squid / summon squid
Guardian guardian / summon guardian
Edge Wanderer enderman / summon enderman
Wandering Merchant wandering_trader / summon wandering_trader
Cod cod / summon cod
Tropical fish tropical_fish / summon tropical_fish
Drowned drowned / summon drowned
Phantom phantom / summon phantom
Turtle turtle / summon turtle
Ender Silverfish endermite / summon endermite
Silverfish silverfish / summon silverfish
Shulker shulker / summon shulker


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